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Photos from European Congress Day 2

The 14th Annual IHRSA European Congress continued on Friday at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam.

Among the highlights were the keynote by Jonas Kjellberg, the European Club Leadership Award presented to Olav Thorstad and many thought-provoking educational sessions.

Check out the above slideshow. And for all of the photos, visit the IHRSA Flickr page at


Kjellberg Encourages Congress Attendees to Find Their 'Delight'

Jonas Kjellberg exhorted club professionals to find their “delight”  - what it is that makes their clubs stand apart from the rest - today at the 14th Annual European Congress in Amsterdam.

Efficiency and functionality are expected of any company, Kjellberg noted.

“That won’t help you increase sales, though,” he said. “Delight will. Companies focus on the first two because they can control them. Figuring out what delights people is more difficult.”

If you want to focus on efficiency and functionality alone, then you have to be exceptionally strong in sales. You have to increase the number of contacts you make with prospects because it takes 100 contacts to make one sale.

Kjellberg acknowledged that finding your company’s delight is not easy. For example, it took the founder of H&M 10 years to discover that the company’s delight is that it is a fashion company, not a discount clothing company. H&M uses high fashion models and has stores in all the major cities, but sells clothing at a fraction of the price of high fashion stores.

Like H&M, you will become a game changer in your industry if you can find your delight. And when you do, your customers will tell your story and essentially become your sales force.


Kjellberg is Geared Up for European Congress Keynote

CBI's First Person for October talks to Jonas Kjellberg, the second of two keynote speakers for the 14th Annual IHRSA European Congress. The 42-year-old entrepreneur co-founded Skype, which was purchased by eBay, and Player.10, which was acquired by Yahoo.

Read on to see his answers to questions about Skype, his book Gear Up, and, of course, his talk “Entrepreneurship and Creating a Winning Sales Culture."

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Skype creator, financial guru are European Congress general session speakers

The general sessions speakers for the 14th Annual IHRSA European Congress have just been announced: Jonas Kjellberg, one of the creators of Skype, and Annemarie van Gaal, a financial columnist in The Netherlands.

Kjellberg, whose session is sponsored by Technogym, will speak Friday, Oct. 17, 9:30 a.m. He is the co-author of the book "Gear Up." His topic is, "Entrepreneurship & Creating a Winning Sales Culture."

van Gaal, a featured columnist for Financieel Dagblad in The Netherlands, is a popular lecturer at Stanford University and Stockholm School of Economics where she teaches about entrepreneurship and how to create a winning sales culture. Her general session is Saturday, Oct. 18, 4:30 p.m., and is entitled, "Doing Unconventional Business."

The European Congress is Oct. 16-19 at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. Visit for more information.