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PHIT Introduced in Congress, Signaling the Fitness Industry Is Being Heard

PHIT, the fitness industry’s top federal legislative priority, was introduced today in Congress.

On the national front, IHRSA’s advocacy team has been actively engaging with Congress, the Administration, and allied organizations to promote physical activity and advance the interests of health club businesses, which are instrumental in building a healthier and more prosperous America.

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Spread the Word About PHIT with Our Handy Toolkit

What if your members and prospects could save money on fitness expenses while improving health? 

If that happened, the benefits you might reap include:  

  • More members joining
  • Current members using more ancillary services
  • Better member retention  

Sounds too good to be true, right? But it’s not—those benefits could become reality thanks to the PHIT Act. And we have all the tools you need to spread the word to members.

PHIT Would Make Health Club Membership More Affordable

The PHIT Act is federal legislation that would allow any American to use pre-tax accounts like Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Savings Accounts (FSA) to pay for qualified fitness expenses. Currently, the IRS code only allows these accounts to be utilized for medical expenses.

By allowing HSAs and FSAs to pay for fitness expenses, Americans will be able to use $1,000 pre-tax for health club memberships or fitness activities; families will be able to budget $2,000. If passed, it is estimated that individuals and families would see a savings of 20-30% on fitness expenses.

Simply put, under the PHIT Act, health club membership is more affordable.

Everything You Need to Launch a GET PHIT Awareness Campaign

PHIT has bipartisan support in Congress, but we need your help. By educating your members about PHIT, you can help lay the groundwork for the legislation’s success.

The Get PHIT campaign is designed to educate health club members about the importance of passing this legislation, through having the club play the critical role of the conduit in the education process. As fitness consumers, your members stand to save money and prevent disease if PHIT is successful. Clubs that are familiar with the PHIT Act have an excellent opportunity to spread the word about PHIT and attract broad support for the measure.

How a Get PHIT awareness campaign will work at your club is up to you, but we suggest using the communication tools in this toolkit to educate your staff, members, and community about PHIT. This will provide your members with the knowledge base they need for encouraging others to lend additional support.

That way, when PHIT advances in Congress, your members will feel confident reaching out to their members of Congress and urging them to support this legislation through an IHRSA grassroots advocacy campaign.

Once you download Get PHIT: Tools to Design an Awareness Campaign at Your Club for the Personal Health Investment Today Act you’ll have several ready-to-use resources, including: 

  • A sample blog post explaining the importance of PHIT to your members
  • An eye-catching infographic that you can share on your social networks
  • A series of tweets and facts ready to post on your Twitter account
  • A meme-generator to help you communicate the value of PHIT in a fun way
  • FAQs that explain PHIT’s eligible fitness expenses, what it costs, and more! 

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