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Federal Advocacy

IHRSA believes that any effort to rebuild America’s health and redesign the health system must include physical activity as a central component. Regular physical activity, as a core component of prevention and health promotion will lead to a healthier, happier and more productive America, while reigning in sky rocketing health care costs.

IHRSA's Federal Advocacy efforts seek to "make the healthy choice the easy choice" by influencing decisions and policies within political, economic, social and media institutions.

We must work together to create a culture and environment of wellness and encourage Americans of all ages and physical conditions to exercise regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

Achieving these goals involves:  

Legislation: IHRSA's federal advocacy objectives are to promote physical activity as a preferred solution to the obesity crisis (and health clubs as a primary physical activity resource); and to remove financial barriers to club membership and exercise participation. 

Extending Our Reach: To enhance our chances for success, IHRSA fosters partnerships and allegiances with trusted and credible organizations that increase our voice. Organizations we work with include the President's Council, the American Cancer Society, NCPPA, and more.

Shaping Public Opinion: To ensure that the industry and health clubs are highly regarded, and remain part of the conversation, IHRSA communicates on a continual basis with media, opinion leaders, and key stakeholders. We disseminate regular reports, research, interviews, opinion pieces and written commentary to promote our industry's contributions to health, stress-relief, productivity and prosperity. Recent Opinions and Editorial from IHRSA President & CEO Joe Moore and IHRSA EVP of Public Policy Helen Durkin.

The Voice and Participation of the Entire Industry: While IHRSA members are business people first, you also make excellent passionate advocates for your business and our industry, and your constituent voice is extremely important in shaping policy.