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Creating and Keeping a Killer Membership Sales Team

New member sales still provide the majority of any fitness facility’s revenue, and any health club operator worth their salt knows that you can’t drive membership without a killer sales team.

But creating and keeping a successful sales team is another story.

(Photo: Healthtrax Fitness & Wellness)

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Selling a Better Life: Where Personal Training Meets Revenue 

The following is an excerpt from “How to Increase Trainer Revenue: Volume 1,” available for free on the IHRSA Exclusive Member Content App.

Few necessities in running a business are as fraught with as many contradictions as “sales.”

As consumers, the term “salespeople” can have negative connotations because of bad experiences in retail and telemarketing. Who hasn’t had a shopping experience disrupted by an aggressive salesperson who shadows you as you browse or badgered you into looking at a more expensive option? 

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Empower Your Gym's Sales Force to Increase Revenue

The key to helping your gym’s sales staff boost your bottom line is improved communication skills, said Jeff Houghtaling, membership director for VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa, in a recent IHRSA webinar called "Mastering the Sales Process.” 

And it starts with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

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6 Steps to Improve Your Gym's Sales Process

Looking to recruit new members to your health club? Here are a half-dozen sales tips from a recent IHRSA webinar called "Mastering the Sales Process." Share them with your sales staff, courtesy of Jeff Houghtaling, membership director for VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa.

1. Learn the prospect's name.

This isn't as obvious as it seems. If the name has an unusual spelling, be sure you know how to pronounce it (write it down phonetically if you have to). Also, don't assume that every James likes to be called Jim or every Susan likes to be called Sue.

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What Every Personal Trainer Needs to Know About Sales

Personal training is a large—and growing—source of revenue for many health clubs. But are your personal trainers willing and able to play a successful role in the sales process? 

According to the 2015 IHRSA Profiles of Success, a median of 10% of total revenues at leading health clubs comes from individual and small-group personal training. From 2013 to 2014, member participation in at least one personal training session increased by 11%. 

Clearly, the ability to sell personal training services is critical to the long-term success of your operation(s). And that means making sure your personal trainers are comfortable with and knowledgeable about sales.

It Takes a Team 

Building a robust personal training program is a team effort, and health club operators need to educate their employees on their particular role in the process. 

As Steve Satin, president and founder of Satin Wellness, notes, the focus of the front desk and membership teams is generating new memberships. So they may be concerned that bringing up personal training with prospective or new members comes across as overselling. 

The solution? Understanding the right way to approach the sales conversation. 

"The front desk team is a great place to ask appropriate questions, [and] the membership team can easily provide the option of personal training to an enthusiastic new member," Satin said at IHRSA 2016

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