IHRSA Club Developer Membership

As a Developer Member of IHRSA, you will receive a complete “Tool Kit” containing the trend reports, statistical data and industry resources you’ll need to determine your requirements for opening a fitness facility, plus access to the vast array of information IHRSA provides to members and access to the IHRSA Staff.

As an IHRSA Developer Member

  • You will know what’s ahead of you!
  • You will have the information you need, when you need it!
  • You will have the industry’s legal department in your corner!
  • You will know the latest industry news and how it impacts your business!
  • You will have complete access to the IHRSA Team and pool of industry experts.

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We look forward to putting the benefits of an IHRSA Developer Membership to work for you and your club business! Join via our secure online applications, or call 800-228-4772 (US, Canada) or +1 617-951-0055 (International), or email membership@ihrsa.org.


Publications & Research

The following IHRSA publications, research and resources are included in an IHRSA Developer membership. The total combined value of all the products below, if purchased separately, would total over $1,250 — more than your Developer membership dues. If you are not ready for a Developer membership, these publications are available at non-member rates from The IHRSA Store.

  • Profiles of Success, IHRSA's annual Industry Data Report and the #1 source for health club industry statistics and trends
  • IHRSA’s Guide to The Health Club Industry for Lenders & Investors
  • iHRSA’s Guide to Bank Financing
  • IHRSA’s Global Report on the State of the Health Club Industry
  • IHRSA Employee Compensation & Benefits Survey Results
  • F.I.T., IHRSA's Fitness Equipment Buyers' Guide
  • Club Business International (CBI) Magazine(monthly)

Education & Events

Sharing ideas and opportunities with other industry professionals constantly opens doors to a wealth of knowledge. IHRSA education includes something for everyone, whether you are an industry veteran or a new owner, whether you are building one club or a chain of clubs. There is nothing more important than continuing education for professional development and business success. As an IHRSA Developer Member, you will be invited to register at special Member Rates.

Visit ihrsa.org/meetings for more information.

Online Resources

The information you need, when you need it, is on IHRSA.org. Providing you around the clock access to information, statistics, news and editorial, IHRSA.org is content-rich and ready to help you and your club succeed.

With your IHRSA membership, you have secure member-only access to exclusive features and high-level information. This information will give you the competitive edge and opportunities that can help you earn back the cost of your IHRSA membership many times over.

IHRSA’s network of professionals is comprised of some of the best of the fitness industry. 

Other online member resources from IHRSA include:

  • Access to healthclubs.com/jobs, the fitness industry’s leading employment website.
  • The IHRSA Store, the online marketplace to find valuable operating, management and research information, training and development tools, plus IHRSA’s branded industry and consumer publications, customized publications, MP3s and DVDs.
  • Timely, opt-in e-newsletters that give you the breaking news on industry trends, research and statistics, public policy updates, industry events, and best business practices.
  • IHRSA Buyers Guide – Quality products and services make this a one-stop destination to find what your future club needs.
  • IHRSA Online Education – Monthly online webinars deliver critical information, presented by leading industry specialists for efficient and convenient education.

Questions: Contact the IHRSA Membership Team

Our team of skilled professionals is fully prepared to guide you to the IHRSA resources you need for success.

Call 800-228-4772 (US, Canada) or +1 617-951-0055 (International), or email membership@ihrsa.org to take advantage of all the benefits IHRSA has to offer.