Club Membership Eligibility Standards

Each member ("Member") has the responsibility to abide by the Association's Membership Eligibility Standards, Code of Conduct, and By-Laws. None of these, however, are intended to create new law or substitute for local, state, or federal law, which will always take precedence. IHRSA will assist clubs as much as possible in interpreting these standards, but clubs need to check local and state law, or check with an attorney about any legal questions they may have.

Standard 1
The club will open its membership to persons of all races, creeds, places of national origin, and physical abilities.

Standard 2
The club will respond to and endeavor to resolve, within 60 days, any consumer complaints made to the Better Business Bureau or to state or local consumer protection agencies (or other such agencies).

Standard 3
The club will comply with all relevant laws concerning pre-sell membership fees.

Standard 4
The club will not sell prepaid, lifetime memberships, and will not guarantee membership or renewal fees beyond a three-year period or the period permitted by applicable law.

Standard 5
The club will not engage in illegal membership sales tactics.

Standard 6
The club will conform to all relevant laws, regulations, and published standards.

Standard 7
The club will respond in a timely manner to any reasonably foreseeable emergency event that threatens the health and safety of the club users. Toward this end, the club will have an appropriate emergency plan that can be executed by qualified personnel in a timely manner.

Standard 8
The club will offer each adult member a pre-activity screening appropriate to the physical activities to be performed by the member.

Standard 9
Each person who has supervisory responsibility for a physical activity program or area at the club will have demonstrable professional competence in that physical activity program or area.

Standard 10
The club will post appropriate signage alerting users to risks involved in their use of those areas of the club that present potential increased risk(s).

Standard 11
A club that offers youth services or programs will provide appropriate supervision.

Standard 12
The club will be kept clean and equipment will be maintained in working order.