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Big Brother hits gyms

This Week in the Fitness Industry may never had more variety of stories than this week. We are talking yoga, wearable technology, trainers, jump rope, Fitness Hall of Fame, and more.

Of course, we are happy to bring it to you, in one place.

Read on to see what we have found for you.

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New IHRSA health promotion web pages

IHRSA’s vision is for the fitness industry to be a well recognized voice in health promotion and prevention and for health clubs to be viewed as partners in preventive healthcare by individuals, employers, healthcare providers, insurance companies and government.

To that end we recently updated old resources on our website, as well as creating some new ones. Some of the pages are member-only, others are open to everyone.

Check out all of the tools and ideas here.

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Motivating those who have gone awry

The first quarter of the year is over and for many companies it is time to hit the books and spreadsheets to figure out the upcoming fiscal year’s budget. 

While that is true in the fitness industry, too, it is also the time to look at what happened at the start of the quarter. Specifically, this is about the time that all of those who joined the club at the start of the year, as well as those who made New Year’s resolutions to hit certain goals and to change their lifestyle, might be falling off the wagon.

Many clubs keep a keen eye on these two groups to make sure they don’t slip. Sometimes programs specifically re-motivating members are instituted, other times a health club is diligent on how members are faring and intervene  before they lose them.

Read on to see tips and examples of motivation.

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Questionnaires among ways to get member feedback

Feedback is important. How else do you know if you are doing a good job, or if the club offers everything your members want?

That is why IHRSA tries to offer up as many hints, ideas and fellow members' programs that work for them.

This week Simon Gale, Colleen Braun and Michael Hoeber Jenkins chime in on what works at their respective clubs.

Read on for Ask an Industry Leader

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Are wearable devices on the rise?

Nowadays, you can't do a workout or take a class without someone next to you wearing a fitness device. And, more than likely there is someone who uses a fitness app to enhance their workout, push them to do a little more, or share it with friends and peers.

This Week in the Fitness Industry has devoted the entire column this week with stories on devices and apps, including a top 25 list, predictions for the future, new options out there, and research and surveys.

Read on for This Week in the Fitness Industry.

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