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Identify Your Health Club’s Ideal Client to Maximize Marketing Power

The following post was written Lindsey Morando, cofounder of Get It Done Gals, for our Best Practices series.

Question: Many club operators feel as though they’re marketing everywhere, but not getting anywhere. How can I avoid this?

Lindsey Morando: When it comes to marketing, it’s all about visibility, and there are endless ways to make your business more visible.

It all starts, however, with your business’ “why.”

What’s your mission, your passion, your story? 
Facts tell, but stories sell.
Think about the ways you can share your story with the members of your community that will engage them and evoke emotions. You have to be honest, and open, and transparent.

There’s a reason why social media has changed recently. Facebook Live is incredibly popular right now, because people want more realness and authenticity, rather than perfectly edited and scripted videos.

It’s equally important that you identify your ideal client (IC) and get inside their mind: decide whom you should be catering to and market to them.

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Follow These 6 Steps to Create a Community Marketing Plan for Your Gym

What’s the one of the best ways to get consumers to know, like, and trust your fitness business?

Community marketing.

By sending ambassadors into your community, participating in local events, and otherwise engaging with community members, you will build your brand at a faster rate than simply marketing online. 

Of course, online marketing and community marketing go hand-in-hand. 

“The reason why I am a firm believer in the balance between community and online marketing is because community marketing works a lot faster than online marketing,” says Lindsey Morando, co-founder of business coaching firm Get It Done Gals. “Your online marketing is like your home—once you’ve developed relationships in the community you can invite people back to check out your website and social media.”

Morando will share more of her community marketing secrets in her Thursday, December 8 webinar, “Transform Your Business & Marketing in 30 Days.”

If you want to transform your business using community marketing and don’t know where to start, follow these six steps:

1. Write down all of your ideas. (Yes, all of them.)

“A lot of people have so many ideas but they don’t have that marketing plan in place. First, I tell everyone to 'brain dump' everything on their mind—everything they want to do marketing-wise—on one sheet of paper. Get all your ideas out there.” 

2. Identify ideas that will generate revenue.

Next, Morando suggests honing in on a few key ideas that will move your business forward.

“Ultimately in order for the fitness facility to remain open, you have to bring money in the door,” she says. “Look for opportunity for income-generating activities.”

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