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5 Ways Health Clubs Are Fighting for a Healthier World 

The fitness industry is engaged in a few fights these days—namely the fight to end global physical inactivity and the fight against adult and child obesity. Luckily, we have backup—many government, public health, and medical organizations around the globe are battling right alongside us. 

In honor of National Public Health Week, which runs April 3 - 9 in the U.S., IHRSA recognizes all the great work health clubs are doing to improve the health and wellbeing of people all over the world.

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Ready to Start a Medical Wellness Program? Start Here. 

If you work in the fitness industry, you know physical activity is a key component of overall well-being and can be increased through lifestyle changes, such as joining and attending a health club.

(Photo courtesy of ACAC)

Your health club has the potential to be a critical resource for getting deconditioned, sick, and inactive individuals healthy. Health clubs provide a safe and supportive environment for pursuing healthy lifestyle change such as increasing physical activity. And medical wellness programs can be a great way to reach new members outside the 18-20% already exercising in health clubs.

However, it’s important to consider a few things before you start. In his session "Making Your Club the Pharmacy to Fill Exercise Prescriptions," Dr. Greg Degnan medical director at ACAC, highlighted a few questions you should ask yourself before starting a new program.

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Boom or Bust? Get Baby Boomers Flocking to Your Gym

Globally, 11.7% of the world population is over age 60, and this share is expected to grow to 21% by 2050. There are currently 75 million Baby Boomers, making them one of the fastest growing membership groups.

When Boomers join a club, they are looking for a few key things: 

  • Prevention of future chronic disease
  • Control of any current chronic conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure
  • Reversal of aging’s negative effects
  • Full participation in life and in activities they enjoy

The latest evidence suggests that exercise is beneficial for adults of all ages, and a significant amount of research concludes that exercise can help to prevent, delay, and treat many diseases and conditions that affect individuals as they age.

Older adults are also good for your club—they are one of the fastest growing membership groups. This group has the time to join a health club, can fill off-peak hours in the club, and tend to be some of the most loyal members. Independence is a top priority for them, and physical activity in the social environment of a health club can help them maintain it.

Here are some tips for attracting—and keeping—boomers in your club.

Offer Classes that Meet Their Needs

One way to get the attention of older adults and attract them to your club is to offer group exercise classes that meet their specific, unique needs. The health and age of Boomers varies greatly, so try offering a wide range of classes. A few ideas include: 

1. Restorative or Modified Yoga

Yoga is great for stability, flexibility, and balance. Restorative yoga can help improve flexibility and strength, and chair yoga offers an alternative for people who are unable to get up and down from the floor to a traditional mat. Chair yoga is also a great way to include people who may be wheelchair bound.

2. Aquatic Aerobics

Water’s buoyancy creates less impact on bones and joints, making aquatic aerobics a good alternative for older adults with arthritis or sore joints, or people with bone and joint injuries, to get their 150 minutes of weekly moderate activity.

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Improve the Health of Your Community with IHRSA‚Äôs New E-book 

Reaching out into the community is good for your health club’s brand, your business, and your local community. But what are the best ways to engage people beyond your four walls? 

IHRSA clubs are committed to helping their members improve their health and their lives. Community outreach can be done in a number of ways, as the many IHRSA clubs with community service programs has demonstrated. Clubs can get involved with local charitable organizations, offer programs for non-members, or just get out and participate in local events like walks, 5Ks, and fairs. 

The latest issue of “12 Months of Health Promotion” is filled with resources designed to help you get outside your physical location and do good in your community—while positively impacting your business. 

April resources include:  

  • Four ideas for community outreach
  • IHRSA Clubs Give Back for the Good of the Community E-book
  • IHRSA Clubs Promote Good Health and Good Practice E-book
  • Community outreach-related blog posts to read and share  

“12 Months of Health Promotion” is a monthly series of e-books that will provide information, resources, and ideas to help you capitalize on the communication opportunities available to you in the U.S. and around the world. Look for a new issue at the beginning of each month.

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Festive Health Club Programs Help Members Get Fit

Health clubs are starting to feel the holiday spirit, and some creative facilities are turning that festive energy into opportunities to engage members and promote good health. 

Corporate Fitness Works Adapts “Elf on the Shelf”

Two of Corporate Fitness Works’ Philadelphia sites have created a holiday fitness program based on the popular children’s holiday prankster “Elf on the Shelf.”

The program, renamed “Kendra on the Shelf,” works similarly to the traditional elf game—the doll is moved to a different location every day. However, in this case, when members find her they also find a workout of the day.

To further incentivize the program and drive social interaction, members are rewarded with points when they take an #elfieselfie with Kendra and post it on Twitter or the fitness center Facebook page.

“Do: 10 push ups,” one workout card read. “Then: Post your ElfieSelfie on Facebook or Twitter.”

Sportsclub Holiday Challenge Promotes Heathy Weight

Sportsclub in Greenville, SC, holds an annual Holiday Challenge during the six weeks between Thanksgiving and the New Year to promote weight loss and weight maintenance.

Program participants create an activity card and are awarded points for completed activities, from attending a fitness class to playing racquetball or tennis. Participants can also earn points for simply coming in and working out, but they can earn extra points for trying something they haven’t done before.

The Holiday Challenge was partly designed as an alternative approach to new-member integration. The program’s focus is on getting new members to just come to the club and discover what they enjoy doing in a no-pressure environment.

Engagement is supported through weekly emails and opportunities to earn bonus points. At the end of the challenge, the top three point earners and five wild card participants receive club gift cards.

Is your club implementing a holiday-related program? Let us know in the comments or respond to our three-minute Health Promotion Census!  


HealthQuest of Hunterdon Partnering with Local Hospital to Offer Healthy Programs

Robert P. Wise, left, president and CEO of Hunterdon Healthcare, and Jack Cust, principal of HealthQuest of Hunterdon, shake on their recent agreement.HealthQuest of Hunterdon, in Flemington, N.J., has entered a partnership with a local hospital to offer health, wellness and fitness programs to area residents.

HealthQuest of Hunterdon and Hunterdon Healthcare System will create a program that aims to get more residents to be active and realize the importance of exercise.

HealthQuest is a 104,000-square-foot facility that features two swimming pools, two full indoor basketball courts, dance, gymnastics, martial arts studios and two fitness centers.

For more, visit the HealthQuest website.