IHRSA 2018 | 37th Annual
International Convention & Trade Show

International Convention: Wednesday-Saturday, March 21-24, 2018
Trade Show: Thursday-Friday, March 22-23, 2018
San Diego, California | San Diego Convention Center | Halls A-F


Exhibitor Contract Terms & Conditions

The space contracted is to be used solely by the company whose name appears on this Exhibitor Contract and it is agreed that the company will not sublet or assign any portion of same. IHRSA reserves the right to cancel this Contract upon no less than five (5) days written notice to the company and to regain the immediate possession of any space and to deny the company all further right to participate in the Trade Show if the exhibitor shall fail to pay IHRSA before January 6, 2017 any payments due IHRSA. No reduction in booth size will be allowed after January 1, 2017.


If written notice of cancellation from an exhibitor is received by IHRSA on or before November 4, 2016, a full refund of booth fees will be processed. However, after November 4, 2016, there will be no refund and exhibitors will be held to payment in full for the originally contracted booth fees, even if the exhibitor decides to reduce the size of their booth.

Booth Design & Layout

IHRSA retains the right to re-assign, designate or change booth locations. The aisles belong to IHRSA. Neither exhibits nor advertising material is permitted to protrude into the aisles. IHRSA reserves the right to control and prohibit any disturbing noises produced by an exhibitor. No part of any exhibit may be more than eight-feet (8') high without written permission of IHRSA. The sidewing displays, pipe racks and the like may be as much as eight-feet (8') high provided they do not extend out toward the aisle more than five-feet (5') from the back wall of the display. Any sides utilizing the remaining five-feet (5') out to the aisle may not be more than four-feet (4') high. Any unfinished portion of an exhibit will be covered by IHRSA at the expense of the exhibitor. All custom construction and designs must be approved by IHRSA in advance. No booth shall be allowed to obstruct clear vision to other booths in the same line or adjacent lines unless it is an island display, having four corners on four sides. For island booths, if a solid wall is to be part of the display, or any free-standing unit above eight-feet (8') high, or any multi-level construction above eight-feet (8') high, an architectural rendering must be submitted to IHRSA for approval in advance and will require fire marshal pre-approval; IHRSA reserves the right to determine the final placement of such structures. All island, peninsula and end-cap booth designs must be received at IHRSA by January 13, 2017; failure to comply will result in a booth not being approved for installation. IHRSA follows trade show industry standards as developed by the International Association of Expositions & Events (IAEE). The complete set of guidelines are available here.  Please note that IHRSA reserves the right to modify these guidelines to preserve the integrity of our event.

Sound & Lighting

IHRSA maintains a maximum level of 75-decibels for all exhibitors at its Trade Shows. This level has been identified as a safe level for trade shows by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). To ensure a successful Trade Show for all companies, IHRSA, as Show Management, reserves the right to monitor sound usage and restrict and eliminate the music and other audio demonstrations in an exhibitor's booth at its discretion. Show Management's actions can include reviewing and adjusting all sound system and speaker placements within an exhibit, restricting sound levels within a booth, and restricting demonstrations within a booth, regardless of an exhibitor's contract with instructors or celebrities appearing in an exhibitor's booth. All exhibitors planning to have audio or a demonstration must submit complete details to IHRSA, including a description of the demonstration(s), the frequency of demonstration(s), and the location of lighting and sound systems (specifically speakers). All descriptions are due in writing to IHRSA for approval by January 31, 2017. Specialty lighting, videos and promotional lighting projected on walls, ceiling, or floor spaces not contracted is prohibited. If a complaint is registered and a visit by Show Management does not result in full compliance, Show Management has the authority to cancel all booth demonstrations and/or terminate all electrical power to a booth for the remainder of the Trade Show.

Exhibitor Responsibility

Exhibitor booths must be staffed at all times during the designated, official Trade Show hours, and is recommended during Early Morning Workouts. An exhibitor of the Trade Show, and affiliated agents or employees, may not enter another exhibitor's booth space without the latter exhibitor's permission. Exhibitors shall abide by and observe all laws, rules and regulations of the federal, state, and city governments, as well as the event venue. All decorations and electrical wiring and fixtures must comply with local fire laws; state and local fire regulations must also be followed. Exhibitors planning to serve or dispense food and/or beverages from their booths must contact IHRSA for information related to product sampling (a permit and fees will apply). All food and beverages must be purchased and cleared through each venues’ exclusive food services contractor.

Copyrights Permissions

Each exhibitor is responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses and permits to use music, video, photographs, or other copyrighted material.

Freight & Warehouse Shipments

Instructions regarding the mandatory procedures for freight and warehouse shipments will be detailed in the Exhibitor Services Manual, and will be sent to confirmed exhibitors once the signed Exhibitor Contract and initial booth deposit are received.

Removal of Goods

For security reasons, exhibitors will not be allowed to deliver merchandise to customers from the Trade Show floor before 5:01pm on Friday, March 10, 2017. Exhibitors who find it necessary to remove items from their display, such as damaged items, may only do so by presenting a release slip, signed by an IHRSA Show Management representative, to the security guard at the main entrance. Release slips may be obtained from IHRSA Show Management staff onsite. Item removal will only be authorized at the end of a Show day.

Exhibitor Insurance

All exhibiting companies must carry General Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance that meets the requirements of the State in which the venue is located. IHRSA, its official services contractors, and the convention center do not maintain insurance covering an exhibiting company’s property. It is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to obtain the appropriate amount and type of insurance to cover their property, agents or employees, from theft, damage by fire, accident, or any other cause (but in no event will the General Liability Insurance coverage be less than $1,000,000). IHRSA will not be responsible for any injury that may occur at exhibits or to an exhibitor's employees, or for the loss of, or damage to, any material from any causes whatsoever, whether in transit, or during Early Morning Workouts or the Trade Show, regardless of whether Show Management furnishes security. A General Liability Insurance Certificate and a Workers Compensation Insurance Certificate are required from each exhibiting company naming IHRSA and its agents as additional insureds on the policies effective during the entire period of activity, including install and dismantle dates and times. The Certificates must be received at IHRSA within two weeks of receiving confirmation of exhibit space from IHRSA Show Management.

Force Majeure

In case the event venue is destroyed or damaged, or if the Trade Show fails to take place as scheduled or is interrupted and/or discontinued, or access to the premises is prevented or interfered with by reason of any strike, lockout, injunction, act of war, act of God, emergency declared by any governmental agency or by Show Management, or for any other reason, this contract may be terminated by IHRSA. In the event of such termination, the exhibitor waives any and all damages and claims for damages, and agrees that the sole liability of IHRSA shall be to return to the exhibitor its booth fees, less costs and expenses incurred and committed by IHRSA.

Intellectual Property Disputes

IHRSA does not involve itself in patent, trademark, or copyright infringement disputes between exhibitors, and no exhibitor should seek to enlist IHRSA’s assistance in this regard.

Limitation of Liability

IHRSA shall not be liable to any exhibitor in any respect for any claims, losses, expenses, injuries, or damages arising out of or related to the Trade Show or the exhibitor’s participation in the Trade Show due to any act or omission of IHRSA, its employees or agents, or any third person, whether based on breach of contract or warranty, negligence or other tort, or strict liability, unless directly and solely caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of IHRSA. IHRSA disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. IHRSA shall not be liable to any exhibitor for any indirect, special or consequential damages, including lost profits, whether based upon a claim or action of contract, warranty, negligence, strict liability or other tort, even if IHRSA is aware of the possibility thereof. Notwithstanding any other provision, the maximum liability of IHRSA to any exhibitor will in no event exceed the lesser of (i) the amount of exhibit booth fees paid by the exhibitor to IHRSA or (ii) $5,000. Recovery of such amount shall be the exhibitor’s sole and exclusive legal remedy. Any claim against IHRSA not submitted to IHRSA within thirty (30) days of the close of the Trade Show shall be forever waived, and no suit or action shall be brought against IHRSA more than one (1) year after the Trade Show.


Each exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless IHRSA and the event venue, and their respective officers, directors, agents and employees from and against any and all liabilities, damages, actions, losses, claims, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) on account of personal injury, death, or damage to or loss of property arising out of or contributed to by any act, omission, negligence, fault, violation of this Contract or any rule or regulation, or violation of a law or ordinance by the exhibitor, its employees, agents, contractors, members, exhibitors, patrons, or invitees. The foregoing shall not apply with respect to any liability, damage, or loss directly and solely caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of, as applicable, IHRSA or the venue.

Press Coverage, Photography, Recording

Photography, webcasting, press activity, and audio/video taping is prohibited without the prior written consent by IHRSA. Additional guidelines as established by the venues prevail and must also be adhered to if approval is granted by IHRSA. The exhibiting company hereby consents to IHRSA’s use and distribution (both now and in the future) of any image or voice in its library for marketing materials, promotions, videotapes, electronic or digital reproductions, website content, and audiotapes from its past events, and waives any right to compensation or remuneration for the use of such images or voice recordings.

Registration of Employees & Booth Personnel

Employees of an exhibiting company receive complimentary credentials to access the Trade Show floor at designated times. Complimentary exhibitor registrations are not available for distributors of the exhibiting company's products or services, customers of the exhibiting company, or any non-employee of the exhibiting entity; in these cases, applicable registration fees will apply. Failure to comply with this policy will result in penalty points on IHRSA's AMPS Report for each infraction, the generation of a registration invoice at the onsite registration rates which the exhibitor hereby agrees to pay for all non-employees of the company that appear on the company's registration list, and may result in the forfeiture of future exhibiting opportunities.

Minors on the Trade Show Floor

Children under the age of 16 are prohibited from the Trade Show floor at any time during exhibitor set-up and dismantle. During attendee Show hours, no child under the age of 16 is allowed unless accompanied by a parent or adult guardian at all times, and under close supervision, with the parent or guardian required to sign a waiver prior to entry. In the event that a child under the age of 16 is not properly supervised, as determined by IHRSA, or if the child’s presence generates complaints by show participants, IHRSA reserves the right to expel the child and the parent(s) or adult guardian from the Trade Show floor. IHRSA strongly discourages parents and guardians from bringing children under the age of 16 onto the Trade Show floor at any time for their safety and security.

Promotions, Hotel Rooms, Suites, Meetings & Events

Displays or demonstrations outside the exhibit hall, or the scheduling of meetings, private functions, cocktail parties, or special events during the period of set-up, show days or dismantle will only be permitted with the written permission of IHRSA. Exhibitor employees and/or hired personnel are not allowed to walk the aisles of the Trade Show floor to promote a company product or service. No canvassing, advertising, displaying, demonstrating, or distributing items or literature is permitted outside the company's exhibit area without IHRSA’s consent. No materials or signs may be posted or affixed to drapes, walls or hallways at any venue or within the exhibit hall. No flyers or printed material is allowed to be delivered to, or placed under, guest room doors without IHRSA's consent. Requests for a room block of eleven (11) or more hotel rooms, meeting space, hospitality area, restaurants, lounges, and suites must be submitted in writing to Show Management for review, approval and assignment. Priority placement is given to (1) IHRSA Club Members, (2) exhibiting sponsors, and (3) exhibitors in full compliance with Show Management guidelines. Meeting space, suites, and reception or hospitality areas will not be approved for any Associate Member that is not exhibiting at the IHRSA 2015 Trade Show in any of the official venues contracted by IHRSA. 

Rules & Regulations / Updates / Arbitration

Any and all matters not specifically covered herein or in the Exhibitor Services Manual are subject to the decision of IHRSA. IHRSA shall have the full and exclusive power to interpret and enforce this Contract and the rules and regulations. Decisions of IHRSA are final, and each exhibitor agrees to abide by the same. IHRSA reserves the right to add or modify the rules and regulations as stated on this Contract as deemed appropriate to improve the Trade Show. If the exhibiting company violates any rules or regulations, IHRSA has the right to regain the immediate possession of any space. All policies and procedures stated herein and as detailed within the Exhibitor Services Manual will be in effect until further notice. The Contract and rules and regulations are governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts without regard to conflicts principles. The exclusive legal avenue for the resolution of any controversy or claim between the parties hereto arising out of or related to the Contract or the rules and regulations, or the breach thereof, shall be binding arbitration in Boston, Massachusetts in accordance with the Rules of the American Arbitration Association, and judgment upon the award rendered by the Arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Each party will bear its own costs.