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Clubs switch gears with staff during summer

Summer is one of those times during the year that there is a need to change staffing. In some areas of the world the summer sees an influx of members, club visits and events and happenings at a club. Other places around the globe see a slowdown due to alternative options outside during nice weather.

With changes in needs it is important for a club to think ahead so they aren’t caught off-guard. Last-minute decisions can result in some areas seeing responsibilities slip through the cracks—lack of coverage, confusion on new schedules and messy areas among them—all due to poor planning.

For the most part, unless the heat is oppressive and a place with air conditioning is the best place to burn off calories and get the endorphins going, a health club slows down from June through September.

Read on to see how some health clubs rearrange staff during slower times.


Healthtrax Fitness & Wellness trainer helps member lose 100 pounds

Annette Bruce and her trainer, Henri.Healthtrax Fitness & Wellness in West Springfield, Mass., has shown one member what a gym and personal trainer can do.

Annette Bruce had been going to the club to use the pool, but when she hooked up with personal trainer Henri she became focused on getting in better shape and not having to rely on her cane.

The end result is a healthier, and lighter, Annette. How about 100 pounds less than when she started!

“Everybody is motivating me and pushing me, showing so much love and concern," said Bruce, in a local TV interview. "I come here all the time and they wonder why. I can’t help but come here all the time because of all the love.” 

See more in the WGGB story and video.


Free $25K windfall brings variety of ways to use it

It is every business owner’s dream – a big chunk of change pretty much falls from the sky. The only caveat is it has to be used for the place of business.

Seems very unlikely, of course, but it certainly is fun to think about. Plus, with the options wide open, it also may tell you a little something about yourself.

Since the money can be used in a few different areas – necessities that you would have put money toward anyway, extras you’ve always wanted but never could squeeze it in a line item in the capital improvements budget, professional development, building up-keep and add-ons, and advertising/marketing, to name a few.

Interestingly, we posed this question – free $25,000 to be used in the club - to member clubs and got answers that touched on different areas the respondents would designate the windfall.

What do you think the answers were? Read on to see.