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How Lynette Froehlich Went From Racquetball Pro to Program Coordinator 

Lynette Froehlich, racquetball coordinator for Sportsclub in Greenville, SC, spoke to Club Business International to share insights from her nearly 40 years experience with the sport.

CBI: Sportsclub recently hosted the Sweet Caroline Open, a stop on the 2016 Ladies Pro Racquetball Tour (LPRT), holding matches at all three of its locations. Tell us about that.

Lynette Froehlich: The LPRT consists of the best women racquetball athletes in the world, and we held the first-ever LPRT stop in South Carolina in early September. The event drew 23 of the top pros from seven countries.

We also hosted a three-day tournament for 125 amateur players—men and women—at our three locations, offering food, souvenirs, free massages, a shuttle service, and a wine and cheese dance party. In addition, the Pro Tour gave us the opportunity to celebrate women’s health, address their health issues, and raise $35,000 for MiraKind, a nonprofit that focuses on women’s cancer prevention.

CBI: We understand that Paola Longoria of Mexico, the No. 1 player in the world, took part. What was that like? And ... did she win?

LF: Paola was incredibly gracious. She didn’t mind posing for a picture or two, and answered many questions from people who wanted to know how to improve their game. She didn’t disappoint on the court, either, when she played Canada’s Frederique Lambert, the No. 2 ranked player; it was a hard-fought match, but Paola won the tournament.

CBI: You’re also a racquetball pro. Tell us a bit about your career.

LF: I’ve been playing racquetball since 1978. Before that, I played softball at the University of Nebraska, and was an accomplished tennis player. However, due to the weather, my tennis matches were often cancelled. When I discovered racquetball, I was hooked, since I could play year-round.

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Change is inevitable

Change in the industy happens. It always has. The key is to see it before it passes, and then adapt.

Who better to discuss what is different now as oppsed to 30 or so years ago than longtime IHRSA members?

One put it pretty succintly: “If one doesn’t evolve in this industry, one disappears.” 

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