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Entries in etiquette (2)


How should the subject of etiquette be approached?

We've all seen it - someone not wiping down sweaty equipment or talking on their cell phone on the gym floor. It's called etiquette. And many gym-goers need to learn a little bit about it.

This is the time of the year that is most important. With many new members going through clubs' doors with New Year's resolutions fresh in their minds, they not only need to be educated on the do's and don'ts at a club but those who have been there awhile need to be reminded, too. If a newbie sees a veteran commit a transgression they they may feel it is OK.

Check out what some IHRSA members have to say on the subject.


Do members know proper etiquette?

Do you think your members know proper etiquette? Now that we are in New Year's Resolutions season there will be many new members and first-timers to the scene who may not realize that the disinfectant spray bottles are for members and not staff to clean up after them.

It is important at a club to have members follow the rules set forth, for safety as well as making all members happy.

AOL Health has two videos - one for proper etiquette and one for new members - that could be a good guide for clubs to follow and make for their own website. They may seem elementary but should help nonetheless.

Click here to view the videos.