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Learn How IHRSA's Global Industry Research Supports Health Clubs and Fuels Industry Growth

Nathalie Smeeman, EuropeActive Executive Director with Joe Moore in Seville, Spain on October 18, 2016.Savvy business owners know they need credible information in order to make wise business decisions. That is why IHRSA has always been dedicated to conducting valuable fitness industry research in order to help health club operators, suppliers, and industry stakeholders better understand health club markets around the globe. 

Below are a few of the research projects IHRSA has initiated or supported this year and next in order to help fuel industry growth.

The European Health and Fitness Market Report

For the second consecutive year, IHRSA will lend its support to the European Health and Fitness Market Report. This in-depth report is published by EuropeActive in cooperation with Deloitte, and will be released in April 2017.

Joe Moore, IHRSA’s president and CEO, stated, “IHRSA has a long history of initiating and supporting industry research. IHRSA is happy to collaborate once again with EuropeActive and Deloitte on this important research.”

The 2017 European Health and Fitness Market Report will include profiles of the largest national markets, in-depth analyses on merger and acquisition activities, European Union policy implications and the global equipment market, and interviews with selected market experts and industry leaders.

Market Report on Spanish Health Clubs

Maria Angeles de Santiago Restoy and Mónica Garrido from MAS present the Market Report on Spanish Health Clubs in Seville.Moore noted that IHRSA also provided funding for the English language translation and design of the Market Report on Spanish Health Clubs, published in September by Management Around Sports (MAS) and sponsored by Precor. MAS's Maria Angeles de Santiago Restoy and Mónica Garrido presented the findings last month at the 16th Annual IHRSA European Congress in Seville.

IHRSA Mexican Health Club Report

Last month, IHRSA announced the completion of the first-ever IHRSA Mexican Health Club Report, sponsored by Movement. The Spanish-language edition of the report was given to attendees of the IHRSA Mecardo Fitness Mexico City Conference and Trade Show in October. The English-language edition of the report will be available in December. IHRSA will also be updating its popular IHRSA Latin American Report in March 2017.

2017 IHRSA Global Report

The IHRSA Mexican Health Club Report, sponsored by Movement.In January 2017, IHRSA will launch its annual global club operator survey for the 2017 IHRSA Global Report. The report, to be published in June 2017, details the market size and scope of the Americas, Europe, Middle East & North Africa, and Asia-Pacific markets, and highlights more than 300 leading club companies from around the world, including financial and membership information. The IHRSA Global Report is the most comprehensive publication on the global fitness business available.

Access additional research on global health club markets, club operational metrics, and consumer trends.


IHRSA Mercado Fitness 2016 in Photos

The third annual IHRSA/Mercado Fitness Mexico City Conference & Trade Show was held on October 26 and 27 in Mexico City, offering attendees 10 conferences, four seminars, and a bustling trade show. 

IHRSA staff was there, and we've compiled some of the top photos from the event.  

IHRSA Mexican Health Club Report Announcement

During the IHRSA Mercado Fitness opening address on Wednesday, Jay Ablondi, IHRSA’s executive vice president of global products, announced the forthcoming IHRSA Mexican Health Club Report—the first-ever comprehensive report that provides an overview and analysis of the health club industry in Mexico. All attendees will receive a copy of the report for free. Read our full coverage of the opening address.


The Trade Show Opens

Jose Marsico, CEO of Mercado Fitness, and others spoke before the Trade Show opened on Wednesday. 

Dr. Paul Bedford Shares Retention Strategies

Dr. Paul Bedford, the research director of Retention Guru, based in Croydon, Surrey, shared his research-based best practices for better health club member retention. One tip: split members' long-term goals into smaller goals. For each goal a member achieves, you reduce their risk of canceling each month by 10%.


Enjoying Mexico City

Attendees took the opportunity to get some fresh air between sessions in the area surrounding the World Trade Center.


Alan Leach Talks Sales and Marketing

Alan Leach, regional manager of West Wood Clubs in Ireland, gave two presentations on Thursday about sales and marketing.

"One of the reasons West Wood is so successful is I don’t follow what they do in the Irish market. A lot of the sales and marketing techniques that I use are based on proper marketing principles," he said in an interview prior to the event. "I’ve worked for companies in Mexico and [the marketing approach] is not different at the end of the day."


Lots of bright lights and high-flyers today at the IHRSA #MercadoFitness trade show.

A photo posted by IHRSA (@ihrsa) on Oct 27, 2016 at 9:51am PDT

Scenes from the Trade Show

Attendees got a chance to check out equpiment, demonstrations, and more throughout the event this week.


IHRSA Mercado Fitness Kicks Off in Mexico City

IHRSA Mercado Fitness kicked off in Mexico City today, with Jose Marsico, director of Mercado Fitness, delivering the welcome address before inviting Jay Ablondi, IHRSA’s executive vice president of global products, to the stage. 

Ablondi announced the forthcoming IHRSA Mexican Health Club Report—the first-ever comprehensive report that provides an overview and analysis of the health club industry in Mexico. 

More than 12,000 facilities generate an estimated total of US$1.8 billion in revenue to the Mexican fitness market, according to the Movement-sponsored report, which will be released next week. 

The report, which is based on a survey of 239 club operators, also found that more than four million Mexicans are members of health clubs. In all, the market penetration rate in Mexico weighs in at 3.2%, signifying potential for growth. 

“Just to put that into perspective, in the U.S. the penetration rate is 18% for membership and 20% for health club utilization—so the amount of growth potential is there,” Ablondi said. 

Health indicators also point to opportunities for growth in Mexico. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 38% of Mexicans are inactive. Additionally, a study by the Mexican government found that the number of Mexicans considered inactive had increased from 2006-2012. Health club operators are uniquely positioned to meet physical activity needs and well-being goals.

The IHRSA Mexican Health Club Market Report provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of the health club industry in Mexico. Topline statistics on number of clubs, members, and market size are included along with a macroeconomic snapshot and in-depth analysis of club benchmarks and services. Based on a survey of 239 club operators, representing 1,434 facility locations, report analysis covers topics such as membership levels and fees, revenue results and growth, and programming trends. 

All IHRSA Mercado Fitness attendees will receive a free copy of the report, which will be available in English and Spanish. If you're not at Mercado Fitnes, contact to be notified when this report is available for purchase.

To see more coverage of IHRSA Mercado Fitness, check out our Twitter and Instagram feeds.


IHRSA/Mercado Fitness: An Industry Fiesta

In just three years, the IHRSA/Mercado Fitness Mexico City Conference & Trade Show has become the preeminent industry event in Mexico, which, by any gauge, is one of the five largest markets in the Americas.

According to The IHRSA Global Report 2016, the country now has 7,826 fitness facilities, with some 2.7 million members, and annual revenues of $1.5 billion—and all of those numbers are growing.

Testifying to the sector’s vibrancy is the fact that, this year, attendance at the 3rd annual IHRSA/Mercado Fitness (I/MF) gathering, taking place October 26–27, at the World Trade Center in Mexico City, is expected to jump by 20%, topping 6,000.

Upgrades and Improvements

The increase is being driven, in part, by the numerous upgrades and improvements to the 2016 edition of I/MF.

“While the 2014 and 2015 events in Santa Fe were very successful and well-attended, this year the conference and trade show will take place in the heart of Mexico City, which will boost attendance,” says Jacqueline Antunes, IHRSA’s senior manager for Latin America.

In addition to increased accessibility, I/MF ’16 boasts a host of other enhancements, explains José Antonio Mársico, the CEO of Mercado Fitness Mexico, the program’s producer. It’s been promoted by well-known athletes and government organizations, has introduced a new web platform and app, and has fine-tuned its schedule of conferences and workshops to maximize the possibilities for attendees.

In all, it will offer some 10 conferences and four seminars that, together, will address virtually every essential, as well as some extraordinary, aspects of health club operations. And, as it has in the past, I/MF will attract operators from throughout Mexico and countries such as Argentina, Belize, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela, and the U.S.

Continue reading "IHRSA/Mercado Fitness: An Industry Fiesta."

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IHRSA/Mercado Fitness Sees Nearly 3,000 Attendees

The Nexersys booth at IHRSA/Mercado Fitness Mexico City Conference & Trade Show.The first edition of IHRSA/Mercado Fitness Mexico City Conference &Trade Show was held Oct. 21-23 in Expo Bancomer Santa Fe, Mexico City. The event brought together nearly 3,000 entrepreneurs and fitness professional from clubs all over Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America.

In its 34,400-square-foot exhibition floor, more than 50 domestic and international brands and suppliers presented its latest innovations in products and services for the sector. Moreover, in parallel, six seminars were developed and more than a dozen conferences with renowned experts from the United States, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.

Sir Richard Branson and Manel Estiarte, Pep Guardiola´s "right hand," were an added feature of the event. Furthermore, the convention served as a launching pad for the Mexican Association of Sports & Fitness Clubs, which will formally start operations in the first quarter of 2015.

"The event was a success. We received very positive feedback from both exhibitors and visitors, which demonstrates that we are on the right track. Mercado Fitness has a strong alliance with IHRSA and both brands are well respected by the industry", said José Mársico, CEO of Mercado Fitness in Mexico.

Meanwhile, Guillermo Velez, founder of Mercado Fitness, said: "The Mexican market responded even better than we expected. The quantity and quality of participants were excellent for a first time event. We made it possible for Mexico to have, after several years, a celebration that involved most major players in the industry."

To this respect, Jay Ablondi, executive vice president of Global Product IHRSA, adds: "With its positive response to this event, the Mexican market has spoken and its message is clear. Mexico has embraced world-class education and networking. IHRSA and Mercado Fitness are committed to organizing in 2015 an even better event. "

For more on the event, visit IHRSA Live.


Relive, or see for the first time, IHRSA/Mercado Fitness event

In case you missed the inaugural IHRSA/Mercado Fitness Mexico City Conference & Trade Show last week, or you were there and want to relive it, Mercado Fitness put together this video.

The event was a huge success with more than 2,000 attendees, a great trade show and educational sessions that were informative.

For more on the show, visit or view photos on Flickr


IHRSA/Mercado Fitness Event Is Underway

MLes Mills is getting ready for the trade show at the IHRSA/Mercado Fitness Mexico City event. (Mercado Fitness photo)The inaugural IHRSA/Mercado Fitness Mexico City Conference and Trade Show is off and running.

The event, taking place today through Oct. 23 in Mexico City, will feature workshops, sessions, a trade show and more. There is even a special VIP event with Sir Richard Branson.

Ex-officio chairman of the IHRSA Board of Directors Brent Darden and current member Molly Kemmer will both be speaking. Darden's topic is “Leadership, Commitment, and the Customer Experience,” and Kemmer will discuss “Retention, Relationships, and Revenue.”

“I’m sure that IHRSA/Mercado Fitness Mexico will enable attendees to ascertain their market potential, conduct research and evaluate their competition, develop commercial structures, identify new agents and distributors, and initiate joint ventures and project partnerships,” she wrote.

“It also will help them with marketing, promotions, publicity, and sales; administrative and operating practices; training and professional development; legal matters; and creating an IT infrastructure. It may also bring investors to our country,” said Carmen Gómez Alcalá, co-founder and CEO of Club C+ in Mexico City, in a Letter to the Editor in CBI magazine.

For more, visit or read the CBI story.


Mexico City getting ready for first IHRSA/Mercado Fitness event

Guillermo Velez of Mercado Fitness is interviewed“For years, club operators and industry suppliers have been asking us to do an event in Mexico,” notes Jacqueline Antunes, IHRSA’s senior manager for Latin America. “Mexico is the fourth largest market in the world, with 7,826 clubs and 2.7 million members, but only 2.2% of the population belongs to a club; there’s still a lot of room to grow.

“This event will facilitate, serve as a catalyst, for future growth.”

The event that Antunes is referring to is the first-ever IHRSA/Mercado Fitness Mexico City Conference and Trade Show, which will take place this month, Oct. 21–23, at the Expo Bancomer Santa Fe Convention Center, in Mexico City.

The meeting, co-hosted by Mercado Fitness, an industry publishing and events firm with offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Mexico City, is expected to attract more than 5,000 participants, and will feature the wares of more than 60 industry suppliers.

Read on to learn more about IHRSA/Mercado Fitness Mexico City Conference and Trade Show.

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First-ever Latin America Report available during IHRSA Store sale

The IHRSA Latin American Report—available in English, Spanish and Portuguese—is the most comprehensive examination of key Latin American health club markets available anywhere. Sponsored by Hoist Fitness, this research publication was produced in collaboration with Mercado Fitness (Argentina) and supported by Fitness Brasil.

According to the new publication, the health club industry in Latin America is robust. The fifteen Latin American markets analyzed in the report generate $5.6 billion in revenue from more than 46,000 clubs. Nearly 15 million Latin Americans are members of a health club. Brazil, alone, accounts for more than half of the health clubs in Latin America with 23,398 clubs. Argentina has the highest penetration rate among all Latin American markets as 5.7% of Argentineans belong to a health club.

"The report provides insight into a region where credible data is scant or non-existent," says Jay Ablondi, IHRSA's executive vice president of global products. "Credit goes to Mercado Fitness, Hoist Fitness, IHRSA's many strategic partners throughout Latin America, and, of course, the innovative club leaders who were interviewed, for making this groundbreaking publication an indispensable resource for owners, investors, fitness industry suppliers and the media."

Pick up the IHRSA Latin American Report during the IHRSA Store Spring Sale, which runs through June 30, 2014. Enter the promo code SPRING2014FS at checkout and save 15% when you spend $50. You will also receive free shipping to the continental United States. Visit to search for many more items available.

Learn more on


Nearly 4,000 at Mercado Fitness Conference & Expo

Photo courtesy of Mercado Fitness A Mercado Fitness Conference & Expo attendee checks out the Precor booth.The 10th Mercado Fitness Conference & Expo, the largest gathering of business training and industry of sports clubs and gyms in Argentina, on April 25-26 at Costa Salguero in Buenos Aires.

Sixty industry suppliers presented their latest developments in equipment and services for gyms, sports clubs, swimming pools, Pilates studios, spas, rehabilitation centers and CrossFit to the 3,891 in attendance.

Lectures and seminars were presented, including Dr. Alberto Cormillot and functional training guru Juan Carlos Santana. Also, with the coordination of Cristina Barcala, Acquademy, the second international day management of pools was performed.

This year, attendees also had the opportunity to participate in the launch of new training programs in Test Training Sessions, a tour of Buenos Aires gyms, business advice at free clinics with leading professionals and be part of a forum and a panel aimed at personal trainers .

Photo courtesy of Mercado Fitness The Mercado Fitness Conference & Expo had many quality speakers, including Mark Williamson."We are very pleased with the results. In the current situation, it was hard work and a lot of the difficulties we had to cross . We appreciate the support of each of the exhibitors and will continue working for more,"said Silvina Maceratesi , Director of Fitness Market.