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Lifetime achievement award for John McCarthy, one of IHRSA's founders

John McCarthy, one of the founders of IHRSA, will be honored for his many decades of commitment and vision in the fitness industry when he is awarded with the Club Industry Lifetime Achievement Award.

McCarthy was one of a group of individuals that contributed to the launching of IHRSA in 1981. A former tennis club owner and director of the New England Indoor Tennis Association, McCarthy was named the first executive director of IHRSA and served that position until 2006.

"John is the perfect recipient for the award," sad Joe Moore, IHRSA president and CEO. "His dedication to IHRSA and the Industry is legendary, and his leadership of the BASH for Augie's Quest has led to unprecedented research about ALS. This is a well deserved honor."

IHRSA has named one of its most prestigious awards after McCarthy, the John McCarthy Industry Visionary Award. The award is given to an individual or company who has made an unprecedented or unique contribution to the advancement of the club industry as a whole. The most recent recipient was Alberto Perlman, CEO of Zumba Fitness, who was presented the award at IHRSA's Annual International Convention & Trade Show in 2013.

McCarthy will be honored at the Club Industry Show in October.


Moore: participation in Industry Data Survey benefits everyone

A study is only as good as the participants. The more people that take part, and the more accurate their information is, the better the metrics that come out of it.

That is why it is imperative that as many health club operators take part in IHRSA's annual Industry Data Survey. The results are used, among other places, in Profiles of Success, the comprehensive IHRSA publication.

IDS collects information like revenue growth, member retention, club reinvestment, earning before taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) and much more. The metrics culled from the survey can assist club owners on business decisions down the road.

The deadline to participate has been extended until May 23.

Read IHRSA President and CEO Joe Moore's editorial in CBI for more on IDS.



Health club visits pass 5 billion mark

Health club visits topped 5 billion in 2013, the first time the milestone has been eclipsed.

IHRSA conducted a study, as part of the Physical Activity Council, that showed 62.1 million Americans used a club (52.9 were members of a club), good for 1 in every 5 Americans.

“There is no question that surpassing five billion health club visits is impressive,” said Joe Moore, IHRSA president and CEO. “It’s proof-positive that every day the health club industry plays an integral role in helping millions of people achieve their health and wellness goals.”  

In June, IHRSA will release the 2014 IHRSA Global Report, which will shed light on worldwide industry performance.

For more on the Physical Activity Council and the 5 billon visits, visit the IHRSA Media Center.


More on IHRSA's inaugural convention in Mexico

Updating a blog post from earlier this week, we have a complete press release on the inaugural IHRSA Mercado Fitness Mexico City Conference and Trade Show.

The event will be held in Santa Fe, Mexico, Oct. 22-23, 2014.

“As the second largest market in Latin America, the time is right to launch an industry-wide educational and networking event in Mexico,” said Joe Moore, IHRSA president and CEO. "The inaugural IHRSA Mercado Fitness Mexico City Conference and Trade Show, presented in conjunction with the World of Business Ideas (WOBI) Forum in Santa Fe is the ideal venue to bring our vibrant industry together. "

Check out the entire press release in the IHRSA Media Center.


Trade show is the place to be for equipment, and more

Where else can you feel like the Running of the Bulls, more than 300 Five-Minute Dating prospects, and a marathlon all in two days? And, no, it is not a new reality show. 

It is the trade show at IHRSA 2014 33rd Annual International Convention & Trade Show, which will be from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., March 13-14. The entire Convention & Trade event runs March 12-15.

The IHRSA Trade Show is the biggest and best in the health and fitness industry. For two days in the San Diego Convention Center, Halls A-F, mega-companies like Technogym, Matrix, Cybex and Life Fitness will share the attention from more than 7,000 attendees (7,450 in 2013) with newbies DIetBetter, Da Vinci BodyBoard, Paofit Technology and StrongBoard as well as those somewhere in the middle, like Woodway USA, ABC Financial, Iron Grip and Spri.

“IHRSA 2014 is going to be a spectacular event! The trade show is where the industry goes to look for competitive advantages in products and services,” said Joe Moore, CEO and president of IHRSA. “Many companies plan to unveil new innovations that promise to elevate the entire industry. I look forward to seeing everyone there.”

Read on for more on the 2014 Trade Show.


Members' opinions sought on IHRSA benefits

For IHRSA member clubs: this was sent out by Joe Moore, IHRSA CEO and president:

IHRSA is committed to providing you with comprehensive membership benefits that will help your business thrive. To be certain these benefits and services meet your needs, and that you receive as much value as possible from your membership, I ask that you take a few minutes to answer 9 important questions.

We truly are curious and want to hear from you. Since your time is valuable, we only ask you to complete this survey every other year. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for you to provide us with much needed feedback.

If you are a US based IHRSA member club operator, you should have received an email yesterday (Monday, 1/27) from Joe Moore, subject line "We're Curious". If you didn't receive the email, please contact Nicole Johnson, or call 800-228-4772 so she can get your e-mail and send you the survey link. 

Thank you in advance for taking the time to help us improve.


ABC Financial named 2014 Associate Member of the Year

ABC Financial is always very visible around the IHRSA International Convention & Trade Show, with a booth at the trade show, sponsorships and many attendees seen around the site with their company shirts.

The visibility will be increased in March in San Diego as the longtime IHRSA member will be honored as the 2014 Associate Member of the Year. It will be recognized prior to a general session speaker during the March 12-15 event.

ABC Financial has had decades of outstanding achievements, innovations and support of the health and fitness industry. It's continued investment in leading-edge technology, marketing programs and software solutions, and well as unwavering support of IHRSA and its members, was noted as some of the many reasons for the award.

“We are happy to honor our good friends at ABC Financial for their long-standing support of IHRSA, and for the important work they do every day to help club owners better understand their members and improve their businesses,” said Joe Moore, IHRSA president and CEO.

For more on the announcement, visit the IHRSA Media Center. Click here for more on IHRSA Awards.


HOIST accepts Associate Member of the Year Award

HOIST Fitness System's Billy Kim, left, accepts the Associate Member of the Year Award from IHRSA CEO and President Joe Moore.HOIST Fitness Systems, an IHRSA member for 21 years, was selected for the 2013 Associate Member of the Year Award for its decades of outstanding achievements, innovations and support of the global health and fitness industry, as well as its unwavering support of IHRSA.

Prior to Bert Jacobs' general session talk on Tuesday, March 19, at 11:30 a.m., IHRSA CEO and President Joe Moore presented the award to Billy Kim.

For more on HOIST and the other awards being presented this week, visit the IHRSA Media Center.




Athletic Business Conference in New Orleans continues

IHRSA staff and members took some time from the Athletic Business Conference in New Orleans to catch up, and pose for a photo.




Nuggets from IHRSA 2012

By Patricia Amend

As I write this, it’s late afternoon on Friday, March 16, and I’m sitting in the food court, taking a breather, at the IHRSA 2012 Convention and Trade Show, which has been going on since Wednesday of this week at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Right now, if you were to walk through the massive exhibit hall nearby, you’d see dozens of youthful, well-muscled, amazingly fit individuals wearing bright, body-hugging fitness apparel as they demonstrate a wide range of programs and products, from Spinning to Zumba to Kangoo Jumps. Hundreds of exhibitors, many of whom are new to the event this year, are presenting their newest, smartest and most innovative products to the world for the very first time (the convention truly is a global event).

Kangoo JumpsThe two-day trade show will wind down in about an hour, and it will still be wonderfully busy, hectic, and crowded, right up until the doors close at 6 p.m. Dozens of deals are being closed at this moment…And while the hard numbers won’t be in for days, this year’s show promises to be the best since 2008.

It’s truly been a pleasure to experience the show, and relish the robustness of the fitness industry, which has not only prevailed, but actually grown stronger over the last few years. As Joe Moore, IHRSA’s president and CEO remarked when he spoke on the state of the industry: “The future looks bright. According to IBIS World, the industry will see about 3% growth over the next few years. We’re remarkably recession-resistant.”

As for the keynote speakers and the nearly 150 sessions, workshops, and seminars—they’re among the best that I’ve experienced in more than 20 years of working with IHRSA. I know that I’ll walk away from this show feeling recharged, renewed, inspired, and happy, and I imagine that many of the 10,000-plus attendees will feel the same when they board their flights for home.

Here are just a few miscellaneous nuggets of wisdom—among the many that I’ve mined over the last three days:

• Art Curtis, the chairperson of IHRSA’s board of directors: “How many people in this room have a weight-loss program? IHRSA’s dedicated health-promotion programs can help you get a weight-loss program started.”

• Bonnie Patrick Mattalian, the vice president of MediFit: “Have a joining fee sale only twice a year; Nordstrom’s does a major sale twice a year.”

Simon Sinek• Simon Sinek, keynote speaker: “People buy why you do what you do. And that comes from what you believe.”

• Guy Kawasaki, keynote speaker: “Enchant people with the story of why you opened your club.”

Guy Kawasaki

                                                            I know that I’m planning to get my hands on the mp3 recordings of my favorite sessions, and you may want to do the same. You can also look for coverage of the show right now at, and in the May and June issues of CBI.

And we can all look forward to IHRSA’s 32nd Annual International Convention and Trade Show, to be held March 19-22, 2013, in Las Vegas.

- Patricia Amend is the executive editor of CBI and can be contacted at