Get Active! Magazine

Read the current issueGet Active! is an exciting, motivational magazine written exclusively for current and prospective health club members and guests. Read the current issue at and find us on Facebook.

The purpose of Get Active! is to: 

  • Reinforce the reader's decision to belong to a health club, by highlighting the many health and physiological benefits of exercise
  • Increase awareness of the many services IHRSA clubs offer (such as personal training, group exercise, yoga or pilates)
  • Provide useful lifestyle, diet and workout tips to make exercise fun and rewarding for everyone
  • Educate a grass-roots movement of fitness conscious consumers to support governmental initiatives that encourage regular exercise

How Do I Get It?

CURRENT ISSUE: The Spring/Summer 2017 issue, pictured here, will be the final issue of the magazine. Read the digital edition. Extra copies of the standard edition and the Anytime Fitness edition are now available for purchase from the IHRSA Store. Order now.

PAST ISSUES: Past printed issues, including some standard and Anytime Fitness editions, are sold on the IHRSA Store. View the current supply and order online.