Governance of IHRSA Membership

IHRSA Board Service

The IHRSA Board of Directors is an experienced, intelligent team of industry leaders. They are chosen to serve IHRSA in particular and the fitness industry in general by providing guidance, strategic direction and insight that has lasting global impact.

Each year, two to four Board positions need to be filled as existing board members complete their terms of service. This ensures that seasoned board members sit side by side with new ones, providing a balance of ideas that can propel our association to new heights of success.  Application materials are due by July 31, 2017.


Club Membership Eligibility Standards

Each member ("Member") has the responsibility to abide by the Association's Membership Eligibility Standards, Code of Conduct, and By-Laws. None of these, however, are intended to create new law or substitute for local, state, or federal law, which will always take precedence. IHRSA will assist clubs as much as possible in interpreting these standards, but clubs need to check local and state law, or check with an attorney about any legal questions they may have.

View Standards | Download IHRSA's Guide to Membership & Conduct (PDF)

Club Code of Conduct

All clubs agree to abide by this code of conduct upon joining.

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Associate Member Code

All Associate Members agree to abide by this code of conduct upon joining.

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Notes from each Board of Directors Meeting, available to members only.

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The document which establishes IHRSA's governance processes

View IHRSA By-Laws