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June Policy Update: Legislation That May Impact Your Gym

The IHRSA Public Policy team monitors legislation on both a state and federal level for our members. If you are wondering how as a gym or club owner that is relevant to you, we can answer that. It’s very relevant and important that the latest and most up-to-date information on anything and everything that could impact your business is available to you. That’s where we come in.  

We monitor things like potential sales tax hikes on gym memberships, regulations on auto renew contracts, rules for free gifts or trials, and more. Our team works with grassroot efforts and lobbyists to ensure the best outcome for the fitness industry.

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How Your Gym’s Cancellation Policy Impacts the Member Experience

This post is an IHRSA Institute preview.

Today’s health club market is in a state of constant flux. It seems like every week there’s a new workout trend or must-have fitness technology, and it’s near impossible for independent clubs to keep up.  

On the bright side, your club is poised to deliver a competitive advantage that will never go out of style: a phenomenal member experience.

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In Memoriam: Robert J. Kuchefski

An insurance sales executive who served the fitness industry for 35 years

The fitness industry has lost a friend and trusted colleague, a person who was highly regarded for his personal warmth, expertise, support, and decades of service.

Robert J. Kuchefski, a sales executive for Hoffman Insurance Services, in Wellesley, MA, a firm that has long and deep industry ties, died unexpectedly on May 26. 

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5 Signs Your Gym’s Treadmill Belt is Finished 

This is an IHRSA featured post, brought to you by SPORTSMITH.

On top of the list of things that annoy health club members is encountering an unoccupied machine with a sign saying, “Out of Order.” One popular article from Men’s Fitness magazine called “10 Reasons to Dump Your Gym” listed “broken equipment not getting fixed on time” at number one. 

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Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your Gym’s CRM Software?

As you well know, operating a health club calls for managing a long list of functions, including human resources, finance, programming, equipment facilities … and members.

Yes, your members need managing, just like every other aspect of your business.

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Lessons in Fitness Leadership: Build Relationships Early

The Lessons in Fitness Leadership series highlights IHRSA’s industry leaders and thanks them for their continued commitment to growing, promoting, and protecting the health club industry. By sharing their business expertise, we hope that you will get to know them, what they've learned along the way, and how they view leadership.

Kevin McHugh
The Atlantic Club

What is the most fulfilling part of being a business leader in the fitness industry? 

In particular, I think it is our direct ability to enhance the lives of all people of all ages and fitness levels. This is a unique premise when compared to other industries.

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4 Uncertain Fitness Industry Legislative Trends We’re Watching

Something Wicked This Way Comes

“Really knowing is good. Not knowing, or refusing to know, is bad, or amoral, at least. You can't act if you don't know.”

Whether you are familiar with this Ray Bradbury quote or not, this quote can be applied across a number of industriesincluding the health club industry.


One of my first tasks when I started working at IHRSA was to read all 39 state consumer protection laws governing health club contracts and create a summary of each state law.

Since then, I’ve been involvedwith the help of a lot of great IHRSA staffwith the monitoring of every bill introduced by any state legislature that would directly affect health clubs. So it was reasonable to think I had seen it all, but I hadn’t. I’m seeing some trends coming the industry’s way that I really don’t like, and I want to bring them to your attention.

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Why Bad Floors May Be Putting Your Health Club On Shaky Ground 

This is an IHRSA featured post, brought to you by sofSURFACES.

A health club at peak capacity is a great sight for club operators, but it may not be too good for your ears—or your nerves. With today’s trends of Olympic lifting and other functional fitness activities, your club may sound more like you’re hosting a Metallica concert than a first-class neighborhood facility. Without high-tech quality flooring absorbing the sound and punishment from weights, machines, and active bodies, your club may be creating an environment that runs counter to the image and culture you want to promote. 

Make no mistake: Noise, vibration, and acoustics matter. So does the integrity of your flooring when members drop barbells and kettlebells, and it’s a more common occurrence these days than ever before. 

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Dr. Timothy Shriver Announced as New UNESCO Chairholder

The Institute of Technology Tralee appointed Dr. Timothy Shriver as UNESCO Chairholder in Inclusive Fitness, Sport & Recreation, PE. In his new, role Shriver’s globally inclusive research and advocacy is set to support the UNESCO Chair's mission to shift towards a more equitable world through physical education, sport, recreation, and fitness.

Shriver also currently chairs Special Olympics International where he has worked to create new Special Olympics programs in athlete leadership, cross-cultural research, health, education, and family support.

Shriver has testified before Congress on numerous occasions, challenging government leaders to support the Special Olympics community. His advocacy work will support the UNESCO Chair’s vision of inclusive access to physical activity at the Sixth International Conference of Ministers and Senior Officials Responsible for Physical Education and Sport held in Kazan, Russian Federation July 13-15, 2017.

"As an industry dedicated to finding solutions to the world’s inactivity crisis, we are excited by the efforts of the UNESCO chair working toward universal access to fitness for all. We look forward to making that goal a reality.” Joe Moore, president & CEO, IHRSA


Shriver is the co-founder and chair of the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning, the recipient of numerous honors and degrees, as well as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the president of the Kennedy Jr. Foundation, Board of WPP Group, LLC, and co-founder of Lovin’ Scoopful Ice Cream Company.

He is the author of the 2014 New York Times bestseller, Fully Active: Discovering What Matters Most, as well as a contributing writer for The New York Times, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, and Commonwealth Magazine. Dr. Shriver is the executive producer of “The Ringer,” a Farrelly Brothers film, and “Front of the Class,” a Hallmark Hall of Fame television movie, in addition to co-producing of the DreamWorks Studios’ 1997 release, “Amistad,” and Disney Studios’ 2000 release, “The Loretta Claiborne Story.”

The social leader, author, educator, film producer, and entrepreneur says he is “honored” to have been appointed as the UNESCO Chairholder.


5 Reasons People Are Talking About the IHRSA Institute

The staff at IHRSA could talk endlessly about how great The IHRSA Institute is, and how much it will change your career and your health club. 

But at the end of the day, the most trusted endorsements come from your peers. Therefore, check out what past attendees are saying about The IHRSA Institute.

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