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This Week in Fitness: Work Out Naked in Madrid, David Barton Makes Fitness Cool, and More

The Naked Health Club

Workout Clothes: they're so restricting, aren't they? At one Madrid health club you can ditch your clothes and workout in the nude. Of course there's health concerns, prompting one Spanish health club owner to call the idea "...the most unhygienic thing in the world." That's not stopping a small group of naked-fitness enthusiasts from patronizing the naked gym.

David Barton Gym is Cool, Says the New York Times

The style section of the New York Times often uses descriptive prose to describe designer clothing and trendy hotels. Health clubs, though, aren't usually on that list. That's what makes David Barton Gym different:

"Up the white-plaster staircase, candles flickered in the virgin springwood-paneled yoga room. Down below, a line of porcelain doll heads grinned over the moodily lighted lobby as lithe young things churned past the reception desk, designer gym bags in tow."

The uber-trendy Manhattan-based club chain unapologetically places a premium on style. To the average American's sensibilities, David Barton Gym is an awesome embarrassment of riches. To its New York City clientelle, it's a way of life.

Virgin Buys Esporta

UK-based health club chain Virgin Active agreed this week to buy rival club chain Esporta for £77.5 million. The move is pending approval from the British Office of Fair Trading.

Trainers Pay to Use Public Parks

In London, personal trainers, dog walkers and nannies may have to begin paying to use public parks. Charging business people who make money in public parks would reduce their profit margin, Dave Smith, a personal trainer who uses public parks, told the London Evening Standard.

It seems like this would be an incredibly difficult policy to enforce. After all, how can you tell if a group of people working out together are a part of a paid group exercise class or simply a few friends exercising?

Anytime Lends a Helping Hand

Residents of Tuscaloosa and Mobile, Alabama are feeling the effects of this week's tornado. A few local churches and businesses, including Anytime Fitness, are lending a helping hand.

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