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This Week in Fitness: Health Care vs. Sick Care

Health Over Procedure

Doctors at Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center have agreed to a new global budget without monetary incentives for procedures. Medical Director Rich Parker points out the patients' health is the goal, not the volume of procedures:

“More care is not always better care and, in some cases, it’s worse care,” Parker said. “We’ve all heard of situations where somebody got a procedure that caused a complication and in retrospect questions were asked, ‘Did they really need that procedure?’ So all of this extra doing is not necessarily benign.”

Beth Israel is not the first hospital to adopt such a model but they are the biggest. This move, although it has generally flown under the radar of national media outlets, could have huge implications on the way doctors prescribe exercise and dietary changes.

Fond of Fonda

You can't think about health clubs in the 80's - lycra, spandex and all - without thinking of Jane Fonda. Nostalgists rejoice, the 72-year-old Fonda is coming out with a new workout tape.

Entrepreneurial Tales

Inc., a magazine for entrepreneurs and business folks, recently professed their love for, among a number of other start-up companies, Zumba. If you attended the Zumbathon at IHRSA 2010 - where legions of Zumba faithfuls swooned over founder Alberto Perez - you'd know why Inc. says "...10 million Zumba lovers can't be wrong."

Holiday Workouts

Assuming our readers are health club operators, you probably don't need a reminder. However, just in case, be sure to make time for your workouts this holiday season.

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