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4 Trailblazing Women in the Fitness Industry 

The fitness industry has produced—and benefited from—many strong, pioneering women. These women have started and grown their businesses, mentored the next generation of women leaders, taken leadership roles in the industry, and embraced innovation and change as the industry grew.

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Women in the Fitness Industry Continue to Make Progress

I had the pleasure of participating in a panel discussion last Friday all about the issues women face in the fitness industry.

The panel, which was put together and moderated by Dan Kallen of Coaches Only and Breaking Muscle, also featured Andrea DuCane, director of certifications for Dragon Door Publications, and Annie Sakamoto, CrossFit Games competitor and co-owner of CrossFit Santa Cruz Central. 

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This Week in the Fitness Industry: Google Launches Fitness Class Booking Service

Google Launches Fitness Class Booking Service
Reserve with Google, a new feature that allows users to book fitness classes without leaving the search engine, is now available nationwide after completing a test run in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, Mashable reports. Like Google Flights, the service pulls data from Google Maps and Google Search to help users find available classes at nearby fitness studios. Reserve with Google also makes personalized recommendations. "We make recommendations based on courses you've taken, and will be exploring more ways to bring timely and useful recommendations to fitness buffs," a Google spokesperson told "For example, you will soon be able to get notifications of new classes that might be interesting to you." Several class scheduling providers, including MINDBODY, MyTime, Genbook, Full Slate, Front Desk, and Appointy, partnered with Google on this effort, according to a release. 

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Midtown Health President Talks Health Club/Hospital Partnerships, Women in Leadership

Debra Siena, president of Midtown Health, a division of TCA Holdings, LLC, in Chicago shared her insights on employee wellness and health care/health club partnerships in the January issue of Club Business International.

CBI: Midtown Health manages facilities for hospital wellness centers, corporate fitness centers, and office building amenity clubs. What sort of special skills does that require?

DS: We’re a leader in customized fitness center management and employee wellness solutions, with 40 years of expertise. As the managed club division of TCA Holdings, we’re the 13th-largest club operator in the U.S.

We offer strong central services, a management team, and operational support, as well as the ability to maximize a club’s profit potential. Our 50 associates provide clubs with services encompassing facility design, equipment selection, purchasing, information systems, sales and marketing, accounting, human resources, insurance, risk management, and associate learning and development. We also have national directors in facilities, sales, operations, fitness, tennis, and spa.

CBI: Your best advice for club operators who want to align with physicians, hospitals, and other health care providers?

DS: Sometimes, commercial clubs try to enter this space to drive memberships. But health systems see right through a membership promotion that’s disguised with a lab coat. Instead, you should find out how your club can best serve a health system. By doing so, you’ll lay a foundation of trust, and create a mutually beneficial scenario. Is the health system looking, for instance, for an extension of their physical therapy, or for a prediabetic weight loss solution? Your club can play a huge role in the continuum of care.

CBI: Could you describe one of your health care-related offerings?

DS: Our ongoing Wellness Discovery Program provides movement, healthy eating, and well-being tips in a group setting. Physicians refer their patients for everything from prediabetic counseling to problems with high blood pressure. We create a communications loop through the physician’s electronic medical records to report their patients’ data. The results are impressive, and allow Midtown Health to serve as “physician extenders.”

CBI: You’re going to be facilitating the Women’s Leadership Summit at IHRSA 2016 in Orlando. Tell us a bit about that.

DS: The summit started six years ago in honor of the late Julie Main, the co-owner and president of the West Coast Athletic Clubs, and a past president and former board member of IHRSA. The goal of the summit is to provide women with leadership inspiration, education, and collaboration.

Over the years, we’ve transitioned from presenting a panel of industry speakers to inviting an outside guest
speaker to address the leadership topic, which, this year, is well-being. Our speaker, Dr. Beth Cabrera, is the author of Beyond Happy: Women, Work, and Well-Being, and a senior scholar at George Mason University’s Center for the Advancement of Well-Being. She encourages women to focus on improving their well-being, instead of always trying to find balance. I concur.

CBI: What women’s concerns do you feel still need to be addressed?

DS: Our industry is still dominated by men who tend to hire, mentor, and promote other men. Women need the same opportunities. Women bring unique strengths and perspectives to bear—expressiveness, flexibility, and intuition. True leaders understand that diversity offers the greatest opportunity for a business to succeed only if everyone gets to play to their strengths.

The ideal? When women become leaders, not businesswomen, and have the confidence and support to achieve their career goals. And I’d like to see accomplished men and women make it their personal mission to help others along the way.


IHRSA Goes Red For Women!

IHRSA all in red! See any familiar faces?Today is National Wear Red Day, a nationwide event to help fight heart disease in women. The event is part of the Go Red for Women campaign, led by the American Heart Association.

IHRSA showed our support for women's heart health by donning our best reds (err...and a few pinks...).

You can help raise awareness too, it's simple: just wear red! This would be a fun activity for you and other club staff. Learn more at

Also, 8 state legislatures have introduced resolutions that officially recognize February 1st as “Wear Red Day.” 


More women are looking at strength training

Gone are the days when women wanted to be super skinny. So are the times when they felt it didn't matter how they looked.

Now while we are at a time when being fit and in shape is at an all-time high, it is not surprising that more and more females are hitting the gym and doing weight training, Crossfit and more to looked toned, sometimes even a little muscular.

In a six-year span fron 2004 to 2010 the number of health and fitness magazines increased 62%, according to the National Directory of Magazines. And in that time period Women's Health saw its sales jump 375% for the magazine with a 1.5 million circulation.

For more, read the CBS Miami story.