Last Chance for Your Free 2011 Profiles of Success 
Thu, June 2, 2011 at 7:00
Kristen Walsh in Industry Data Survey, Profiles of Success, Research

As a health club operator, your participation in IHRSA's Industry Data Survey (IDS) is important. Survey results are aggregated and analyzed to establish club financial and operating benchmarks, which will be reported in IHRSA's 2011 Profiles of Success. IHRSA club benchmarks are used by club operators, analysts, and investors worldwide as the standards by which to measure club performance.

As your reward for completing the survey by the June 8 deadline, you will receive:

Please note that submitted information and the identity of all participants will be held strictly confidential through Industry Insights, an independent research firm partnering with IHRSA in this study.

To complete the IDS, either download a PDF of the survey and follow the instructions on the PDF, or simply log in to your research portal account, or create one today. Contact IHRSA research with any questions.

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