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Michigan health clubs sought for feedback

IHRSA is asking Michigan health club operators to provide feedback on how the state’s efforts to regulate dietitians and nutritionists impacts your business. 

The current law, enacted in 2006 but yet to be fully enforced by state regulators, prohibits anyone from offering dietetics and/or nutrition services, unless they are licensed by the state. The law requires an individual to be licensed prior to performing the following services:

  • Comprehensive nutrition assessments to determine a client’s nutritional needs based on factors including medical history, laboratory values, and current habits;
  • Creating a nutrition plan based on a client’s needs and providing nutrition counseling regarding a specific health condition or disease such as obesity or type 2 diabetes; and
  • Monitoring and evaluating a client’s progress.

There is currently a bill before the Michigan legislature – House Bill 4688 – that would repeal the law.
Contact Tim Sullivan at or 617-316-6722 with your thoughts on the current law, House Bill 4688, and how both could impact your business.


Don't miss out on Get Active! Fall issue

IHRSA is now taking orders for the Fall issue of Get Active!, which is scheduled to ship to clubs in September. 

Get Active! will educate and motivate your club members, and you can use it as a membership sales tool when you give it out to guests, visitors, and members of the community.

Choose from the standard edition, the Anytime Fitness edition, or send us your logo and we'll make it your magazine with a minimum order of just 300 copies. We'll take 10% off your order when you pay by July 25!

Read a sample issue and then download the order form


Have your club profiled

Are you an IHRSA member club that has something interesting to share with your colleagues and the fitness world? The IHRSA Member Profile feature, which runs on one Monday a month, allows clubs to showcase some of its offerings.

All IHRSA requires a few photos and the club answer a questionnaire. It is a free feature IHRSA provides in order to share ideas and information with other members.

The IHRSA Member Profile is a great tool to get your club's name out there, another SEO tool when prospective members are searching for nearby options, and an idea-generator for your colleagues.

For those interested in being featured, e-mail

To see past Profiles, click here.


IHRSA store sale runs through June

For those who live in the Southern Hemisphere, the saying "Christmas in July" is probably very popular. WIth the actual holiday in December, during the summer south of the equator, celebrating it in July allows many to enjoy in wintery conditions. Christmas in July also is a way for many to to have Christmas celebrations to get in the spirit a few months early, or for businesses to drum up sales.

While it isn't quite July yet, IHRSA is having a big sale through June 30. The IHRSA Store Spring Sale allows shoppers to earn 15% off and free shipping in the continental United States when spending at least $50.

Click here to learn more.


Get Active! magazine pre-orders are being taken

It is never too early to put in your order for Get Active! magazine. OK, I guess a year is too far in advance. 

Apparently two months isn't since IHRSA is starting to take orders for the in-club publication.

There are many advantages to having the magazine in your club for your staff and members:

  • Reinforce the reader's decision to belong to a health club, by highlighting the many health and physiological benefits of exercise.
  • Increase awareness of the many services IHRSA clubs offer (such as personal training, group exercise, yoga or Pilates).
  • Provide useful lifestyle, diet and workout tips to make exercise fun and rewarding for everyone.
  • Educate a grass-roots movement of fitness conscious consumers to support governmental initiatives that encourage regular exercise.

For more information and to order, click here.


VIDA Fitness: body, mind and spirit

Are you looking for a club that gives you an all-around workout? I am not talking about arms, core and legs, but body, mind and spirit.

This week's IHRSA Member Profile, VIDA Fitness, a six-club group in Northwest Washington, D.C., is an upscale, hip facility that has all the modern amenities, newest trends and classes, and state-of-the-art equipment.

Click here to see what else it has to offer.

If you are an IHRSA Member and you want to be considered for an IHRSA Member Profile, e-mail


Let IHRSA answer your questions on Sharecare and IHRSA has formed a strategic partnership where we are considered to be a "prestigious asociation" where we can answer some of the thousands of questions that are asked each day on the Sharecare site.

Questions range from how to do an exercise correctly to what is gluten to what is the best way for a middle-aged person to get in shape.

For more information, click here.

Oct182012 is the place for job seekers and companies with open positions

Many times the perfect candidate for an open position is out there. It is a matter of the company and the job-seeker to connect. 

For the fitness industry, IHRSA has a job seekers section on There is a page for those looking for a position as well as those looking to post positions. It is pretty close to shooting fish in a barrel, as the saying goes, as many from both sides use the site. 

Learn more about


Top 5 reasons to fill out the IHRSA Health Promotion Census

The IHRSA Health Promotion team is conducting a survey of our members' health promotion programs to find out what our members are doing in the fight against obesity and chronic disease. This information will enable us to speak as a cohesive unit about the health promotion initiatives of our members.

Read on for the top 5 reaosns why you should fill out our survey today!

Click to read more ...


Fill out the Industry Data Survey, the information could help you

The informtion from the Industry Data Survey has helped IHRSA compile many reports and statistical information for the past 30 or so years. 

We are asking members to fill it out by the July 13 deadline in order to compile the informstion for the Profiles of Success report.

There are even a few incentives in it for you.

For more information, click here.