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NASM puts out infomercial for growing personal trainer profession

The number of personal trainers is expected to increase by some 13% over the coming decade, and, recently, the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) produced a national infomercial to promote the profession.

In the infomercial, NASM-certified personal trainers  and three of their clients shared inspiring stories about the latter’s achievements. The clients, who, collectively, lost approximately 400 pounds, describe their emotional journeys, and explain how working with CPTs helped them to significantly improve their health and general well-being.

“Stories like these are the driving force behind why this career choice is booming,” says Andrew Wyant, the president of NASM. “Because these personal stories are so visual and uplifting in nature, telling them via this format allows NASM to reach a mass market, speaking directly to individuals who are looking to make a meaningful impact and have a successful career.”

The 28-minute spot also covers the fundamentals for getting started and the tools needed to establish a long- lasting career as a CPT. After an initial test period in more than 15 markets on cable networks such as FOX, NBC, and Bravo, the spot is scheduled to air regularly throughout the coming year.

Check it out here.



Florida legislature does not pass any bills affecting industry

The Florida state legislature adjourned for 2014 and even though none of the bills passed affected the health club industry that doesn't mean IHRSA wasn't working hard to make sure of it.

There were three bills that potentially could have impacted Florida health and fitness clubs: two different sales tax holiday and personal training legislation.

Visit the IHRSA members-only Florida News and Updates page for more on this year's session and more.


Gillespie talks up fitness industry on New England cable network

NECN imageIHRSA Board Member Scott Gillespie was the guest on CEO Corner in NECN (New England Cable News) recently, and he covered quite a few topics in the 30-minute segment.

Gillespie, owner of Saco Sport and Fitness in Saco, Maine, first answered the host's question about the increase in small group and personal training.

"Both are moving rapidly," he said. "The ability for groups of people to come together has great power."

Gillespie continued when asked how group training can help members. He compared other behavioral change industries, like Weight Watchers and Alcoholics Anonymous.

"(Behavioral change) programs work on the concept of bringing a group of people together to come to a common goal," Gillespie said. "When I can feel the support of a group behind me and with me and hold me accountable I am much more likely to stick with it."

For a five-minute clip, go to the NECN website for three clips from the interview: Fitness industry trends, Making health clubs work for consumers, and The business of fitness


Members discuss challenges in 2014

The new year can be considered a fresh beginning, so with it comes different challenges. Every club has them, as does the industry as a whole. 

One of the most common and recurring “issues” is finding quality employees, especially personal trainers as that is one of the fastest growing sectors of the industry. Getting the right people to improve both the businesses as well as industry-wide in order to move health and fitness in the right directions is hard to come by.

Read on to see what IHRSA members feel are their biggest challenge in 2014, as well as issues concerning the industry.


IHRSA webinar: aligning personal training and company culture

Any business would love to be able to hire the applicant who was at the top of their class, has the most practical experience, and is a delight as an employee. 

First off, that person rarely, if ever, exists. Second, just because a candidate is flawless on paper it doesn’t automatically mean they will fit in with your company.

Hiring the right personal trainer is one of the main objectives for the next IHRSA Webinar, “Practical Tools for Leading and Managing Your Personal Training Team,” on Thursday, Jan. 9, 2 to 3 p.m. EST. The webinar is sponsored by Cybex.

Read on to see who is leading the webinar, what will be discussed and how to register.


Grow Your Club’s Personal Training Business

Brent Darden at the 13th IHRSA European CongressIn his presentation on “The Business of Personal Training: Best Practices” at IHRSA’s European Congress in Madrid on Oct. 19, IHRSA Chair Brent Darden talked about growth opportunities. Darden is the owner of TELOS Fitness Center in Dallas. He offered the following guidelines for developing a thriving personal training business in your club:
  • Price for Production: Charge customers a higher price for more experienced trainers.  Increase the price for trainers that are booked and not available to take on more clients. Trainers will push back for fear of losing clients, but Darden has found that there is little drop off from clients.
  • Develop Tiered Pricing: There are five levels of personal trainers at TELOS. Trainers earn more as they advance to higher levels. They also charge more per session, so the club nets more as well.
  • Focus on Net Revenue: Think beyond commission and the flat rate you pay trainers when calculating program expense. Be sure to allocate costs for benefits, as well. 
  • Establish Incentive Plans: Have your trainers and supervisor agree on budget goals. If the trainer hits their goals, let them know that they will earn some kind of bonus or incentive.
  • Define Advancement Systems: Let trainers know how they can move up in the system (In TELOS’s case, through the five levels). Determine pay and commission rates for each level. To reach a higher level, the trainer has to be producing more revenue. It is not a simple matter of seniority.

Check out Brent Darden's webinar "Personal Training Management - Eight Critical Components" in the IHRSA Store. Only $39 for IHRSA members.



Capitol Report: July 31, 2013

A weekly update from IHRSA Public Policy 

  • Leaders from Cities, States with Declining Childhood Obesity Rates Share Strategies for Success
  • NYT Columnist Fails to Understand True Importance of Personal Trainers
  • In Your Capital: Pennsylvania

Read the latest issue of Capitol Report (for members only). For more on IHRSA and becoming a member, visit

Stay informed with this weekly e-mail newsletter. Capitol Report provides concise, timely news about legal and legislative issues affecting the club industry. This is a “must read” for any fitness professional concerned about their club and the industry. Subscribe to Capitol Report.


Are you a personal trainer to watch?

Life Fitness is holding its third annual Personal Trainers to Watch awards.

But this year is a little different - finalists will design a group personal training session on the Synergy 360 functional training that will become part of the Life Fitness Training Academy Program, and judges will come from around the world.

Winners receive $5,000 and publicity for their club in the media. Last year's winner got an elliptical trainer for her studio.

Visit to register; visit SNEWS for more.


IHRSA webinar: 'Personal Training - Developing a Million Dollar Business'

Personal trainers at a health club offer so many positives that in most instances it is business suicide to not offer this money-making and member-attracting segment. 

Personal trainers not only can bring in extra money from your members, a good group can bring in new members through word-of-mouth and position you as the go-to place for individuals in training, rehab or needing an extra push from someone who can point them in the right direction. 

IHRSA’s next webinar, Personal Training – Developing a Million Dollar Business, sponsored by Cybex, is Thursday, April 11, from 2 to 3:30 p.m., focuses on this area.  Cost is $39 for members, $79 for non-members. 

Read on for more on the webinar.


IHRSA 2013 exhibitor profile: NASM

In addition to industry products, equipment and software, the IHRSA International Convention & Trade Show also showcases training opportunities. 

The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) will again be on the trade show floor for the middle two days of the March 19-22 event (at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas). It will show attendees its personal trainer certifications, sports performance specialization and more.

Click here to see what NASM has to offer.

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