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IHRSA Club Membership Benefits

For more than 35 years, IHRSA has been the leading provider of information essential to the success of health and fitness clubs. IHRSA membership helps clubs grow membership and community outreach, promote the benefits of exercising in a club, protect club operations and make meaningful networking connections.

IHRSA member benefits keep clubs well-informed, on top of trends, and in line with industry benchmarks. IHRSA members are industry leaders, who share their influence, innovation, and proven expertise through IHRSA's education, industry events, best practices, and Club Business International (CBI) magazine.



The most successful health clubs in the world have one thing in common: they meticulously track performance metrics and compare them with those of their peers.

Doing so gives them a clear picture of how their business is performing, and allows them to think outside the box and identify growth opportunities.

IHRSA's research publications are the most authoritative reports on health club performance indicators, including revenue, retention, and member demographics. Members receive deep discounts on essential resources.

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From peer-to-peer networking, intimate round-tables, hands-on workshops, and monthly webinars to world-class keynote speaker sessions, IHRSA's education is designed to fit many learning styles and levels of professional development.

IHRSA hosts leading industry conferences and trade shows on 5 continents, creating unique learning experiences and opportunities to participate in new fitness cultures.

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As a busy club operator, finding time to research industry issues and connect with peers can be difficult. IHRSA’s library of e-books, toolkits, online articles, and webinars serve as the one-stop source for industry news and insights.

Member clubs become their community’s hub for health and wellness with IHRSA’s suite of content-rich health promotion resources.

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IHRSA's experienced advocacy team as well as federal and state lobbyists ensure business climates in which health club businesses can thrive.

IHRSA leads member clubs and organizations in the fight:

  • To prevent sales taxes and protect membership contracts
  • Preserve personal trainer certification requirements
  • Ensure reasonable AED mandates
  • Prevent competition from tax-exempt fitness centers

With a near flawless record of defeating harmful legislation and short-sighted tax proposals, IHRSA is extremely effective in defending club operations.

For more information on IHRSA's Advocacy efforts and becoming an ILC member, visit



Health club operators understand the importance of building a community in their clubs and IHRSA members recognize the benefits of a similar community among industry leaders. Lifelong relationships are born through IHRSA referrals and events when members connect with their peers in an environment that encourages education through communication.


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IHRSA Club Membership is open to any for-profit health clubs, worldwide, who are looking for resources to help their business thrive. JOIN NOW!


Club Developer Membership is ideal for health club developers in the planning stages, or who plan to open their doors within the next 6-24 months. JOIN NOW!


European Club Membership is open to for-profit health clubs and provides tools and resources tailored to health clubs in the European market. Learn More


*IHRSA Club membership is open to investor-owned ļ¬tness, racquet, or athletic facilities which pay property taxes and do not accept tax-deductible contributions for capital or operating costs.