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If you lead, others will follow

As we in this industry are well aware, physical inactivity is a global problem. The number of people who don’t get the exercise needed for good health is staggeringly high in nearly every country in the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 31% of adults aged 15 and over are insufficiently active.

As a result, health and fitness clubs are now more important than ever to the world’s health, but how do we encourage more people to join? The following are three ways fitness professionals around the world are managing to do so.

Read on to see how others are promoting physical activity.

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Study: running with music helps times

Today's edition of This Week in the Fitness Industry is about what you can do to improve performance and feel better about yourself.

Here's what we have:

  • Study: running with music improves performance
  • Those who exercise feel better about their physical appearance
  • Don't let fellow members intimidate you
  • Working with trainer better than video, magazine

Check out more on all of these in This Week in the Fitness Industry.

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Clubs and members prosper with cross-discipline collaboration 

The growing sophistication of health, fitness, and wellness professionals, and the expanding number of specialties they practice, pay significant dividends for clubs and their members. It’s innovative improvement, with special relevance for the increasingly diverse populations - including those with health issues - that clubs are now being called upon to serve.

But there’s often a fly in the ointment, a pebble in the progress.

As the process of caring for members becomes more complex, the providers - personal trainers, nutritionists, health coaches, group and small-group exercise instructors, and others - tend to work independently within their respective niche, focusing exclusively on their particular skill set.

It’s a situation that’s sometimes referred to as “siloing” - a failure on the part of professionals to communicate, fully and effectively, about the singular goal that they’re all striving toward: the well-being of an individual client.

A number of factors may contribute to the condition: a limited understanding of other disciplines, professional tunnel vision, heavy work loads, lack of opportunities to confer with colleagues, etc. But the result is a disjointed, rather than a seamless, procedure; a limited, rather than a comprehensive, treatment plan.

Read on to see how some clubs and businesses are helping members' overall health with teamwork and collaboration.

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Career improvement, networking tops list for new Institute attendees

David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.netThe upcoming IHRSA Institute is the one event in the health and fitness industry where you can improve your career with sessions and faculty that provide a small-group setting and personal education. It has been shown many times over with past graduates who are leaders in the industry, their clubs and businesses, and their community.

That is one of the main reasons why up-and-comers and those who are looking to the next step in their professional career decide to attend. It can be a new position or just doing a better job at the one they are at. The IHRSA Institute provides graduate-level education that can easily and immediately be instituted back at the attendees’ company.

And working with, and learning from, names like Brent Darden, Sandy Franco, Bonnie Patrick Mattalian, Mark Miller, Debra Siena, and more, cries out success and professional movement. 

The IHRSA Institute, which is Aug. 5-8 at Kenan-Flagler Business School on the campus of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, is back after a five-year hiatus. The all-inclusive event features graduate-level education with top-notch educators – many of whom are Institute graduates - in small classroom settings. Over the four days there are many networking, team building and social events that give attendees plenty of time to commiserate with classmates and educators alike.

Read on to see what new attendees hope to get out of the Institute.

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Guru Pasternak picks IHRSA 2014 trade show faves

Helix Lateral TrainerHarley Pasternak, a celebrity trainer, nutrition expert, and best-selling author, knows a good thing when he sees it.

“The IHRSA trade show, held in San Diego, was definitely the place to be if you’re searching for all of the latest and greatest fitness gadgets, exercise equipment, and any fat-burning machine you can think of,” he wrote in a recent blog. “I’ve been attending the show for nearly 20 years, and remember when fitness innovations like the elliptical, arc trainer, and spin cycles were first introduced.”

Pasternak then went on to identify and describe four products that were among his personal favorites - ones that he’s considering purchasing for his own studio.

Read on to see what four products - out of thousands - he picked out from the 2014 IHRSA Annual Internatonal Convention & Trade Show.

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