18th Annual IHRSA / Fitness Brasil Latin American Conference & Trade Show

August 31 - September 2, 2017 | São Paulo, Brazil | Transamerica Expo Center

New challenges require broad vision, well defined strategies and effective implementation. The program is designed to offer the best learning opportunity in our industry. You will learn from sucessful fitness industry leaders as well as those from a variety of industries.

The IHRSA / Fitness Brasil program is designed for all types and sizes of clubs from established clubs to those that are just starting out in the industry. The program provides educational opportunities in a variety of interactive formats: traditional seminars, "how-to sessions", and best practices.

Whether you're a club manager, owner, or investor, take advantage of this event to understand market trends and plan for your future and that of your business. Brazil is an important market in the fitness and wellness industry. With over 31,000 clubs, and 7.9 million club members, it is the world’s second largest market in terms of number of facilities, and the fourth largest market in terms of club members.

We hope you will join other like-minded professionals for this unique education and networking opportunity.

Make It Happen

The Event for Fitness Leaders

This year we are experiencing periods of disruption and change in various models of business, including in the fitness industry. But as we have always said, and reaffirm today, it is exactly at these moments that we can transform and find new roads and solutions to improve.

This 18th edition of IHRSA Fitness Brasil will be the platform to explore how to make the right decisions for the future of our businesses. You together with leaders, thinkers and other entrepreneurs, will be able to participate actively in the process of change by attending our management courses, seeing new equipment launches, and networking. The high-level lectures will focus on economics, finance and management presented by some of the best minds in the industry and business. In short, everything you need to make the best possible future for your club happen.


Keynote Speakers

Mailson da Nóbrega

Former Finance Minister of Brazil and former Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance, he led the studies that resulted in the creation of the National Treasury Secretariat and the restructuring of the Brazilian Central Bank. Nóbrega is a columnist for two major newspapers (Folha de S. Paulo and O Estado de S. Paulo), and Veja magazine.
> Brazilian Economic Outlook


Eugenio Mussak

Mussak is an author and professor at FIA-USP and Dom Cabral Foundation in the areas of Leadership and People Management. He is also Scientific Director of the Brazilian Association of Human Resources, a columnist for the magazines Você S.A. and Vida Simples and the portal UOL, as well as a commentator for Radio Eldorado.
> Leadership Role In Crisis


Talk Show with Gustavo Kuerten “GUGA” and Fabio Saba

A champion tennis player with 20 single titles and 8 doubles, Kuerten is a three-times champion of Ronald Garros and a winner of the title of the Masters Cup. He was 43 weeks as the world's No. 1 and has 358 wins in his career.


Claudia Elisa Soares

Soares serves on the Board of the São Paulo City Management Secretary, and is a former executive of companies such as AmBev, GPA, Via Varejo, Votorantim Cimentos, FNAC, Arezzo & Co and Pão de Açúcar group.
> How Women Can Exercise Power In Company Management and Their Own Lives


Eduardo Carmello

Carmello is Director of Enthusiasms Human Talent Consulting and an organizational and educational consultant specializing in strategic people management. He has been recognized 7 times with the TOP 5 Mind Award for Human Resources.
> The Manager As Design Thinker

International Speaker

Derek Gallup

Gallup is EVP of Fitness for New Evolution Ventures with brands including Crunch, UFC Gym, Hard Candy Fitness and Alex Rodriguez Energy Fitness. He has also been involved with several other fitness brands including 24 Hour Fitness, Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club, Yoga Works, Personal Training Evolution and Gold’s Gym. Current Chair of the IHRSA Board of Directors.
NOTE: Simultaneously translated in Portuguese

> Achieve Extraordinary Results Even During Challenging Times
Learn about global and local industry trends, and how to grow your business through positive leadership, creative thinking, unique fitness offerings and fun.

IMPORTANT: All presentations will be in Portuguese and without simultaneous translation, unless noted.



MANAGEMENT - Knowledge to see opportunities, readiness to achieve success, and ability to embrace change. The combination of determining the right direction, speed and responsible management is paramount for growth, even in difficult times. There is no doubt that continuing education is crucial to building a productive market.

COORDINATORS - Establishment of guidelines based on solutions for leadership and implementing strategic actions by the coordinator. Provide coordinators, leaders and stakeholders in this segment with objective, relevant and diversified content.  

HIGHT PERFORMANCE SALES - Understand the importance of building, training, and developing your sales team - and how to do it.

EXECUTION - THE GREAT MANAGEMENT CHALLENGE!- Having good ideas is not enough. Learn what is essential to putting creativity into practice and delivering results for your business!

DIGITAL MARKETING AND ONLINE SALES - Steps to create a simple and scalable structure for customer acquisition over the internet. Competition and Differentiation: Two words that often define the mere survival or achievement of business success in all sectors. In the fitness market it is no different. In this course participants will learn how to use modern strategies and digital tools to attract online traffic and capture customers through the internet.

STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT IN HEATLH CLUB COORDINATION - Take an in-depth look at the issues involved in the development of the coordinator, throughout his career, thus stimulating reflection on competencies, strategies and perspectives of employability.

FUNCTIONAL TRAINING - Take a globalized look at functional training modalities, their trends, scientific bases and business opportunities. Functional training offered through a pragmatic, scientific and prospective business outlook.

STRENGTH TRAINING - Provide access to professionals who work with strength training in its various manifestations. High demand topics of interest and relevance in the area of will be applied.

PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL TRAINER: ADVANCED - A Science in training, market strategies and gaming. Balance the presentation of differentiated content in the technical and marketing areas, through innovative dynamics that include thematic depths and game as a form of interaction in the process of learning.

EXERCISE AND NUTRITION FOR HEALTHCARE - Characterize the importance of integrating the knowledge of nutrition and exercise as a strategic means to achieve weight loss results. From fasting analysis to the influence of cellular signaling through practiced exercise.


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For More Information

Event Location

Transamérica Expo Center
Av. Dr. Mário Villas Boas
Rodrigues, nº 387 - Santo Amaro
São Paulo, Brazil 

Trade Show Hours

  • Thursday, August 31 | 12:00pm – 10:00pm
  • Friday, September 1 | 12:00pm – 10:00pm
  • Saturday, September 2  | 12:00pm – 8:00pm


2017 Exhibitor List

As of July 24, 2017

  • 2Go Bag
  • Abimaq
  • Absolute Fit
  • Acquamires
  • Acte Sports
  • Adithiva
  • Athletic Way
  • Atlas Fit
  • Aubicon
  • Body Plus
  • Brazilian Fitness
  • Buick Fitness Equipment
  • Casa do Fitness
  • Cloud Gym
  • Cool Towels
  • Core
  • Costa Cruzeiros
  • Craw Fitness
  • Cyber Gym
  • Dignitus Brasil
  • Direcional Condomínios
  • Doox
  • Dora Fitness
  • Dorsa
  • DX Fit
  • Editora 3
  • Editora Abril
  • Equilíbrio Fitness
  • Exacta Cards
  • Exetex Sports
  • Fiore
  • Fit Innovation
  • Fit Work
  • Fitsystem
  • Flex Equipment
  • Flexi Sports Brasil
  • Floty
  • FM Meias de Alta Performance
  • For The Win
  • Gagliotti Fitness
  • Grupo Emar
  • GT Nutrition
  • Gympass
  • Henri Trampolim
  • Infotrade
  • Infotrade x
  • Instituto Biodelta
  • KA Sports
  • Kallango
  • Kapazi
  • Keiser Brasil
  • Konnen Fitness
  • KS Fitness
  • Kurty'r
  • Lion Fitness
  • Listen X
  • Magic Medic
  • Maktub Fitness
  • Marsal
  • Massagear
  • Matrix
  • Metalife Pilates
  • Metodologia Gustavo Borges
  • Mexe Company
  • Micro University
  • Movement
  • Movimento & Cia
  • Nakagym
  • NeoAct
  • Nilko Armários
  • Ningbo Healthmate
  • Onda Viva
  • Origym
  • Oxyfit
  • Pacto Soluções
  • Patricia Totaro Arquitetura de Resultados
  • Performance Nutrition
  • Phorte Editora
  • Physical Shop
  • Piloxing
  • Pink Chilli Fitness
  • Plenitude Import
  • Polisystem
  • Pórtico Fitness
  • Pratique Net
  • Precor
  • Proaction Sport
  • Probiótica
  • Radio Music Fitness
  • Reebok
  • Revest
  • Rotha Fitness
  • Rox4 Performance
  • Rubio Editora
  • Running Brasil
  • Sanny
  • Shandong Jinggong
  • Sickert
  • Slade Fitness
  • Sport Runner
  • Store Fitness Equipment
  • Super Gym
  • Supertech Fitness
  • Suspensus
  • Technogym
  • Terrazul Tecnologia
  • Total Health
  • TRG Fitness
  • Tryex Fitness
  • Ubian Fitness
  • UFrog
  • Uniformes Fitness
  • Vedovati Pisos
  • W12
  • Wellness
  • Welmy Balanças
  • X Body
  • Yanq Fitness Rio
  • Ziva Life Brasil
  • Zumba