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Gary Player Attributes Golf and Business Success to Exercise 

Gary Player, the “Black Knight” and Grand Slam champion, spoke to Club Business International about fitness, business, and, of course, golf.

Most people know you’re considered “one of the greatest players in the history of golf,” but are unaware of the role fitness played.

One of the main reasons for my success in life, golf, and business is my exercise regimen. Competing against bigger players, such as Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer, can be very intimidating. I was always athletic, but knew I had to separate myself with respect to my fitness level. When others were tired finishing the final nine holes, I could easily play 100 more.

What sort of an impact do you feel your focus on sport-specific training has had on the world of golf?

I know I’ve made a difference. When you compare the training in the 1960s to today, it’s like night and day. The only exercise golfers did back then was moving their olive into the next martini glass. But the key was I exercised the correct muscles. Making your core and legs strong is essential. Strong hands and forearms, too. I get great satisfaction from seeing players such as Greg Norman, Tiger Woods, and Rory McIlroy exercising the way they do.

What was your training regimen like when you were competing? And now that you’re 80?

Not much has changed. I may do a little less, but the fundamentals are virtually the same. I stretch, do core exercises, sprints on the treadmill, leg presses, wrist curls—a wide variety. That’s why my body feels the same as when I was 40. It’s still doing the same sort of activity at a high level. More important is how much better my diet is today.

What’s your golf game like today?

I broke my age every round I played last year. On holiday this past year, my average was 69. My low was 63! Great joy comes from knowing that I can get out there and play every day if I choose to because of my endurance. I can walk 18 holes in the morning and be ready to play again that afternoon.

Continue reading Gary Player’s interview in the July issue of CBI.