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CBI: How to Use Push Notifications to Pull in More Business

Smartphones have become ubiquitous around the globe, enabling savvy health club owners to promote their business in the palms of consumers’ hands using push notifications.

Push Notification Basics

Push notifications refers to any message or alert that’s sent to a smartphone or tablet user via an app or a text message, the most common form of notification. When the phone is turned on or taken out of sleep mode, a small, red, numerical “badge” will appear, which signals there are unopened text messages. Most phones also have a feature that presents the sender’s name or phone number, and a portion of the text message, on the face of the phone.

Another common function is an alert that notifies users of an appointment or event. A smartphone’s calendar creates a “pop-up reminder” that remains on the screen until the user acknowledges receipt. Apps have these same features.

When to Send

The two questions that operators ask most frequently are, “How often should I send out notifications so members don’t opt out of them?” and, “At what time of day should I send them?”

App developers such as the San Francisco–based Netpulse suggest that two to three notifications per week represent the tipping point at which you’ll begin to get opt-outs, but the operators CBI interviewed for this article are taking a much more cautious approach. Except in unusual circumstances, none of them are sending more than one notification per week.

Kim Kenyon, the managing partner of Gold’s Gym in Dutchess County, NY, which operates two clubs north of New York City, uses her app to deliver various and sundry messages to her members.

“Notifications about snow days, new classes, new trainers, and open houses are the most common type of messages, and we’ve had no complaints,” she said. “In fact, with all the weather issues we had last year in the Northeast, our members appreciated any updates about club hours or conditions that impacted their usage.”

For more push notification strategies, including demographic targeting, personalization, and driving app usage, read the full “Engage, Don’t Enrage” article in the December issue of CBI


Reward programs gaining popularity in fitness industry

For years, many companies have offered loyalty programs to their customers - think of American Express, for example - to prompt continued purchases. Health clubs aren’t any different.

“As club owners and consultants, we’ve always asked, ‘What can we offer besides a T-shirt and hat to our guests to show our appreciation for their business?’” observes Maria Parrella-Turco, COO of New Paradigm Partners, an industry consultancy based in Princeton, N.J.

In response, New Paradigm developed fitRewards, a program specifically designed for clubs that awards points to members that they can redeem for in-club products or items from a catalogue, such as cameras, tablets, jewelry, sports watches and sporting goods.

Read on for more on reward programs in health and fitness clubs.

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Three awards to be given out at IHRSA 2014

Radka Dopitova Wilson is presented with the Julie Main Woman Leader Scholarship by Bill McBride last year.One of the great parts of the IHRSA Annual International Convention & Trade Show is having the award winners’ colleagues and peers witness first-hand their accomplishments.

IHRSA ensures that the maximum number of attendees get to see the amazing efforts, triumphs and good deeds by bringing the honorees on stage prior to the general sessions speakers, which always has a packed room.

In three weeks in San Diego it will be the same when the health and fitness world is together to see this year’s winners: ABC Financial, the Associate Member of the Year; Patsy McLean, Julie Main Woman Leader Scholarship; and Gold’s Gym Dutchess County, Outstanding Community Service Award.

Read on for more on each IHRSA 2014 recipient.


How are you different from the competition?

ddpavumba image at FreeDigitalPhotos.neBeing different can end with either a good or bad result.

It really depends on who is judging you and how they feel about someone or something that isn’t the norm.

It may not work during a job interview or when meeting your significant other’s parents, but in business an original concept, or even as simple as one that works for the consumer but isn’t easily accessible elsewhere, can be gold.

At the NEHRSA/IHRSA Fall Conference & Trade Show earlier this month one of the first three concurrent sessions brought 50 years of fitness industry experience together for the subject of how to set your club apart from neighboring clubs.

Read on for the entire story.


Kenyon tabbed for Gold's Gym Franchisee Association board

The Gold's Gym Franchisee Association has appointed Kim Kenyon to its executive board.

Kenyon is the owner of three locations in the Hudson Valley in upstate New York, where she manages the day-to-day operations and oversees the marketing. 

The GGFA has a seven-member board of directors that is elected by the members. It represents franchisees during decisions that could affect their brand and business.

She also serves on the Gold’s Gym Advertising Advisory Committee.

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