This Week in Fitness: Making Fitness Stick
Fri, April 1, 2011 at 9:48
Kevin Foley in Batuka, P90X, Pilates, This Week in the Fitness Industry

Making Fitness Bearable

CNN explores all of the little tricks and innovations the fitness industry uses to make exercise more bearable. It's no secret that a lot of people think of exercise as an arduous task. Take Beachbody (maker of P90X) CEO Carl Daikeler, for example: the fitness industry mogul hates working and invents products and rules around his life that encourage to work out whenever possible.

Batuka is 'Dance-Based' Group Exercise

Batuka, which made a big splash at IHRSA30, is now available in North America and Europe. Founder and CEO Kike Santander composed and recorded over 100 songs for the program and the dance routines are designed around the music.

Fitness Modeling Not an Easy Career Path

Hang around in a gym long enough and you'll probably run into one of the rare breed of people that takes physical fitness to new heights, previously reserved only for the obsessed. Count college student Angel Sigman among those ranks. The aspiring fitness model balances college courses, work and working while trying to avoid all of the temptations one faces in a college setting.

Mom Runs Successful Pilates Business from Home

Bay Area mom Amy Elder runs a successful Pilates business from the comfort of her own home. Her secret? She knows her audience (mostly fellow moms) perhaps better than anyone else.

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