This Week in Fitness: Nearly Half of Americans Will be Obese, Researchers Say
Fri, November 19, 2010 at 7:00
Kevin Foley in Group Exercise, Obesity, This Week in the Fitness Industry, Yoga

Experts in Obesity

A team of Harvard researchers predict the obesity rate will continue to rise until 42 percent of the United States is obese. I don't know anything about predicting the obesity rate but I do know a health club with a sense of community can breed healthy lifestyles. Let's do our part to reduce the rising obesity rate.

Moot Point

A group of researchers in Finland suggest some people, regardless of the workouts they endure, do not become more fit or buff. The argument is based on a study in which 175 sedentary adults engaged in a 21 week fitness regimen. The results ranged from some people becoming 8 percent less fit (how you measure fitness level on a percentage scale, I don't know) to 42 percent more fit.

As New York Times writer Gretchen Reynolds points out, that's not an excuse to give up on exercise and hit the couch. It simply means what works for one person may not work for the next.

Strike a Pose... The Right Way

Yoga is mainstream now, no question about it. However, with the added audience has come a plague of people who perform the standard poses incorrectly. Find out the right way, once and for all, to perform some of Yoga's most popular poses courtesy of the LA Times.

Not For the Money

Jeffrey Lesk, a 56-year-old Washington D.C.-based lawyer, moonlights on a Spinning bike. He doesn't do it for the money, though. He gets a free gym membership, sure, but the rewards are not monetary. Jeffrey is just one of the many people who teach group exercise as a second job. Each one has a different but equally rewarding answer for the question: "Why do you do it?"

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