17th Annual IHRSA / Fitness Brasil Latin American Conference & Trade Show

September 1-3, 2016 | São Paulo, Brazil | Transamerica Expo Center


We are experiencing a time of great change and transformation in the industry – a time that requires us to learn new business models and to have the courage to innovate.

We always speak of growth but we continue to register the same 4% of the population using health clubs over the last several years, even though we have a product of high value to society. Prevention, health and well-being are some of its many benefits.

The time for conformism has ended. Get out from behind the counter, and join your colleagues at the most dynamic industry event in Latin America where you will learn from industry leaders, share insights and ideas with other industry professionals, and embrace new opportunities for business success.

The largest and most influential conference for health club managers and coordinators in Latin America. Round tables, keynotes, lectures, panels and case studies presented by industry and Brazilian economic/political leaders.


Keynote Speakers

Ricardo Amorim

An Economist from São Paulo University (USP), Amorim has a post-graduate degree in International Administration and Finance from ESSEC of Paris. Amorim has worked in New York, Paris, and São Paulo as an economist, strategist and portfolio manager. He was chosen by Forbes magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in Brazil.
> Why and how the economy will improve and surprise us after 2016

Márcio Fernandes 

Fernandes is President of Elektro, which has been chosen for 5 years in a row as the best company to work for (Você S/A).  He holds a degree from IBGC, an MBA degree in Controllership from FEA/USP, and has studied at Stanford and INSEA. Fernandes is an advisor of the National Quality Foundation. 
> Happiness Leads to Profit!

Rivadávia Drummond

Consultant, lecturer, and post doctoral professor, Drummond has taught at Harvard, Stanford, Darden, Dom Cabral, and Hong Kong. He is the author of books and articles on innovation, business models, and knowledge management. He is the former president of HSM. 
> Making Innovation Happen 

Clovis de Barros Filho, Ph.D.

Associate Professor at the School of Communications and Arts of São Paulo University (USP), Barros Filho works as a corporate consultant through his company, Espaço Ética. His clients are companies of all sizes and business specialties from all over Brazil.
> A Life Worth Living

International Speakers

Guillermo Vélez

A fitness business journalist, editor and entrepreneur, Vélez has taught at IHRSA events in the United States and Brazil. He is a lead researcher and editor of the Latin American Market Report, published by IHRSA from 2012 to 2016.
> The Gym of the Future

Blair McHaney

Professor, student and practitioner of Customer Experience Management (CEM), McHaney is the CEO of Club Works, a company specialized in CEM for the fitness market. He is a partner of two Gold's Gym franchises and Director Emeritus of the Gold's Gym Franchisee Association.
> The 4 Habits of Outstanding Gyms



MANAGEMENT - Knowledge to see opportunities, readiness to achieve success, and ability to embrace change. We do not speak of the need to change; rather, in knowing how to choose the best directions for more productive paths. Mutations are inherent in contemporary behavior for survival in the business world and in life. Our program is directly related to the current world and to what is to come. In Management, Economics, Sales, Retention, Digital Marketing, New Niches, Innovation, Behavior and Themed Products.

COORDINATORS - Team leadership, creation of processes, planning and organization are elements that requires skills and a great deal of dedication in the search for valuable information that can generate "intelligent knowledge." The application of these aspects makes all the difference in the professional and differential development of coordinators, assisting them in building more solid and open-to-constant-transformation careers. The coordinator's module has established itself as one of the main ways to update, meet and discuss the professional practice of professionals who have the exceptional role of "orchestrating" the progress of services and products in a gym. 

360º SALES - Understand the processes that lead to growth and regression and what to do about it.

STEPS TO SET UP A SUCCESSFUL HEALTH CLUB - Regardless if it is a new project or a brand repositioning, the important thing is to start the right way.

STRATEGIC MARKETING - Be a part of this unique event of the sector and understand the impact of Design Thinking on Contemporary Marketing!

PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL TRAINER - The knowledge and issues addressed are the new student’s demands. Get prepared to stand out in the market.

FUNCTIONAL TRAINING - Adopt a wider and more scientific vision, and gain practical knowledge so you can merge diverse functional training techniques for more intelligent, safe and effective prescriptions.

PRODUCT MANAGEMENT FOR CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS - Creative solutions on management and new businesses for gyms. This topic will be the central theme of this presentation.

STRENGTH TRAINING - All physical activities, sportive and daily, depend directly on muscle strength at many different levels. This has caused many professionals to look into advanced studies in an attempt to better comprehend the physiological processes, the behavioral manifestations, the acute and chronic effects, as well as the countless applications as a means for general and specific exercise purposes. The Strength Training Meeting, in its ninth edition, continues to bring together targeted issues and business experts, so that you can boost your knowledge and learn practical applications within the training development sector.

HYPERTROPHY: DRUGS, SUPPLEMENTS AND TRAINING - A scientifically based analysis of factors involved in the hypertrophy process, ranging from the way the training is handled to the use of hormones and ergogenic resources. 

BIODELTA 2016 SYMPOSIUM - A review of concepts and practical guidance for professionals who work with bodybuilding. Recognized and expert professionals will show evidence-backed new knowledge in genetics, to help you understand the control mechanisms of muscular hypertrophy and open up intervention perspectives. Evidence confirms the therapeutic efficacy and safety of resistance training in many situations of compromised health, including high blood pressure. Stress fractures, common in sports practice, have a clear presentation, allowing physical activity professionals to give better guidance to their customers. The leg press exercise is analyzed in the light of biomechanics in order to guide the control of its risks without compromising its many qualities.


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For More Information

  • Jacqueline Antunes
  • ja@ihrsa.org
  • +1 617 316-6742

    Event Location

    Transamérica Expo Center
    Av. Dr. Mário Villas Boas
    Rodrigues, nº 387 - Santo Amaro
    São Paulo, Brazil 

    Trade Show Hours

    • Thursday, September 1 | 12:00pm – 9:00pm
    • Friday, September  2 | 12:00pm – 9:00pm
    • Saturday, September  3  | 12:00pm – 8:00pm


    2016 Exhibitor List

    As of August 9, 2016

    • ABC China
    • Acquamires
    • Acte Sports
    • Adithiva
    • Athletic Way
    • Atlas Fit
    • Aubicon
    • Biodelta by Pórtico Fitness
    • Body Metrix
    • Body Plus
    • Brasilian Fitness
    • Buick Fitness Equipment
    • Casa do Fitness
    • Cloud Gym
    • Cool Towels
    • Costa Cruzeiros
    • Cyber Gym
    • Direcional Condomínios
    • Doox
    • Dora Fitness
    • DX Fit
    • Equilibrio Fitness
    • Exacta Cards
    • Exetex Sports
    • Fiore
    • Fit Innovation
    • Fit work
    • Fitsystem
    • Flexi Sports Brasil
    • Floty
    • FM Meias de Alta Performance
    • Gagliotti Fitness
    • Grupo Emar
    • Grupo Maforte Fitness
    • Gympass
    • Henri Trampolim
    • Infotrade
    • KA Sports
    • Kapazi
    • Konnen Fitness
    • KS Fitness
    • Kurty’r
    • Liberty Fitness
    • Lion Fitness
    • Listen X
    • Magic Medic
    • Maktub Fitness
    • Mamut
    • Marsal
    • Massagear
    • Matrix
    • MCD Sports
    • Metalife Pilates
    • Metodologia Gustavo Borges
    • Mexe Company
    • Micro University
    • Miha II
    • Movement
    • Movimento & Cia
    • Nakagym
    • NeoAct
    • Niko Armários
    • Onda Viva
    • Origym
    • Pacto Soluções
    • Patricia Totaro Arquitetura de Resultados
    • Phorte Editora
    • Physical Shop
    • Piloxing
    • Polisystem
    • Pratique Net
    • Precor
    • Proaction Sport
    • Radio Music Fitness
    • Rae
    • Revest
    • Rotha Fitness
    • Rox4 Performance
    • Running Brasil
    • Sanny
    • Sickert
    • Slade Fitness
    • Sport Runner
    • Star Trac
    • Store Fitness Equipment
    • Super Gym
    • Supertech Fitness
    • Suspensus
    • Technogym
    • Terrazul Tecnologia
    • Total Health
    • TRG Fitness
    • Tryex Fitness
    • Ubian Fitness
    • UFrog
    • Uniformes Fitness
    • Vedovati Pisos
    • W12
    • Wellness
    • X Body
    • Yanq Fitness Rio
    • York Barbell
    • Ziva Life Brasil
    • Zumba