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This Week in the Fitness Industry: Gym Memberships Improve Exercise Habits, Heart Health

Gym Memberships Improve Exercise Habits, Heart Health
The results of a new study won’t come as a shock to anyone in the health club industry. People who belong to a health club not only exercised more—they also had better cardiovascular health outcomes, according to a study from a team of Iowa State University researchers. Those health benefits were even greater for those who had a gym membership for more than one year, said Duck-chul (DC) Lee, an assistant professor of kinesiology and corresponding author of the paper. "It's not surprising that people with a gym membership work out more, but the difference in our results is pretty dramatic," Lee said. "Gym members were 14 times more aerobically active than non-members and 10 times more likely to meet muscle-strengthening guidelines, regardless of their age and weight."

Wexer Launches New Virtual Training Concepts
Fit-tech company Wexer announced Thursday a suite of brand new virtual classes, which aim to meet the growing demands of today’s consumer. Since Wexer believes 2017 will be the year when people become truly aware of meditation and mindful exercise, they created a channel for club operators to deliver mediation to their members worldwide. The new content aims to promote mental and physical calm as well as deeper breathing to calm the nervous system. Wexer also met the demand for more virtual boxing earlier this year when it launched Boxx Method on all virtual players. Read the full press release about Wexer’s virtual training concepts. 

Download the Shiny, New IHRSA 2017 App!

With IHRSA 2017 rapidly approaching, we've launched a new mobile app to greatly enhance the experience for attendees in Los Angeles. Among the many functions available, the app features:  

  • A live activity feed so users can follow all the goings on at the Convention and Trade Show;
  • A leaderboard, which awards points to attendees for posting photos, updates, and taking surveys and polls and displays a top 20 list for all to see;
  • A map of the IHRSA Trade Show floor;
  • The latest updates to schedules, sessions, locations, and much more!   

Download the IHRSA 2017 app.

Motionsoft Digital Bootcamp Aims to Forward Fitness Industry Innovation
Motionsoft announced the launch of its yearly online digital education series, the Technology Summit Digital Bootcamp. The firm, which provides software, payment processing, and back office support services for the fitness, health, and wellness markets, said the bootcamp is designed to help health and fitness club professionals to capitalize on technology innovations and learn best practices from subject matter experts. The theme for the 2017 Digital Bootcamp education series, now in it’s third year, is "Cross-Industry Learning and Innovation: Technology Insights and Best Practices Fitness Firms Can Gain from the Hospitality and Retail Industries." Read the full press release about Motionsoft’s Digital Bootcamp.

IHRSA Foundation Set to Launch ACCESS Health Initiative Programs
The IHRSA Foundation announced that 2017 will see the launch of five ACCESS Health pilot programs in IHRSA clubs, from California to New York. The ACCESS Health Initiative is the IHRSA Foundation’s five-year strategic effort to remove barriers to physical activity for people with chronic conditions through participant-focused, multi-dimensional wellness programs. One such program, funded by the IHRSA Foundation and the American Council on Exercise (ACE), is a pilot to serve cancer patients in San Diego area health clubs. In addition, the IHRSA Foundation is also addressing the needs of people with disabilities. Learn more about the IHRSA Foundation’s latest initiatives.


This Week in the Fitness Industry: Proof that Exercise is a ‘Miracle Drug’

Time Magazine Examines the Proof that Exercise is a ‘Miracle Drug’
“As time goes on, paper after paper after paper shows that the most effective, potent way that we can improve quality of life and duration of life is exercise,” said Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky, a genetic metabolic neurologist at McMaster University in Ontario, in Time Magazine’s September cover story. The article, “The New Science of Exercise,” provides an in-depth look at the scientific proof backing up the long-standing belief that exercise works like a miracle drug. “Despite public-awareness campaigns, the health benefits of exercise have not been effectively communicated to the average American,” the article stats. “Humans are notoriously bad at assessing the long-term benefits–and risks–of their lifestyle choices. And vague promises that exercise is ‘good for you’ or even ‘good for the heart’ aren’t powerful enough to motivate most people to do something they think of as a chore. Humans are, however, motivated by rewards. That is why experts like Tarnopolsky are so focused on proving that the scientific benefits of exercise–slower aging, better mood, less chronic pain, stronger vision, the list goes on–are real, measurable and almost immediate.”

IHRSA Board Members Represent at the Motionsoft Technology Summit

Several IHRSA board members and former board members attended and spoke at the Motionsoft Technology Summit in Baltimore, MD, this week. Rick Caro, former IHRSA board president and president of Management Vision, Inc., spoke at the CIO Roundtable on Wednesday, and IHRSA Board Chair Rasmus Ingerslev presented the closing keynote address on Thursday. Read our full coverage of the Motionsoft Technology Summit.

Blink Fitness Asks Members to Audition for its 2017 Ad Campaign

Blink Fitness is inviting 300,000 members to use social media to enter the company’s brand-wide casting call for its 2017 ad campaign. The digital “audition” for the campaign, which is part of Blink’s continued effort’s to advocate for body positivity, will be open until October 7. More than 300 people have already applied since the September 12 launch. Following the submissions, the finalists will be chosen and called back to stand in front of a panel of influential “casting agents” to explain why feeling good is the new looking good. Panelists will include Dascha Polanco, known for her role as Dayanara Diaz on Orange is the New Black and NFL punter, Steve Weatherford. Blink’s 2017 campaign is an evolution of its “Every Body Happy” platform, which launched earlier this year.

IHRSA Submits Comments on Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program
On September 6, IHRSA formally submitted comments to the Center for Medicaid & Medicare Services (CMS) concerning the proposal that Medicare cover the cost of a preventative service incorporating physical activity and diet intervention—the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program (MDPP). The MDPP stands to be the first ever preventative service model certified for expansion by the CMS Innovation Center. With the proposal that Medicare will cover the cost of MDPP, health clubs are in an advantageous position to administer the program and become a vital component in the healthcare system. The program consists of educational sessions on healthy habits for individuals at risk of diabetes, evidenced by blood test results (and covered by Medicare), beginning with an initial six-month period with a core curriculum. The curriculum incorporates the importance of physical activity in healthy living, in addition to nutrition and stress management. The primary goal of the program is weight loss and behavior change to prevent against diabetes—both goals achievable in a health club setting. Read our full coverage on IHRSA's Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program comments.


It’s Not ‘If’ Technology Will Impact the Fitness Industry—It’s ‘How’

Several IHRSA board members and former board members attended and spoke at the Motionsoft Technology Summit in Baltimore, MD, this week.

CIOs Discuss the Future of Fitness Technology

Rick Caro, former IHRSA board president and president of Management Vision, Inc., spoke at the CIO Roundtable on Wednesday.

The roundtable discussed how health clubs should budget and plan for impactful new technology projects. The other panelists were Corey Benish, CIO of Planet Fitness, Mike Rucker, vice president of technology for Active Wellness, Bruce Gardner, IT director for David Lloyd Leisure Ltd., and Adam Zeitsiff, CIO of Gold’s Gym.

Panelists shared their companies short- and long-term tech projects, and then shared the fitness industry technological advancements they hope will develop in the future. Zeitsiff said he would like to see the creation of a unified data repository, where health clubs can track engagement data and use the analysis to help members. Benish, Rucker, and others shared their desire for the fitness industry to develop industry standards around data, since the language isn’t currently consistent.

The Fitness Industry Must Expand Outside ‘The Four Walls’

“It’s not ‘if’ technology will impact the fitness industry—it’s ‘how,’” said IHRSA Board Chair Rasmus Ingerslev during his closing keynote address on Thursday.

The next 20 years of technological development will match the last 100 years, and technology is replacing the customer journey, he said. The health club industry’s traditional four walls are under attack from:

  • Wearables
  • Tracking
  • Streaming
  • Online exercise programs

That doesn’t mean the health club industry can’t compete—but the industry must become relevant outside of the four walls of the club.

In the future, Ingerslev said he believes three types of clubs will emerge:

  • Purely brick and mortar
  • Brick and mortar with digital extension
  • Purely digital

Going forward, he anticipates that service will become more individualized—both face-to-face and digitally; fitness will become more social (again); gyms will become relevant outside of the four walls, 24-hours a day; and technology will intensify and change the competition.

And in this time of flux, IHRSA will provide resources to help health clubs to adapt and, ultimately, serve more members.

“I am with IHRSA because we are selling the idea of a healthier planet,” he said.


Data is King—Here’s How to Rule the Kingdom

This is a Club Business Exchange featured post, brought to you by Motionsoft.

Today’s technology has transformed business and marketing in fundamental ways. Data isn’t just valuable, it’s essential. Success in the health club industry in the 21st century depends on mastering the details of the vast information you compile about your current members and target markets. 

But compiling data is one thing. Making sense of it is the real challenge. It’s as if you need to create a separate division in your company to manage, organize, and produce reports on the data you continually accrue from members visiting your gym. 

Sure, you could do that. Or else you could get MoSoClub software, and have it do the work for you. 

The Information Revolution at Your Fingertips 

Created by Motionsoft, Inc., industry leaders in club management software, MoSoClub Front Desk Check-in is a tab-based software solution that gives you a complete 360-degree view of your member’s entire account information, from demographics to financial information—all on one screen. Designed exclusively for gyms, MoSoClub allows you to drive deeper into member data, so that you can create a great club experience for every member. 

Here are a few highlights of MoSoClub software:  

  • Easy to use. You won’t have to download any software. It’s all in the cloud, including member agreements, waivers, PT contracts—everything.
  • No special hardware requirements. The software allows unlimited uploading of documents without file-size restrictions.
  • Slick data-driven reporting. Ready to run any report you need when you need it.  
  • Increases on-site efficiency. Allows desk staff to redeem PT packages, as well as being able to track members' purchases, such as towel service or daycare.
  • Built with security in mind. Works with the most sophisticated entry systems in the marketplace, from key-tags, card readers and RFID (radio-frequency identification), to biometric entrance control solutions (fingerprint, handprint, iris), and it can activate turnstiles or magnetically lock doors in under a second. 
  • It’s customizable. In addition to nearly 50 standardized reports, MoSoClub features a Custom Report Builder that will give your staff the ability to create your own custom reports.  

Continue reading about Motionsoft's MoSoClub software.

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Cloud Computing 101 for Health Clubs

Cloud computing technology has become increasingly popular in the business world—it provides new opportunities to streamline business processes, secure critical information, and enhance the client—i.e., club member—experience.

At this point, however, industry observers note, the use of cloud computing hasn’t yet become widespread in the health club sector.

The clubs that are using it—most likely in conjunction with their member management software—are, in a sense, pioneers. They’ve taken the first steps on a path that may well lead to a technological revolution in this industry.

If you haven’t yet made the leap, consider the following your personal copy of “Cloud Computing 101.”

How Cloud Computing Benefits Health Clubs

Remember when the only thing you could do on the Internet was send e-mails? Well, just think about what you can do on the Internet now.

Cloud-based services have the potential to change the way you run your business, and how your members interact with your club. The possible improvements they offer are numerous and, it seems, open-ended. They provide new ways to engage prospects and members; maintain the connection, the dialogue, with members both inside and outside the club; can lead to new revenue streams; and, importantly, can make running your business easier and more efficient.

If you were so inclined, you could manage your club 24/7—at your leisure.

Cloud Computing Basics

To begin, it’s important to define what cloud computing is—and what it isn’t.

“It’s essentially the use of a network of servers and power generation that’s remote, and hosted over the Internet, to manage and process data and crunch numbers,” said Al Noshirvani, the CEO of Motionsoft, Inc.

The Rockville, Maryland–based firm offers member management software in both hosted and cloud-based versions. A number of other IHRSA associate member software providers do so as well.

A hosted solution, also known as software as a service (SaaS), is a product that’s run on remote servers located at a host’s—typically, the software provider’s—facility. One of the biggest misconceptions today is that cloud-based and hosted solutions are the same, when in fact, they’re very different, Noshirvani said.

“The majority of clubs in this country aren’t utilizing cloud solutions,” he said. “Most are using hosted solutions, and, because of that, people aren’t taking advantage of the possibilities the cloud provides.”

Security and Cost Savings

Transitioning to the cloud means not only increased security, but, also, big savings. Clubs don’t need to invest in expensive hardware, because cloud services are available on most devices via a simple Web browser.

“The cloud is an ‘infrastructure modality,’” said Bryan O’Rourke, the president of the Fitness Industry Technology Council (FIT-C), based in Covington, LA. “That means that, since you don’t own your own servers, you don’t have to have a hardware infrastructure. The cloud opens up a world of possibilities—at a lower cost.”

Read the full article on cloud computing for health clubs in the May issue of CBI.


Motionsoft Hails the Arrival of Softer Software 

April 1, 2016 – Rockville, MD – In a continued effort to make its iconic software solution more user friendly, Motionsoft announced the release Friday of the world’s first soft technology software solution for the health and fitness industry, the SOFTER Soft Software line. SOFTER Soft Software or S-cube is the ultimate club management software companion for the modern front desk staffer.  

Building on industry expertise the firm has already displayed with its Plush series, Motionsoft is taking its commitment to softness all the way to the clouds—literally.  S-cube’s cloud-soft solution will be soft launched starting today.  

SOFTER Soft Software is made with patented softness, making it softer than any other software in the world.  

“You try holding a badge scanner all day,” expressed one callused staffer, stressing that a lot of the men who work at health clubs just aren’t that tough. “People are going to use SOFTER, because it’s so soft. I don’t know why they didn’t invent this thing sooner. You can feel it on the screen when you touch stuff. It’s really mind blowing.” 

Hybrid SOFTER Soft technology deployment with only the right-side of the software solution softened. 

“Our customers were asking for a softer software experience. Normally, we’d just ignore them,” expressed Clou Dsoft, director of Plush and lead developer of SOFTER Soft, adding SOFTER is really similar to dryer sheets.  “We don’t use a dryer sheet, a dryer or even do laundry at work cause we’re not allowed to do laundry at work.  Anyway, you know what I mean, right?  Basically, we stole the idea from Bounce.”

With SOFTER Soft, Motionsoft has renewed it focus on functionality and user experience. The product evolution started with clients asking the Support team about softer software. “Then they wanted ‘freshness’ but we haven’t found a developer who codes in J-Fresh,” shared Ms. Dsoft. “Gyms can smell funny sometimes so the freshness angle really played well in our focus group research.  Guess what they want now? Static control.”

About Motionsoft

Founded in 1985, Motionsoft is the leader in software and solutions for consumer-based businesses, including gyms and fitness clubs, corporate fitness facilities and, hospital and universities.  Motionsoft’s comprehensive software solutions are used by more than 2,500 innovative businesses that require technology-driven member, facility and payment processing.  Motionsoft’s software suite includes MoSo™, an enterprise software solution designed for large fitness operators and MoSoClub™, a club management software solution for small and mid-sized businesses.  Our integrated gateway for payment processing, MoSoPay™, processes $2.5 billion annually through our software offerings while supporting over 5 million gym memberships in the U.S. and Canada.  Motionsoft Full Service™ is the fitness industry’s most powerful member services and accounts receivable solution that helps clubs keep their past due members active while getting member accounts current.  Motionsoft is also the host of the annual Motionsoft Technology Summit.  You can learn more about Motionsoft by visiting

*If you know a developer who codes in J-Fresh, please make sure you smile when you say Happy April Fools’!


Big Names, Ideas and Innovation at Motionsoft’s Technology Summit

Bill Besselman, vice president of connected fitness strategy and integration for Under Armour (l) with Al Noshirvani, CEO, Motionsoft. Photo courtesy of Motionsoft.Late last month the Hill was alive with the sounds and sights of technology’s latest and greatest fitness developments, as both IT and fitness industry execs met in Washington, D.C. for the  Motionsoft Technology Summit 2015 on September 22-24.

The event, which was held at the Fairmont Hotel, drew more than 100 health and fitness IT executives, presented 29 speakers and showcased the latest products from 16 health and fitness vendors.

According to a press release from Motionsoft, attendees included representatives from Active Wellness, Bay Clubs, Vida Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, LifeTime Fitness, World Health, Snap Fitness, Virtual Fitness Planner, Sport & Health, Fitness Connection, US Fitness Group, Equinox, Genavix, Crunch Fitness, MVP Sports Clubs, Balance Gym, Gold’s Gym SoCal, GoodLife Fitness, Retro Fitness, InShape Health Clubs, XSport Fitness, The Atlantic Club, Midtown Athletic Club, Work Out World, Maryland Athletic Club, Corporate Fitness Works, Planet Fitness, TSI and Active Sports Clubs, and more.

A keynote that hit all the high notes

Bill Blesseman delivering the keynote address at the Motionsoft Technology Summit 2015. Photo courtesy of Motionsoft.Bill Besselman, vice president of connected fitness strategy and integration for Under Armour, delivered the keynote address. He spoke passionately about embracing digital platforms and collaborating with others to keep pace with rapid technology change. “Digital – desktop, mobile, apps, and more - is your friend, it can help accelerate your business on multiple fronts, but you have to embrace it and put it to work for you, your business, and your customers,” he said.

Besselman also encouraged businesses to define and leverage their role in the marketplace, give back to customers and build a great team.

Informative, inspiring education

Three other hotly anticipated sessions included the “Technology Summit Roundtable” and “Fireside Chat,” both moderated by Motionsoft board member, Management Vision founder and industry veteran Rick Caro; and the “North American Retention Study Education Seminar,” delivered by Dr. Paul Bedford, principle at the Retention Guru, a health club research and consulting firm in the U.K., and lead researcher of the North American Retention Study. 

Dr. Paul Bedford, principle at the Retention Guru, speaking during his education session at the Motionsoft Technology Summit 2015. Photo courtesy of Motionsoft.Bedford spoke about the great opportunity for retention data standards. The fitness industry has a wealth of member retention data, he said, but it isn’t uniform. “One of the biggest challenges facing the industry is creating a common language for software systems and data classification. A set of standard definitions for the basics such as member, length of agreement, terminations, etc. will provide greater insight followed by larger revenues,” he told attendees.

Bedford also said that most companies don’t know how to turn their wealth of data into meaningful activities. The importance of figuring it out, however, is critical, he said. “The North American market is doing quite well overall regarding retention, but most operators have yet to tackle retention seriously—ignoring the millions of dollars of additional revenue available from just a few simple changes to their business models.”

Rick Caro, Motionsoft board member and founder Management Vision, moderating a panel at the Motionsoft Technology Summit 2015. Photo courtesy of Motionsoft.Bedford likened the potential of effective data usage in the fitness industry to that of baseball. “Data mining techniques, predictive analytics and machine learning will shape the future of the industry, with the same impact it had on baseball—just look at the movie Money Ball.”

RELATED: Read “One Million Strong: An In-Depth Study of Member Retention in North America” a research report written by Dr. Paul Bedford

The event’s six additional sessions provided attendees with in-depth panel presentations on fitness technology innovations, implications for retention, predictive analytics, the convergence of health care, data security, digital and mobile marketing strategies, and advancements in mobile applications.

John Gengarella, CEO of Netpulse, speaking at the Motionsoft Technology Summit 2015. Photo courtesy of Motionsoft.“If there was a dominant theme that united the event, it was mobile,” said attendee John Gengarella, CEO of Netpulse. “It’s abundantly clear to fitness industry executives that their digital strategy comes down to a rock-solid mobile offering. Leveraging tight integrations with existing systems and other evolving technologies like wearables, clubs now have the data, insights, and communications channel to engage and influence the member journey as never before.”

“It was an honor and a privilege to have the most influential leaders in our industry collaborate on such critical subject matters,” said Motionsoft’s CEO, Al Noshirvani. “These robust dialogs will help to surface extremely valuable insights that will be critical in the solution of common industry issues.”

Networking to success

The event also provided attendees with numerous networking opportunities, including a welcome reception, continental breakfasts, and a closing reception and dinner. 

The Motionsoft Technology Summit 2015 was sponsored by Netpulse, MYZONE, h2 wellness, Visual Fitness Planner, Gantner, Club-OS and Matrix. 

Learn more about the event at


A Migration Strategy For Health Clubs Using Homegrown Software

This post is sponsored by Motionsoft:

 In the early 80’s when I first got involved in the software industry, homegrown software was pretty prevalent, mainly because no suitable commercial packages were available. At the time, software companies developing business software were primarily focused on large markets and broad disciplines, like accounting or payroll. Businesses that operated in these markets, both large and small, had access to a multitude of off-the-shelf software solutions. 

However, niche markets were not well served.

The reason for this disparity was that niche segments were relatively difficult to automate since they were rule-based processes with undefined best practices. So for many niche markets, like human resources, global trade, and health club management, no commercial software was available. Therefore, anybody wanting to automate those businesses processes faced a situation where they either had to build it or contract a third-party developer to create the custom software for them. Overtime, demand for niche software solutions was met by ever-expanding software companies looking to increase revenue by moving into adjacent markets.

One exception remains to this day.

Due to unique complexity driven by an ever-evolving business model, the health and fitness industry has remained one of the last holdouts to shift from homegrown software to commercially developed off-the-shelf software solutions.

Up until recently, 10 of the top 20 organizations on Club Industry’s Top 100 Health Clubs had developed their own software to run their clubs. Many of the larger clubs decided that they had to bear this expense in order to have a solution that met their particular needs. In most cases this has worked fine, but staying competitive in a fast moving web and mobile world required these companies to continue to increase their investments in their development teams.

Read more from Motionsoft.

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IHRSA 2015 Trade Show Profile: Motionsoft

As a health and fitness software pioneer, Motionsoft's leadership in SaaS member relationship management software (MRMS) and payment services is redefining health club management while enabling fitness operators to Get, Keep & Know their members better with forward-thinking member, facility and payment management technologies. Motionsoft's customers include some of the fitness industry's preeminent health clubs as well as corporations, universities, hospitals, and hotels. 


IHRSA 2015 Trade Show Profile: Motionsoft

As a health and fitness software pioneer, Motionsoft’s leadership in SaaS member relationship management software (MRMS) and payment services is redefining health club management while enabling fitness operators to Get, Keep & Know their members better with forward-thinking member, facility and payment management technologies. Motionsoft’s customers include some of the fitness industry’s preeminent health clubs as well as corporations, universities, hospitals, and hotels.

Learn more about Motionsoft by visiting booth 1017.

Read the full Motionsoft trade show profile.

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