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Gold’s Gym Annual Convention Goes “All In” in Vegas 

IHRSA represented at Gold’s Gym’s annual convention, held at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV, July 11-13. From the first day, when new CEO Brandon Bean proudly championed the Gold’s motto “All in,” to the last, when guest speaker Kris “Tanto” Paranto talked about the importance of leadership and communication in the face of adversity, the conference stressed the importance of collaboration and cooperation between franchisee’s and corporate management.  

Attendees stopped by the IHRSA booth to network with Global Membership Representative Luke Ablondi, who invited visitors to download IHRSA’s Guide to the Boutique Studio Phenomenon following discussions on industry hot topics such as boutique studio competition.  Booth visitors also expressed excitement that the 2017 IHRSA Convention will be back on the West Coast in March. 

Keeping on trend with the hot topic of boutique studio competition, IHRSA member and speaker Sal Pellegrino of Precor facilitated a session called “How to Handle a Low-Cost Competitor (Even When You Are One).”  Sal discussed the massive impact studios have had on the industry, citing successful examples such as fellow IHRSA member Joe Cirulli (Gainesville Health & Fitness) who combats competition by building member relationships with results focused programs. 

Gold’s revealed several new “Gold’s Studio” programs—“Gold’s Fit” and “Gold’s Cycle”—which address and target the growing market of boutique studios, and aim to channel the global presence of Gold’s Gym by creating a strong sense of community for participating members.  The “Gold’s Path” program marks a change in sales and member onboarding philosophy. 

Luke AblondiProspective members choose one of four main “paths” for results, depending on the person’s personal goals. They are set up with a meeting where each new member will receive a custom fitness assessment and ultimately walk away with a 30-day fitness plan, a scheduled follow-up, and a 30-day money back guarantee. 

The conference closed with the awards reception and dinner on Wednesday in the Grand Ballroom of the Mirage Hotel and Casino. Highlights included IHRSA Member Bill Austin being inducted into the Gold’s Gym Hall of Fame. 


This Week in the Fitness Industry: Health Clubs Benefit from 30 Day Fitness Challenges

Health Clubs Stand to Benefit from 30 Day Fitness Challenge Trend
Thirty-day fitness challenges continue to grow in popularity, with many using them as a more manageable alternative to exercise-related New Year’s resolutions, The Wall Street Journal reports. Birkram Yoga NYC is capitalizing on this trend by encouraging members and potential members to participate in a 30-day challenge at their four Manhattan locations. “Those who finish a challenge receive two guest passes, discounts on future classes, and, sometimes, a round of applause from classmates,” The Journal reports. “The challenge costs $39 for Bikram Yoga NYC newcomers and $145 for members. The owners estimate that a few thousand people have completed the challenge since they launched it in 2002.” 

Study: High Fitness Levels in Middle Age Tied to Bigger Brains
A new study has discovered yet another benefit of exercise: larger brains. For the study, researchers looked at 1,583 men and women who didn’t have dementia or heart disease and found that those who weren’t as physically active in midlife had smaller brains than their more-active peers 20 years later. “The brain scans revealed that people with a lower exercise capacity — defined as the amount of time people could exercise on the treadmill before their heart rate hit a certain threshold — in midlife were more likely to have smaller brains years later, compared with people who had high fitness levels in middle age,” Time reports. “They also found that people whose blood pressure and heart rate went up more during exercise were more likely to have smaller brains down the line. Higher-than-average blood pressure and heart-rate spikes could indicate a lack of physical fitness.”

Resolutioners’ Commitment Falters After February 9 ‘Fitness Cliff’
This year’s “fitness cliff”—the turning point where New Year’s resolutioners stop exercising regularly—occurred on Tuesday, February 9, according to research by Gold’s Gym, CBS News reports. "What we see from Gold's Gym's proprietary research is that Tuesday, February 9th is the Fitness Cliff—the day when New Year's Resolutions go astray, gym check-ins begin to steadily decline and members begin to lose focus on their goals," the company said in a statement,” Gold’s Gym said in a statement. The company created a mnemonic device to help members recognize when their health goals are at risk: C (Can’t find the time), L (Lacking a game plan to keep you going), I (Ignoring your commitment and falling into old patterns), F (Frustrated with lack of early results), F (Forgetting why you started).

Study: Good Weight Loss Programs Are Hard to Find Online
High-quality weight loss programs are difficult to identify online, a small U.S. study suggests. Researchers from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, MD, found that fewer than one in 10 websites gave enough information to suggest the programs they promoted followed widely accepted medical guidelines for weight loss by including elements such as regular in-person meetings, daily food and activity tracking, calorie reduction, and increased exercise. Once researchers conducted phone interviews with some of the programs, they found some where more adherent to medical guidelines than they appeared online; they rated 19% as high quality based on their meeting guidelines for weight loss, up from just 6% when the businesses were evaluated based on their websites alone. “Weight-loss programs that follow the expert guidelines exist, however, they are few and far between,” the study's senior author told Reuters. “To identify these programs, patients will need to be proactive and call to verify that the components offered meet the recommendations before signing up.”


Scanner Helps Show Workout Results

Fit3D scanner takes away having to check out yourself in the mirror. (Image courtesy of stockimages at Week in the Fitness Industry is back. Well, it is Friday.

In today's installment we have the following:

  • full-body scans that aids workouts
  • ACE studies accuracy of wearables
  • popularity of cardio theaters
  • best health and fitness TED Talks

Check out all of these in This Week in the Fitness Industry.

Click to read more ...


Browns Continue to Play and Educate in 50 Sports in 50 Weeks

Jacqui Brown, foreground, and Ben spent a lot of time on the ice when playing ice hockey in Russia. (Photo courtesy 40 Sports in 50 Weeks)If, as the saying goes, variety is the spice of life, then the Browns will have an entire kitchen pantry full of different sports experiences when their 50 Sports in 50 Weeks adventures ends.

The past six weeks is a microcosm of that for sure.

Beginning with wheelchair rugby on Nov. 24, the Browns - Paul and Jacqui and their son, Ben - then learned, participated and taught boxing, floorball, cross country skiing, ice hockey and dog sled musings. Their travels saw them spend two weeks in each of England, Finland and Russia.

In the endeavor’s blog, Paul wrote the following about their first ice hockey experience

“Here we were, a week ago have never tried the game and now we were playing along-side several of the game’s greats and most passionate enthusiasts…what a great way to get off the couch.” He mentioned that Gold’s Gym in Russia helped put together the sessions.

The Browns are putting on 50 Sports in 50 Weeks, a globe-trotting adventure that will take them from their home in Australia to Siberia, the United States, Europe, back to Australia, and many, many destinations in between. At each spot they will learn the intricacies and fundamentals from a well-known athlete in the sport, often in an iconic spot or stadium. In some cases they will watch a championship event, taking in the sport as a spectator.

IHRSA will chronicle the adventure monthly - the second Monday of the month - to show where the Browns have been and how each week went, but also to bring to light their mission.

Check out all of the 50 Sports in 50 Weeks blog entries.

The 50 Sports homepage, with blog entries, photos, schedule and more can be found at


Ex-Marine, Owner of Three Gold's Gyms, Is Loyal to IHRSA

Gordon Johnson heeded the words of IHRSA in the 1990s when it said it was smart to hook your health club wagon to a brand that is recognizable and stands for something.

That was 1996 and he opted to convert his gym to the Gold’s Gym brand. Now he has three locations in Georgia and is entering his fourth decade in the industry.

CBI magazine sat down with Johnson for its First Person question-and-answer feature. 

Check out CBI magazine online to see how he got into the business, how being a Marine got him to where he is now, why he has stuck with IHRSA, and more.


November CBI now online

The November CBI magazine is hot off the presses and it is now available online.

  • Read up on industry and IHRSA members news in regular features like News & Know How, In Brief, On the Move and Member News. 
  • Feature stories include Midtown Athletic Club's continued momentum; clubs that help American veterans; and creative franchising by Gold's Gym owners.
  • See what CBI Editor Craig Waters, IHRSA Board Chairperson Robert Brewster, and IHRSA CEO and President Joe Moore have to say in their respective columns.

Read all of this, and much, much more in th November CBI magazine.


Keith Albright Passes Away at Age 64

Photo courtesy LinkedInKeith Albright, vice president of development at World Gym, International, died on Sunday at the age of 64.

Albright worked with health and fitness industry pioneer Joe Gold at both of his companies - Gold’S Gym (as senior vice president of franchising) and World Gym International. 

"The World Gym International family has suffered a great loss with the passing of our dear friend and colleague, Keith R. Albright," Guy Cammilleri, managing director of World Gym International, said in a statement. "Keith was truly one of a kind and had such a positive impact on so many. We benefited greatly from his wisdom and tremendous work ethic.  He inspired and influenced many people throughout his life and career. The thoughts and prayers of the World Gym family are with his wife, Jennifer, and their family."

For more on Albright, read his obituary on


SoCal Gold's Gym Raising Awareness, Funds for Breast Cancer

Gold's Gym SoCal is helping raise awareness and funds during October Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a new line of Press for the Chest T-shirts and wristbands.

All 12 SoCal franchise locations are participating - North Hollywood, Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Culver City, Fullerton, West Covina, Valencia, Santa Ana, Arcadia and Montclair.

“Everyone has been affected by breast cancer, whether on a personal level or through a friend or family member,” said Angel Banos, president and CEO of the Gold’s Gym SoCal Group. “This is our way of giving back and raising awareness in our communities.”

For more information, visit


Star Trac is Gold's Gym 'Vendor of the Year'

Star Trac has been named Vendor of the Year—Equipment by Gold's Gym.

Gold's Gym Franchise Association and Gold's Gym corporate vote based on satisfaction and the likelihood of recommending the company for future purchases.

“We are thrilled to have been named the Gold’s Gym Vendor of the Year,” said Sal Pellegrino, director of Key Accounts at Star Trac, in a press release. “We have worked hard to foster a strong relationship with Gold’s Gym and to provide true solutions to their fitness needs, both at a corporate level and for the franchisees.” 

Check out more in the Star Trac press release.


Lowells to open 7th Gold's Gym in Northern Virginia

Lori LowellJeremy and Lori Lowell are at it again.

Owners of some of the most successful Gold's Gym franchises, the couple is opening their seventh Northern Virginia location—Gold's Gym Elite Training Center in Woodbridge.

The Lowells aren't your run-of-the-mill gym owners. They are innovative and visionary, proven by the company accomplishments they have achieved in their 23 years of ownership: Gold's Gym Visionary of the Year, Best in Group Fitness Program, Best in Club Program, President's Award, Franchisee of the Year, and Alliance of the Year.

The newest Gold's will feature some unique offerings like Bubble Soccer, Pole Dancing Classes, Air Fit and more.

For more, read the Elite Training Center press release.