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Jumpstart Your Health Club’s Non-dues Revenue Growth

This is an IHRSA featured post, brought to you by HydroMassage.

These days, a lot of club owners are singing the non-dues revenue blues. Extra income streams keep getting harder to find. With changing consumer habits, fluctuations in disposable income, and increased competition from non-traditional fitness start-ups, finding a supplementary service that clicks with your members is more challenging then ever.

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This Week in the Fitness Industry: Health Club Initiatives Help Members De-stress

Blink Fitness Temporarily Turns Off TV News to Reduce Stress
Blink Fitness has launched a new initiative to encourage members to minimize stress and focus on their well being throughout April, which is National Stress Awareness Month. For the "Tune Out While You Work Out" initiative, Blink will be switching its TV programming from stress-inducing news channels to mood-lifting content, such as comedy, entertainment, music, and educational programming. Every Blink facility will also encourage members to take a step back from social media and all of their daily stressors through exercise. "We always want Blink to be a place our members turn to when they need a mood boost," Ellen Roggemann, vice president of marketing for Blink Fitness, said in a release. "After seeing the results of [the American Psychological Association survey on stress], we wanted to do something that would serve as a reminder that exercise is just as important for our members' mental well-being as it is for their physical health. We are removing stressors from our gyms like news content from our TV screens and are encouraging members to go social media-free during their workouts so they can tune out while they work out."  

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This Week in the Fitness Industry: IHRSA Kicks Off Tax Weekend Challenge

Planet Fitness and HydroMassage Offer Free Massages for Tax Week
HydroMassage will kick off its eighth annual “Free Massage During Tax Week” offer next week, Monday, April 18 through Friday, April 22. New this year is a partnership with Planet Fitness to extend the free HydroMassage promotion to more than 1,000 Planet Fitness locations. “Giving away free massages during tax season is something we’ve enjoyed doing each year, so we’re really pleased to make it even bigger by partnering with Planet Fitness on a larger scale by offering free HydroMassage in all their locations,” HydroMassage President Paul Lunter said in a release. “Tax time can be stressful and overwhelming for everyone,” said Jessica Correa, senior vice president of marketing for Planet Fitness. “We want people to know that Planet Fitness is a place where they can work out, decompress, and also reenergize with our relaxing PF Black Card benefits like HydroMassage. We encourage everyone to find their nearest Planet Fitness and take advantage of this great, relaxing tax week offer.”

IHRSA Kicks Off Tax Weekend Challenge to Support Incentives for Fitness
IHRSA is launching the IHRSA Tax Weekend Challenge to support two pieces of legislation pending in the 114th Congress that would use the tax code as a vehicle to increase physical fitness: the PHIT Act and the WHIP Act. We aim to send 1,000 messages to Washington, D.C. The PHIT Act would allow Americans to use flexible savings accounts and health savings accounts to pay for health club memberships and other fitness expenses. Individuals would be able to budget pre-tax up to $1,000 per year towards gym membership; families could tap up to $2,000 per year. Under existing Internal Revenue Service code, FSAs and HSAs can only be used to pay for medical expenses, e.g. prescriptions and doctor visits. The WHIP Act would prevent employees who are offered employer sponsored health club membership from paying a tax on the benefit. Current tax law imposes the income tax on the value of the membership, unless the fitness center is located on-site of the employer. Learn more about the IHRSA Tax Weekend Challenge.

Blink Fitness Encourages Stress Management via Exercise
In light of April being National Stress Awareness Month, Blink Fitness is educating the public about how working out is not only about managing looks, but also about managing stress. A survey commissioned by Blink Fitness and conducted online by Harris Pool in February among over 2,000 U.S. adults showed that 90% of Americans who say they exercise identified their top three benefits from working out as non-physical, stating: 1) it makes them healthier (49%); 2) it makes them feel good (35%); and 3) it helps them deal with stress/anxiety (24%). Ellen Thompson, head personal trainer at Blink Fitness’ Penn Plaza, suggested people begin following a cardio, strength training, and stability routine to help de-stress. Learn more about the study’s findings in Blink Fitness’ press release.

NBC’s New Competition Reality Show Features IHRSA Partners
NBC’s new competition reality show “STRONG” premiered on Wednesday, launching the 10-episode series in which elite trainers are paired with female contestants to help them get in shape. “Contestants are embarking on a transformative journey in order to reach their full potential,” NBC’s show description states. “As they will learn, it's not necessarily about losing weight, but rather about finding the balance between mind and body. It's about getting strong.” Todd Durkin, renowned trainer and long-time IHRSA speaker, is one of the ten trainers featured in the show. IHRSA associate member Power Systems is the accessories sponsor for the show, and its products can be seen throughout the series. Read our blog post on NBC’s “STRONG.”

Experts Debate if Wearable Fitness Trackers Help or Hurt Progress
As the wearable fitness trackers market continues to grow, the debate over whether the devices help users to improve their health wages on. When it comes to fitness tech, "You need to ask: Am I in effect adding stress when the goal is to reduce it?" psychologist Michael Woodward told CNBC. "If you spend as much time tracking your activity as you do actually engaged in the activity, that is probably going to hurt your progress.” Other experts say wearable devices and fitness apps can help consumers break bad habits, but they cannot ensure that they stick to their new healthy behaviors. "If it leads to more awareness of what you're eating and your physical condition then that's good," said Dr. Steven C. Garner, New York Methodist Hospital's chairman of radiology. "But I find some people become too committed [to the tech] and then this becomes an overriding part of their life."


HydroMassage® Provides Free Massages During Tax Week

HydroMassage’s free massage week runs April 13-17.

To help with the stress of filing taxes, free massages are available nationwide from business owners with HydroMassage beds during tax week. 

HydroMassage’s seventh annual free massage week kicks off this year on Monday, April 13th and runs until April 17th

To find a map showing participating HydroMassage locations, visit the company’s Facebook page at or 

HydroMassage beds provide a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of massage on a daily basis, without the time or money required for traditional hands-on massage therapy. 

“Over 500,000 people have responded for a free massage during tax week over the past several years” commented Paul Lunter, HydroMassage President. “This has completely exceeded our expectations, and we’re pleased to continue to help with a little stress relief during this time of year.” 

Read the full release.


Call to Arms!

By Craig R. Waters

Many years ago, midway through the Vietnam conflict, I had the opportunity to visit the wards in a VA hospital with an attractive young actress, Elke Sommer, who was there to try to lift the patients’ spirits. One young African-American GI wasn’t interested in Sommer or in looking on the bright side of life. The sheet that covered his body fell, sharply, to the mattress at a point just beneath the bottom of his torso: there was nothing below.When Sommer approached him, he turned toward the wall, stared at it, and said nothing.

Sommer retreated to a small empty room…and wept.

Since that day, I have had a profound respect for the precious gift and incredible sacrifice that our men and women in uniform make on behalf of this nation.

Many years have passed since then, and too many wars have been fought, and the number of young men and women who have been killed or wounded in them is beyond reckoning or reasoning.

Last May, in a Memorial Day blog post, I pointed out that several organizations in our industry—including 24 Hour Fitness International, Inc., the San Ramon, California-based chain, and Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc., the Venice, California-based supplier—were honoring our debt to our veterans in a variety of admirable ways.

Well, tomorrow is Veterans Day, and I’m pleased to report that several club companies—24 Hour Fitness, Sport & Health Clubs, based in McLean, Virginia, and HydroMassage, another industry supplier, among them—are again saluting our military heroes, all, by opening their doors, conducting fund-raisers, or offering free services.

So, yes, as I conceded in May, something is being done. But also, as I observed then, it’s way too little! Our industry has the potential to do so much more for this nation’s worthy sons and daughters.

Let me ask, first, that you revisit and reconsider the enormity of their gift and sacrifice by visiting the Website of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, which is currently presenting an exhibition titled “Art of the American Soldier.” The show, which runs through January 10, was prepared in conjunction with the U.S. Army Center of Military History and the National Museum of the United States Army.

Drawing on more than 15,000 images, it includes sketches, drawings, watercolors, and oils created by soldiers, encompassing conflicts ranging from World War I to the present one in Afghanistan.

These are works of painful art, but they are not war. They are digital evocations, but they are not flesh and blood. They are not that young GI in a VA hospital in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania…but they attest to the pure truth of his story.

Let me ask you, then, to think about how much more our industry could easily do. Consider, for instance, the inspiring example of one single club company, Spring Fitness, a regional chain with three facilities in the greater Houston, Texas, area. In August, in what one magazine, The Paper, described as a “patriotic effort to show appreciation” to local veterans, as well as active members of the military, Spring Fitness began offering them free memberships.

The idea and the effort belong to owner Tom Kennison; General Manager Derek Terrell, a hospital corpsman during Desert Storm; and the rest of the company’s management team.

The response, from staff, the clubs’ new military members, and local residents, has been universally enthusiastic, according to The Paper:

• Megan Robertson, a club manager, told the magazine: “Being the wife of a veteran, I’m excited to have the opportunity to give back to our community and others, such as my husband, who have so bravely served out country.”

• Bob Otto, a veteran and club member: “It’s wonderful to be a member of a community that appreciates and recognizes what we did.”

• Allen Greenberg, the manager of a grocery store: “I was in Taiwan during Vietnam. I can tell you, it means so much to me when a business shows that kind of respect for our service men and women. It’s really not about the money or anything like that—it’s about recognition. When you know someone appreciates what you’ve done, or what you’re doing, it shows that they care and they appreciate the sacrifice you made for this country. I really can’t express how happy it makes me feel. I think it’s outstanding what Spring Fitness is doing.”

…and so do I!

To learn more about the challenges being faced by veterans and the members of our military, log on to the Website of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of Americans.

To see some of their faces and read their stories about transitioning to civilian life, click here.