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Many different ways to recognize top employees

There are numerous acts from management that can do wonders for an employee. And it doesn't always have to involve monetary gestures.

Recognizing hard-working and top employees is a great way yo keep them happy, keep them on staff, and to show other workers who may not be pulling their weight that management notices the extra effort.

Q: What is one thing you do in order to reward and retain your best employees?

 A: This is something fun that employees look forward to. At each monthly staff meeting, I acknowledge two or three employees who have gone above and beyond. I present them with a gift that relates to something they enjoy. (I get to know each staff member from the start, which helps create a comfortable work environment and helps me understand what types of rewards to use.) In addition, I try to catch employees doing things right and acknowledge it on the spot. It can be praise in front of other staff members or club members, or I may slip them a note acknowledging them for what they did. This can really get a staff member fired up, especially because they don’t even realize anyone noticed!

Lana Carson
Omni Fitness Club
Muskegon, Michigan


Our leadership team is committed to listening to our entire staff, as well as creating an atmosphere where our employees are empowered to connect with our members and establish a healthy familiarity with them. We encourage our employees to take full advantage of all of our facilities and programs, so they can feel a sense of ownership and act as ambassadors of the club’s philosophy, both inside and outside of the facility. After being open for 19 months, I am proud to have retained over 80% of our original employees. In challenging economic times, it is vital to retain employees that truly believe in our message, as they are essential ingredients in our recipe for success.

J Madden
Managing Partner
Pura Vida Fitness & Spa
Denver, Colorado

A: Employees are encouraged to identify and hone their strengths and they are mentored in their journey by in-house and external learning, development from training, job projects and assignments, regular team meetings, coaching and constructive feedback. This “developing people” practice has been reward enough for employees who use our company as a vehicle for their professional growth. Recognition has been given to each new stage of growth, verbally one-on-one, verbally in team meetings, by written card and by gifts. Bonuses in the form of cash payments were tried, but proved less effective than the standard practice every Christmas of the personal hand-written letter from me to every staff member acknowledging all the ways in which they had benefitted the business.

Victoria Gill
Managing Director
Green Apple Wellness Centre
Brisbane, Australia