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Can’t Beat the Beat: Exercise Gamification Meets Heart Rate Training 

This is an IHRSA featured post, brought to you by Polar.

Weight loss, stress relief, and heart disease prevention are just a few of the many benefits attributed to participating in a group exercise class. The most invaluable benefit, however, is one that many people overlook—their heart rate (HR). 

As the group X instructor leads the class, members are often unaware of how integral their heart rate is in helping them finish strong. When members have the ability to easily access their HR data in real-time, they can improve performance, experience, and overall results.

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How High-intensity Interval Training Can Transform Your Bottom Line

This is an IHRSA featured post, brought to you by True Fitness.

Even loyal health club members can be distracted by the bright, shiny new fitness fad that seems to emerge every few months. Functional training, barre workouts, indoor cycling in a quasi-nightclub setting, kettlebells—it’s hard to keep up. There’s even a new workout trend where you drum your way to fitness.

Health club owners can’t respond to every new craze that catches the public’s fancy—a row of conga drums isn’t about to replace your cardio room anytime soon. And the smart money remains on the tried and true of traditional exercise options—treadmills, elipticals, free weights, adjustable weight machines—members expect these choices to be available in any gym setting.

So you have a well-stocked club. Great. But are members getting the most out of it?  Because if they’re not reaching their fitness goals, then that shiny object gets a lot brighter.

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This Week in the Fitness Industry: Cardiac Patients Encouraged to Hit the Gym

Cardiac Patients Encouraged to Try HIIT at the Gym
In the 1950s, cardiac patients were told that rest was the key to recovery, but now physicians educate patients about the benefits of aerobic exercise, which help the heart become more efficient over time. "The goal is to raise and sustain that elevated heart rate in what we call a training heart rate zone," Dr. Jonathan Whiteson, medical director for cardiac rehabilitation at NYU Langone Medical Center, told CNN. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has been one of the most popular methods for patients to reach the training heart rate zone since Mayo Clinic began recommending it to those diagnosed with heart attack or heart failure in 2009. Patients are often scared to push their hearts soon after a heart attack, but most trust their doctors enough to try, said Ray Squires, program director of cardiac health and rehabilitation at Mayo Clinic. Among the several thousand patients who have gone through Mayo's 36-week program, "we have never seen a single event during HIIT," he said.

IHRSA 2017 Is Almost Here!

Fitness professionals around the world are preparing to travel to IHRSA 2017, taking place in Los Angeles on March 8-11. We’ll be providing exclusive event coverage here on the IHRSA blog, as well as on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. If you can’t join us in LA, we hope you’ll follow along!

Obesity Linked to 11 Cancers
Obesity has long been thought to increase the odds of developing a wide variety of tumors, but a new study has found “strong evidence” supporting the connection between obesity and 11 types of cancer, Reuters reports. “Researchers analyzed results from 204 previously published studies exploring the connection between obesity, weight gain, waist circumference and 36 different cancers,” the article states. “They found the strongest links were between obesity and malignancies of the digestive organs and for hormone-related tumors in women, according to the report in The BMJ.”

PHIT Introduced in Congress
PHIT, the fitness industry’s top federal legislative priority, was introduced today in Congress. On the national front, IHRSA’s advocacy team has been actively engaging with Congress, the Administration, and allied organizations to promote physical activity and advance the interests of health club businesses, which are instrumental in building a healthier and more prosperous America. As a result of our efforts, the voice of the health club industry is being heard. PHIT (H.R.1267/S.482) was introduced in Congress. Read our full blog post about PHIT.


This Week in the Fitness Industry: HIIT and Experiential Fitness Will Grow in 2017

Experts Say HIIT and Experiential Fitness Will Grow in 2017
HIIT and experiential fitness will be big in 2017, according to top fitness and wellness experts, The Huffington Post reports. Mark Goodman, founder of Cardio High, said interval-training workouts will gain in popularity due to their high efficiency. Another expert said they expect experiential and immersive fitness to see a bump in the coming year because they “allow people to completely step away, rest, and step back into the hustle and grind with a renewed sense of clarity for their health and happiness.”

Scott Burgess To Be Named President of Jonas Fitness
Jonas Fitness announced Thursday that Scott Burgess is to be named president of the organization, effective January 1, 2017. Burgess, who has held the role of chief operating officer at Jonas Fitness since 2014, will assume official responsibility for the company’s overall leadership and direction. He will also continue to work closely with the executive team to formulate and implement ongoing strategic plans.

“I’m really excited for Scott Burgess and for our employees and customers. Scott has been crucial to making Jonas Fitness the business it is today, and we’re excited to formalize his role as President of the business as of January 1, 2017,” said Scott Saklad, Jonas Fitness CEO. “He and the senior team at JFI have over 40 years of experience in this business, and we will continue with our mission to be champions for our customers and admired for our products and our people.”

Read the full press release from Jonas Fitness.

MYZONE Signs on as ClubConnect Education Partner
ClubConnect announced that MYZONE signed onto its education platform on Wednesday, solidifying its commitment to health club education. Through ClubConnect’s advanced learning management system, MYZONE will create educational courses for fitness professionals to learn how to effectively measure their clients’ effort and help them reach their goals with the MYZONE versatile chest strap monitoring system. 

As of now, the MYZONE courses will be accessible for free to ClubConnect health clubs. Fitness professionals working at over 4,500 health clubs around the world are now able to tap into this critical education directly from their ClubConnect dashboards. In addition to MYZONE, other world-class education companies including EXOS, Gray Institute, ACSM, and TRX use the ClubConnect proprietary learning management system to deliver their industry-leading education.

Read the full press release from ClubConnect. 

New Report Examines Spanish Health Club Market
Spain is home to some 4,350 health clubs, with an average size of 3,859 square meters, according to The Market Report on Spanish Health Clubs, published by Management Around Sports, in conjunction with the University of Alcalá de Madrid. The report also found that on average, each club has 3,037 members with an average age of 36.5 years old. Additionally, Spanish health club members are slightly more likely to be female (50.6%) than male (49.4%). Read more about the 91-page report.


Is Too Much Running Detrimental?

This Week in the Fitness Industry talks running, workouts, Sundance Film Festival and HIIT.

Questions like "What is the best workout for you" or "Can I run too much?" will be answered.

Read on to see, in This Week in the Fitness Industry.

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Work Out, Intensely, at Your Desk

This Week in the Fitness Industry alwys brings the story that makes you sit back and think for a second. We like to think we have a couple of those entries today.

  • Crash test dummies getting bigger to fit population
  • More kids taking classes at clubs
  • HIIT at work
  • Gatorade employees breaking a sweat

More information all all of these can be found at This Week in the Fitness Industry.

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Les Mills GRIT to Be Offered at 24 Hour Fitness

Business Wire photoLes Mills’s high intensity interval training series GRIT will be exposed to thousands of more people after a new deal with 24 Hour Fitness.

GRIT will be offered at more than 200 24 Hour Fitness locations beginning in December. There are three GRIT options:

  • LES MILLS GRIT CARDIO – Designed to burn fat and rapidly improve athletic capability.
  • LES MILLS GRIT PLYO – Combining the principles of plyometrics and power agility training, this program utilizes an exercise bench to build a powerful, agile and athletic body.
  • LES MILLS GRIT STRENGTH – This workout combines jumping exercises with agility training to increase explosiveness and build a lean and athletic body. 

“With the visionary support of 24 Hour Fitness, Les Mills can confidently say we are advancing our mission to create a fitter planet,” said Randy Drake, vice president of Business Development at Les Mills. 

For more information, visit Yahoo! Finance.


2015 Fitness Trends ... Already

With only 2 ½ months left in 2014 it is not surprising that the end-of-the-year lists are starting to come out. Hey, Halloween items in the local drug stores have been on the shelves for more than a month, so why not?

The first seen here is from the International Business Times Health section, listing the top five trends for 2015.

Really, none are going out on a limb. But, if your club does not have at least four of the five then it might be time to start planning.

International Business Times’s list:

  1. HIIT
  2. Workouts for children
  3. Yoga
  4. Short workouts
  5. Video workouts

Read more at International Business Times.


High intensity workouts are seeing many health benefits

David Castillo Dominici image, FreeDigitalPhotos.netThe studies, research and personal testimonies are all out there. So, it looks like high intensity interval workouts here to stay and apparently a healthy way to exercise.

Of course, that doesn’t mean low intensity or endurance programs should be, or have to be, ditched entirely.

“I am certainly an advocate of high intensity workouts. It has a place in anyone’s program,” said Jessica Matthews, exercise physiologist at the American Council on Exercise in San Diego. “The pendulum is swinging now – many people have abandoned longer workouts and have focused solely on high intensity. But, low and moderate intensity (workouts) have benefits, too.”

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