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This Week in the Fitness Industry: IHRSA Global 25 Profiles Fastest Growing Companies

The IHRSA Global 25 Profiles Fitness Industry Leaders
IHRSA released The IHRSA Global 25, outlining the top 25 health club companies worldwide. The annually compiled list recognizes top players in terms of revenue, number of memberships, and number of facilities according to Club Business International magazine. “Continued robust performance and innovation from leading club companies attests to the industry’s strength and potential for growth,” said Jay Ablondi, IHRSA’s executive vice president of global products in a press release. As a whole, the industry’s worldwide revenues increased to $83.1 billion in 2016. Top leaders in the list highlighted include LA Fitness International, which grew to 689 owned locations. Planet Fitness led in overall revenue at $1.9 billion and led with 8.9 million members, and franchise leader Anytime Fitness climbed to 3,443 locations worldwide, topping the charts in both 5-year revenue and 5-year unit growth metrics. Learn more about the IHRSA Global Report.

First Chinese Fitness Franchise License Granted to Anytime Fitness
Anytime Fitness has become the first U.S. fitness franchise granted license in China, according to a release. Dave Mortensen, the company’s president and cofounder, will join master franchisee Maurice Levine in Shanghai June 27-28 to align efforts with suppliers and local supporters on expansion. Anytime Fitness has seven locations already open in China with twenty new agreements signed and anticipates 300-500 gyms in China by 2020. “We’re in the business of building communities and helping people achieve their goals, something that transcends across borders,” Mortensen said in a press release. Levine also owns the franchise rights for Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. In less that three years he has grown the franchise across six countries in Asia and 150 territories, becoming the number one gym operator by number of outlets in Asia. According to the release, more than 99% of the Chinese population does not have a gym membership and Anytime Fitness’s plan is to curb the culture to a more fitness oriented one.

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Anytime Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, GoodLife Fitness: Perennial Leaders of IHRSA's Global 25

Any company that can maintain a leadership position within an industry for five or more years must have success embedded in its DNA. But just as DNA strands differ, no two companies share the same road map to long-term viability.

Every business leader can point to certain attributes that have helped to set their company apart—its clearly stated mission and commitment to it; its highly knowledgeable and experienced management team; its well-trained, customer-focused staff—or its business model, which solves a problem for consumers, or serves their needs better than anyone else.

CBI spoke with three such organizations, Anytime Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, and GoodLife Fitness, about the story behind their rise to prominence, and their ability to maintain their front-runner status—year after year, on the IHRSA Global 25 lists—in an increasingly competitive
 club environment.

Anytime Fitness: It’s About Flexibility 

Anytime Fitness, Singapore

Compared to privately—or even publicly—owned brands, franchisors face a particular challenge. They need to maintain quality and uniformity in their offerings, yet there’s only so much they can dictate to franchisees—who tend to be entrepreneurial by nature—before they begin to rebel.

What sets Anytime Fitness apart, noted Chuck Runyon, the cofounder and president of the 3,200-unit franchisor, based in Chanhassen, MN, is its ability to leverage that desire for independence and flexibility to its distinct advantage, helping to keep the company in the IHRSA Global 25 for well over a decade.

“We’ve intentionally designed elasticity into the model, and our gym operators have the space and autonomy they need and want to offer small-group, functional, virtual, and traditional personal training to our members,” he said. “This approach harnesses the varying expertise and passion of our diverse ownership group, and they appreciate the nimbleness this methodology affords.”

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24 Hour Fitness: Transformative People, Transformative Message 

24 Hour Fitness, Kew Gardens, NY

24 Hour Fitness has been an IHRSA Global 25 stalwart since CBI began tracking the leading international players nearly 20 years ago. While the well-run San Ramon, CA–based organization can point to a wide range of factors that can account for its stellar decade-over-decade success, company CEO Mark Smith puts its management team squarely atop the list—dating back to the days of founder Mark Mastrov, now the principal in New Evolution Ventures (NeV), a private equity firm.

“24 Hour Fitness has been a successful business for over 30 years because we’ve built it with a talented team of executives, and field and club leadership with great expertise,” Smith said. “In fact, the company already had a strong, established executive group when Frank Napolitano and I came on board in 2014, and, because of that, our goal was to make as few changes as possible.“

The individuals that have been added to the leadership team are helping to enhance and strengthen the strategy already in place, and they’ve already had a positive impact on the business.

“For example, Lashaun Dale, our vice president of content and programming, has brought innovation and unique studio-style programs to group exercise. Richard Boyd, who joined us as senior vice president of fitness and strategic initiatives, has been spearheading our new group training programs. And we were fortunate to be able to bring on industry veteran Bobby Cappuccio as director of training,” he said.

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GoodLife Fitness: Moving with the Market

GoodLife Fitness, Toronto Pearson International Airport, Canada

Very few companies have managed to accomplish what GoodLife Fitness has. Based in London, Ontario, Canada, the company has been thriving for more than 35 years with the same owner in place.

CEO David “Patch” Patchell-Evans, a five-time Canadian rowing champion, marathoner, and avid heli-skier, has been at the helm since he founded GoodLife in 1979.

Patchell-Evans encapsulates the chain’s strategy in one word: growth—particularly as it relates to ensuring that GoodLife has locations wherever members want to work out.

“We’ve always had a key focus on growth,” he said. “We know that one of the biggest factors in ensuring that people continue to work out on a regular basis is having convenient locations close to their work or home. Because of our size and breadth, Canadians can work out almost anywhere in Canada, and in much of the U.S., through our reciprocal agreement with 24 Hour Fitness.”

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IHRSA Global 25 Highlights World’s Top Health Clubs

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IHRSA releases The IHRSA Global 25, which lists the top 25 health club companies worldwide ranked by membership, number of locations and revenue.

“In 2014, the leading companies that make up The IHRSA Global 25 listings continued to demonstrate solid performance across all key metrics,” said Joe Moore, IHRSA president and CEO.

In fact, 15 of the top 25 club companies had revenue growth of 10% or more in 2014, demonstrating that the industry has ample growth opportunities for well-run companies.

“Clearly the bar has been raised for inclusion onto one of The IHRSA Global 25 rankings,” comments Jay Ablondi, IHRSA’s executive vice president of global products.

Compiled by IHRSA’s Club Business International (CBI) magazine, the IHRSA Global 25 is based on The 2015 IHRSA Global Report, which profiles nearly 400 club businesses worldwide. Read the full press release.

The 2015 IHRSA Global Report is available in print or as a PDF to IHRSA members ($74.95) and non-members ($149.95).


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Anytime Fitness leveraging accolades to promote industry

Anytime Fitness CEO Chuck RunyonAnytime Fitness has collected many accolades and has been placed on top of some pretty prestigious lists over the past few years.

And the Hastings, Minn.-based company is using those accomplishments to showcase their accomplishments and the fitness industry's success.

This month Anytime Fitness topped IHRSA Global 25 in Number of Franchises in 2013 (2,345), Unit Growth (338 new locations) and Five-Year Unit Growth (1,396).

The company recently produced a video that trumpets its accomplishments which also include its number one rankings in Entrepreneur magazine's Franchise 500 and Minnesota Magazine's Best Companies to Work For.

Check out more on Anytime Fitness accomplishments and the video on


Global 25 shows recession way in rear view mirror

Last year, when discussing the IHRSA Global 25, the phrase people used most frequently to describe the industry, overall, was “recession-resilient.” But that was last year.

Now, in reflecting on the industry’s performance in 2013, club operators, analysts, investors, and others seem to have moved on. “Many of the industry’s leaders have put the recession behind them, and are trying to figure out in what ways the sector is going to perform differently going forward,” observes Rick Caro, the president of Management Vision, Inc., a Manhattan-based consultancy.

In short: It’s a new day, a new game, and industry players are trying to sort it all out.

The IHRSA Global Report for 2014, the basis for the IHRSA Global 25 lists, chronicles changes from 2012 to 2013, and, in general, reveals across-the-board increases in a wide range of metrics—both with respect to the U.S. and global industries. Domestically, revenues climbed from $21.8 billion in 2012 to $22.4 billion in 2013, a 2.8% increase; the number of facilities, from 30,500 to 32,150, up 5.4%; and the number of members, from 50 million to 54 million, a solid 8% rise.

For more on the Global 25, read on.


Many benefits to filling out Global Survey 

There are many reasons to take the IHRSA Global Survey: 


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Must we say any more? The deadline to fill it out is Feb. 15, 2013.

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IHRSA Global 25: see what company is a riser

IHRSA Global 25, a compilation of indiustry statistics that shows the top companies in revenue, membership, franchises and more has been published in the July CBI magazine.

There is expert analysis and commentary on the industry, as well as numerous charts.