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Increase Health Club Member Engagement Through Community Service (and Our New E-book)

Health clubs and health club operators have always been in the business of giving—by providing practical guidance, a safe environment, and inclusive programming options for people of all ages and abilities to be regularly active.   

And now more than ever, clubs are extending their generosity beyond their four walls by focusing on identifying the needs of the larger community and then creating programs to address these needs.  

Responses to these targeted program offerings have been tremendous. Community members that take part in club outreach initiatives see results ranging from a renewed motivation to be physically active to a significant increase in quality of life. Most importantly, any and all of these outcomes have left participants feeling happier, healthier, and better prepared to take on any new challenges that lie ahead. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a new e-book, “Increasing Engagement Through Community Service: Examples from IHRSA Clubs.” 

This member-only publication highlights case studies from five IHRSA members with impactful community service programs: 

  • Gainesville Health & Fitness
  • GIVE Fitness
  • Franco's Athletic Club
  • Gold's Gym Dutchess County
  • Club Fit 

The e-book’s community outreach case studies are meant to inspire you to offer a community service program of your own, provide ideas on new outreach programs, and encourage you to share this information with others who are interested in expanding the health and fitness industry’s reach beyond health club walls. 

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4 Ways Health Clubs Benefit from Offering Community Programs

Health clubs are in the business of serving people. And what better way is there to serve people than to get involved in opportunities that will make a lasting impact outside the four walls of your health club? 

Community programs act as a way to engage all people to participate in physical activity, regardless of factors such as age or ability. With the right resources, staff members, and organizational support it is possible for clubs to play a larger role in helping local residents be more active. 

In fact, what clubs are willing to actively give to the local community is often returned in the form of business prosperity. 

Here are four reasons health clubs could benefit from offering community programming: 

1. Shows that Your Club is Involved in the Community 

“Our ideas for programming come from simply answering a need,” says Noah Hastay, operations manager at Gainesville Health & Fitness, “with our vision of becoming one of the best companies for the world, we are striving to help those inside and outside of our four walls.” 

Asking local community members what they want out of a health club’s program offerings is a proven way to demonstrate a club’s ability to listen to member suggestions and personally address them as best as possible. 

 2. Differentiates Health Club from Competitors 

 “The initial decision to offer these programs was easy because our clubs have always supported this idea,” says Kim Kenyon, managing partner at Gold’s Gym Dutchess County, “and we wanted to create a way to differentiate ourselves from our competitors—providing these services gave us opportunities to do both.” 

In today’s ever-expanding market, most clubs offer some variation of yoga classes, personal training sessions, and group-X programs. However, programming specifically tailored to address a certain need—whether it is helping cancer patients regain their strength or sponsoring a road race to raise charitable funds for ALS—generates unique interest and makes any facility stand out in a sea of similarity.   

Continue reading "4 Reasons Health Clubs Should Consider Offering Community Programming."

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At Gold’s Gym Dutchess County, Member Results and Community Giving Go Hand-in-Hand

Kim Austin Kenyon found her inspiration to help others from a young age. As a kid, she watched her father, Bill Austin, strive to better the lives of others through physical fitness and daily exercise in his role as the owner of two Gold’s Gym facilities in New York. And in these moments, Kenyon realized she wanted to pursue the same calling and she became drawn to the philanthropic nature of the industry.

Today, Kenyon follows in her father’s footsteps as the managing partner of Gold’s Gym Dutchess County, where she and her colleagues currently serve over 11,000 members in Fishkill and Poughkeepsie, NY. In her daily work, she seizes similar opportunities to offer meaningful programs that help local community members lead healthier lifestyles.

“These program offerings make us who we are,” says Kenyon. “We want to give our members the results they are looking for while also giving back to the community. The initial decision to offer these programs was easy because our clubs have always supported this idea and we wanted to create a way to differentiate ourselves from our competitors—providing these services gave us opportunities to do both.”                         

Gold’s Gym and ‘BetterU’ Work to Prevent Heart Disease

The American Heart Association (AHA) estimates that 370,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year. And, the AHA also attributes heart disease as the number one killer of women, in particular—taking more lives than every type of cancer combined.

Almost six years ago, Gold’s Gym Dutchess County was approached by the American Heart Association about an opportunity to sponsor a program that would address rising rates of heart disease by countering them with healthy behaviors, like regular physical activity and wholesome dietary choices. Gold’s Gym gladly accepted this offer and joined forces with the AHA to sponsor the BetterU program—a free AHA program that encourages 12 women to make small changes to individual fitness and nutrition habits to improve cardiovascular health.

Continue reading about Gold's Gym Dutchess County's community programs.

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Community Service Award Applications Due Nov. 14

Ron and Sandy Franco accept the 2013 Outstanding Community Service Award from IHRSA President and CEO Joe Moore.Each year the Outstanding Community Service Award is presented to an IHRSA club that has made a longstanding commitment to making a difference in, and beyond, their community. Since the award’s inception, IHRSA has highlighted various stories of kindness and generosity to enable other clubs to find inspiration and follow suit. 

Gold’s Gym Dutchess County, a regular supporter of organizations like the American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association, was presented the Outstanding Community Service Award in 2014. Owner, Kim Kenyon, and her team have a passion for helping people that serves as a tremendous example for others to emulate. Watch Gold's Gym Dutchess County's story.

In 2013, IHRSA recognized Franco’s Athletic Club whose owners, Ron and Sandy Franco, have one simple rule when it comes to requests from charities and community organizations: never say no. This philosophy resulted in the Franco’s team raising over $1.5 million and donating countless more in memberships and services to local organizations. Watch Franco's Athletic Club's story.

The 2015 Outstanding Community Service Award will be presented during IHRSA 2015 34th  Annual International Convention & Trade Show in Los Angeles during an awards presentation to include a video highlighting the winning club’s achievements. Applications are now being accepted. Visit and apply today or encourage a colleague to apply! Applications must be received by Nov. 14.


Reward programs gaining popularity in fitness industry

For years, many companies have offered loyalty programs to their customers - think of American Express, for example - to prompt continued purchases. Health clubs aren’t any different.

“As club owners and consultants, we’ve always asked, ‘What can we offer besides a T-shirt and hat to our guests to show our appreciation for their business?’” observes Maria Parrella-Turco, COO of New Paradigm Partners, an industry consultancy based in Princeton, N.J.

In response, New Paradigm developed fitRewards, a program specifically designed for clubs that awards points to members that they can redeem for in-club products or items from a catalogue, such as cameras, tablets, jewelry, sports watches and sporting goods.

Read on for more on reward programs in health and fitness clubs.

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Take a look at all three IHRSA 2014 award videos

Patsy McLean, winner of the Julie Main Woman Leader Scholarship, and Joe Moore, IHRSA president and CEO.In case you arrived late to the General Session speakers, or you were unable to attend IHRSA 2014 33rd Annual International Convention & Trade Show, you can still see the videos presented prior to the three award winners being recognized on stage.

Read on to see the videos.

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Outstanding Community Service Award: Gold’s Gym Dutchess County

The Outstanding Community Service Award is presented to an IHRSA member that has made a longstanding commitment to making a difference in, and beyond, their community. Gold’s Gym Dutchess County is the recipient of this year’s Outstanding Community Service Award.

The reach of Gold’s Gym Dutchess County extends far beyond the walls of the two clubs; Kim Austin Kenyon and her team have seen many of their greatest successes when touching the lives of people outside their clubs.

Gold’s Gym Dutchess County is a regular supporter of organizations like the American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, and The Renegades’ Pitch for Kids, a local foundation that focuses on strengthening children and families.