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IHRSA 2017 Day 2 in Photos (and Videos)

Exercise Classes

Hats off to the motivated attendees who worked out in one of the early morning exercise programs! Today’s classes included STOTT PILATES Matwork Interval Training, Suples Fit Circuit, and #poweryour Functional Training Workout.


TRX Wins Associate Member of the Year

TRX, a leading producer of functional training programs, education, and equipment for the industry was selected as the 2017 Associate Member of the Year Award.

"We're thrilled to be selected as IHRSA's Associate Member of the Year. This will be one of the great highlights of 2017 for TRX. Since my first 10'x10' booth in 2005 through today, IHRSA has played a pivotal role in our history and success as a company," said Randy Hetrick, founder and CEO of TRX.


#IHRSA2017 attendees want Congress to #PassPHIT

A post shared by IHRSA (@ihrsa) on Mar 9, 2017 at 9:34am PST

Joe Moore Urges Congress to #PassPHIT

“If exercise was a pill everybody would take it, right?” asked IHRSA President and CEO Joe Moore at Thursday's keynote address, which was streamed on Facebook Live. “If we could pass PHIT—if exercise was tax-deductible—just about everybody would be exercising more, and that’s what we want.”


Martin Lindstrom Touts Small Data

Martin Lindstrom, author, change agent, and brand futurist from Denmark, told attendees that small data defines the future during his keynote presentation, sponsored by Technogym.


If you haven't been to the Trade Show are you even at #IHRSA2017? 🤔

A post shared by IHRSA (@ihrsa) on Mar 9, 2017 at 2:08pm PST

The Trade Show Opens

There's never a dull moment on the Trade Show floor! Here's just a small sampling of the latest and greatest from more than 370 exhibitors.



Thanks to all of those who spoke at IGNITE!, a 75-minute event where a succession of speakers each presented for five minutes, sharing their personal and professional insights on a host of wide-ranging topics that can be informative, innovative, humorous, or just plain fun. Above, Matt Wright, senior director of fitness for Healthtrax Fitness & Wellness, presents "Mean Tweets: Fitness Industry Edition."


IHRSA Live Behind-the-Scenes

The IHRSA Live team hard at work interviewing CEOs and other industry leaders in our studio in the LA Convention Center lobby.


IHRSA 2017 Keynote Broadcast on Facebook Live

IHRSA broadcast today’s IHRSA 2017 keynote presentation on Facebook Live because we had a very important message to get out—#PassPHIT. 

“If exercise was a pill everybody would take it, right?” asked IHRSA President and CEO Joe Moore. “If we could pass PHIT—if exercise was tax-deductible—just about everybody would be exercising more, and that’s what we want.”

The PHIT Act, which stands for Personal Health Investment Today, would expand the definition of a medical expense to include physical activity and allow consumers to use pre-tax accounts like Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Savings Accounts (FSA) to pay for qualified fitness expenses. Currently, the IRS code only allows these accounts to be used for medical expenses.

#IHRSA2017 attendees want Congress to #PassPHIT

A post shared by IHRSA (@ihrsa) on Mar 9, 2017 at 9:34am PST

PHIT was introduced in Congress on March 1 and is the fitness industry's top legislative priority. To help keep the momentum going, Moore and the IHRSA Board asked the packed keynote crowd to hold up #PassPHIT panels and yell loud enough for Congress to hear. Attendees were also urged to ask Congress to pass PHIT.

To help you explain how the PHIT Act will benefit your community, and America's Health, IHRSA has created the following #PassPHIT resources for download:

After Moore’s #PassPHIT message, Martin Lindstrom, author, change agent, and brand futurist, took the stage for his keynote presentation, sponsored by Technogym. Lindstrom spoke about the importance of small data and shared some consumer insights that club owners can use to benefit their businesses.

“In the future there will be both big and small data,” he said. “The way to stand out from the crowd is to be the best at picking up those seemingly insignificant observations.” 

Watch Moore’s speech about PHIT and Lindstrom’s keynote address on Facebook.


Learn How IHRSA's Global Industry Research Supports Health Clubs and Fuels Industry Growth

Nathalie Smeeman, EuropeActive Executive Director with Joe Moore in Seville, Spain on October 18, 2016.Savvy business owners know they need credible information in order to make wise business decisions. That is why IHRSA has always been dedicated to conducting valuable fitness industry research in order to help health club operators, suppliers, and industry stakeholders better understand health club markets around the globe. 

Below are a few of the research projects IHRSA has initiated or supported this year and next in order to help fuel industry growth.

The European Health and Fitness Market Report

For the second consecutive year, IHRSA will lend its support to the European Health and Fitness Market Report. This in-depth report is published by EuropeActive in cooperation with Deloitte, and will be released in April 2017.

Joe Moore, IHRSA’s president and CEO, stated, “IHRSA has a long history of initiating and supporting industry research. IHRSA is happy to collaborate once again with EuropeActive and Deloitte on this important research.”

The 2017 European Health and Fitness Market Report will include profiles of the largest national markets, in-depth analyses on merger and acquisition activities, European Union policy implications and the global equipment market, and interviews with selected market experts and industry leaders.

Market Report on Spanish Health Clubs

Maria Angeles de Santiago Restoy and Mónica Garrido from MAS present the Market Report on Spanish Health Clubs in Seville.Moore noted that IHRSA also provided funding for the English language translation and design of the Market Report on Spanish Health Clubs, published in September by Management Around Sports (MAS) and sponsored by Precor. MAS's Maria Angeles de Santiago Restoy and Mónica Garrido presented the findings last month at the 16th Annual IHRSA European Congress in Seville.

IHRSA Mexican Health Club Report

Last month, IHRSA announced the completion of the first-ever IHRSA Mexican Health Club Report, sponsored by Movement. The Spanish-language edition of the report was given to attendees of the IHRSA Mecardo Fitness Mexico City Conference and Trade Show in October. The English-language edition of the report will be available in December. IHRSA will also be updating its popular IHRSA Latin American Report in March 2017.

2017 IHRSA Global Report

The IHRSA Mexican Health Club Report, sponsored by Movement.In January 2017, IHRSA will launch its annual global club operator survey for the 2017 IHRSA Global Report. The report, to be published in June 2017, details the market size and scope of the Americas, Europe, Middle East & North Africa, and Asia-Pacific markets, and highlights more than 300 leading club companies from around the world, including financial and membership information. The IHRSA Global Report is the most comprehensive publication on the global fitness business available.

Access additional research on global health club markets, club operational metrics, and consumer trends.


The 2016 IHRSA Institute in Photos

On August 2-5, nearly 100 health club professionals descended on the picturesque University of North Carolina campus for the IHRSA Institute, Executive Education for Club Professionals, sponsored by Core Health & Fitness, MINDBODY, NASM, and SPRI.

Over the course of the week, attendees sat in on high-level sessions on topics from sales to finance, networked during meals and cocktail hours, and shared experiences and strategies during roundtable discussions. And some even got their sweat on during daily early-morning workouts.

If you haven't been, it's difficult to explain just how engaging an event the Institute is. So we figured—rather than tell you—we'll show you.

Opening Keynote Address on Visionary Leadership

Over time, organizations naturally focus on efficiency—delivering on objectives—and start driving out flexibility and, as a result, miss opportunities for innovation, Christopher Bingham, Ph.D., professor of strategy and entrepreneurship for the Kenan-Flagler Business School at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, said during the opening keynote address.

Scholarship Recipients Recognized

This year’s IHRSA Institute scholarship recipients, Azeza Tessereau, general manager at Wellbridge Athletic Club and Spa located in Town and Country, MO, and Brent Gallagher, owner of Avenu Fitness & Lifestyle located in Houston, TX, were recognized on the first night.

Attendees Got Hands-on During a Keynote Activity

Christopher Bingham asked keynote attendees to team up to try to build note card towers for an exercise that demonstrated the power of experimentation.


Networking Galore!

Between networking events, roundtable discussions, and group meals, attendees had countless opportunities to make professional contacts (and some new friends, too).

Learning at High-level Sessions

More than a dozen sessions were offered, on topics like strategic planning, marketing and sales, finance, legal issues, revenue, and more.


Dining at DuBose Hall

Meals, which were included in the event package, were held at UNC's historic DuBose Hall.


The #IHRSAInstitute logo swap is underway!

A photo posted by IHRSA (@ihrsa) on Aug 4, 2016 at 3:48pm PDT

The Famous IHRSA Institute Logo Swap

Each year, attendees bring their company's swag to exchange with others. This year's logo swap was one of the best yet!


The Traditional Group Photo

Not a bad-looking group, if we do say so ourselves. 


Congratulations to the Class of 2016!

Because the IHRSA Institute wouldn't be complete without a graduation ceremony.

And Before You Go...

Just a few more of our favorite photos from this year. Thanks to all those who attended! We hope to see you—and some new faces—at the 2017 IHRSA Institute. 


Are You Taking Full Advantage of These 14 IHRSA Resources?

Each year, when new members join our board of directors, one of them, invariably, will remark, “I had no idea IHRSA offered so much!” Followed by a question: “How can we make sure everyone knows about it?”

Truth is, most club operators are too busy to keep track of all the products and services that IHRSA provides. They’re too busy, that is, until a need arises. Then, when some critical tool or some key bit of information is required, they instinctively turn to IHRSA.

It’s important that our members know about the wealth of resources that are available to them. To help familiarize you with the extensive offerings, the IHRSA team recently compiled a list.

Let’s take a look at a few:

Education & Networking




  • Industry growth—IHRSA helps grow the industry by influencing legislation, supporting policies, and providing resources that encourage people to be more active and join a health club
  • Industry protection—IHRSA protects the industry from regulations and taxes contained in proposed legislation that would increase the costs and difficulty of operating a club successfully
  • Industry promotion—IHRSA promotes the industry by working with the media, government agencies, and leading health organizations to position clubs as an important remedy for the global inactivity epidemic

This Week in the Fitness Industry: The Most ‘Instagrammable’ Fitness Studios

Shape Ranks Most ‘Instagrammable’ Fitness Studios in U.S.
Like it or not, social media is having an increasing effect on the fitness industry. Last week, we reported on the impact of social media on the growing popularity of inversion yoga poses. This week, a article ranked the most “Instagrammable” fitness studios in the U.S., which indicates the degree to which photo-centric social sharing may be affecting health club décor and design. “In the age of Instagram, studios are outfitting their spaces with must-'gram decor like neon-lit mantras, graffiti walls, and personalized equipment,” the article states. “It sets their space apart, and send our motivation through the roof. Not only will we get a good sweat, but we'll get to do it in a place that looks as good as we'll feel.” Among the top-ranked: 305 Fitness, a dance studio in New York City; Air, an aerial yoga boutique in L.A; and EverybodyFights, a boxing club in Boston.

IHRSA President and CEO Signs UFIT Marseilles Declaration

Dr. Oliver Murphy and IHRSA President and CEO Joe Moore signing UFIT Marseille Declaration in Washington D.C. on Tuesday. The declaration represents a commitment to inclusion by and for the fitness sector, in full alignment with UNESCO’s International Charter of Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport, and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Consumers Are Purchasing More Fitness Bands and Smartwatches
In the first quarter of the year, the shipments of wearables increased by 67% over the first quarter of last year, according to research firm IDC, CNET reports. Researchers suggested this growth was influenced by new strategies brands implemented to capture wearable customers, including exhibiting at tech shows and cutting prices following the holidays. Additionally, while fitness trackers such as Fitbit and Garmin continue to outsell smartwatches, smartwatches are beginning to catch up in terms of market share without eating into the sales of fitness bands. "It's shortsighted to think that basic wearables and smartwatches are in competition with each other," Jitesh Ubrani, senior research analyst for IDC's Mobile Device Trackers, said in a statement. "Right now, we see both as essential to expand the overall market. The unique feature sets combined with substantial differences in price and performance sets each category apart, and leaves plenty of room for both to grow over the next few years."


IHRSA 2016 Day 4: What an Incredible Week!

What an incredible week this has been so far! Luckily, it’s not quite over. This morning, choose from four educational sessions on key topics such as leadership and customer service.

If you weren’t able to attend all of the sessions that interested you this week—or if you would just like to bring some of IHRSA 2016 back to your business—use the form located in your IHRSA bag (also available at the on-site IHRSA Store) to order audio (MP3) recordings of 70+ sessions. These will be sent to you via email in a few weeks.

Wrapping up IHRSA 2016 today is Nir Eyal, who writes, consults, and teaches about the intersection of psychology, technology, and business. He will present Consumer Behavior: Creating Habit-Forming Products in Room S320 at 11:30 a.m. His session is sponsored by MYZONE. 

On behalf of the entire IHRSA team, thank you for joining us in Orlando for IHRSA 2016. We look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles next March for IHRSA 2017!


IHRSA 2016 Day 3: Up for an Early Morning Workout?

Good morning! I hope your IHRSA 2016 experience so far is everything you had hoped for and more. Why not begin today with an early morning workout? The trade show floor is open from 6:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. for your workout, and/or choose from several fun classes being offered by our sponsors. Check the IHRSA app for the complete list, including times and locations.

At 8:30 a.m. in Room S320, author, television producer, and Zuckerberg Media founder and CEO Randi Zuckerberg will present It’s Dot Complicated: Exciting Trends Impacting Your Business Right Now. This session is sponsored by Matrix Fitness. 

The Trade Show reopens from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. today. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to explore each aisle and to try out the latest and greatest offerings from the industry’s top suppliers. Many are offering show specials that could save you more than the cost of your trip to Orlando!

At the 20th Annual IHRSA Financial Panel, moderator Rick Caro and his guests will explore the financial community’s continued fascination with the health club industry. This popular event begins at 10:15 a.m. in Room S230-E.

Since 2007, Augie's Quest has raised over $44 million in support of finding effective ALS treatments. Tonight, the 11th Annual BASH for Augie’s Quest begins at 6:30 p.m. in the Hyatt’s Regency Ballroom and will feature a performance by rock and roll icon Eddie Money! Pre-registration is required; visit for details.


IHRSA 2016 State of the Industry: Health Clubs Doing ‘Magnificent Work’

“When I started in the health club business, there was [no data] available—we just kind of guessed at what was out there,” Joe Moore, IHRSA’s president and CEO, said during the “State of the Industry” report on Tuesday, March 22 at IHRSA 2016.

But thanks to IHRSA’s comprehensive range of research reports, Moore and the industry don’t have to guess anymore.

Over the past seven years, the number of U.S. health club members has grown by 22%, at a total of over 55 million. The number of health club consumers has grown faster—by 24%—to more than 64 million.

“What does that mean? You’re figuring out a way to make people healthier and happier without them becoming members,” Moore said. “There was a time when revenue streams only came from members—that’s not the case anymore. The more of these customers and consumers that you can help, the bigger the industry gets. So congratulations on that—you’re doing one fantastic job.”

The number of health club visits during the same time period increased by 25%, climbing to 5.42 billion people. The average member visits their health club 140 days a year.

“Sometimes we beat ourselves up about total penetration—well, you’re also doing a whole lot of great work, magnificent work,” he said. “The number of visits per year is going up again—this is a great trend.”


IHRSA 2016 Day 2: The Trade Show Opens!

Good morning! Why not start day two off on the right foot with an early morning workout? Visit the IHRSA app for the descriptions and locations of several exciting group fitness classes.

At 8:30 a.m., in Room S230, author and social innovator Greg McKeown will present Leadership Essentials, which is sponsored by Technogym. Greg challenges conventional wisdom in a unique and engaging style from the first moment to the last instant, and you don’t want to miss a minute of his presentation. 

The much-anticipated Trade Show is open today from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. More than 400 exhibitors are displaying the latest innovations, technology, products, and services available in the fitness industry. You will get to see—and try out—what’s new in everything from cardio equipment to club management software to locker room amenities and everything in between!

When you have a few minutes to spare, visit the on-site IHRSA Store (located across from Registration) for show specials on IHRSA apparel, popular research reports, and hundreds of videos on topics such as selling memberships and creating a culture of service in your club. Books from all four keynote speakers are also available for purchase.

International attendees, tonight’s Planet IHRSA reception is just for you, and it begins at 7:00 p.m. in the Hyatt’s Regency Ballroom. Be prepared to meet—and make—friends from around the world!