This Week in Fitness: The Low-Tech Fitness Philosophy
Fri, June 10, 2011 at 10:01
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Barefoot running shoes, like the Vibram Fiverfingers (pictured), are a part of a new earthy trend in which exercisers get back to nature. (Photo: deborah.soltesz)

Back to Basics

The Paleo Diet, often referred to as the caveman diet, is the presumed diet of Paleolithic man. MovNat urges exercises to get back to nature. The Tarahumara tribe of Northern Mexico planted the idea in our heads that running shoes are an unnecessary, possibly even harmful technology.

All of the fitness and nutrition trends listed above shun modern technology in favor of a more natural approach to maintaining the human body. This style of eating and exercise is gaining traction as followers adopt these ancient tactics. The Wall Street Journal outlines one follower.

Zumba Here to Stay

The Boston Globe dubbed Zumba more than a fad. As far as fitness trends go, the Latin dance inspired group exercise class has staying power. This should be no surprise to anyone who attended IHRSA30 in March where the Zumba faithful came out to pledge their support.

Outdated Obsessions

For every fitness fad that sticks, there are several that don't. Here's a list of fitness fads that had their time in the spotlight, but ultimately faded.

Indian Fitness Buffs Hit the Gym During Monsoon

In India, monsoon season forces fitness buffs inside. In fact, June is the peak month for gyms in Mumbai, Shraddha Sheth, a Gold's Gym employee, tells the Hindustan Times.

Buff Boomers offers some helpful advice for health club developers: go after baby boomers. They've got some pretty solid research to back their claim. Here's just a few of the bullet points they developed on boomers and fitness.

10.5 million health club members in the U.S. are 55 and older.

23 percent of health club memberships are held by those aged 50 and older. This age group averages more than 100 days of gym attendance per year and is the most affluent group of healthclub members.

Click through to read the whole article and you'll find more tidbits related to baby boomers in the fitness industry.

Transformation Challenge

Looking for a challenge this month?'s Lean Body Transformation Challenge is going on right now. Check out for more information.

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