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Best Club in Town

You’ve seen this type of award many times: “Best of Boston,” “Best of Philly,” “Best of Chicago.”

Lists that rank the “best” and, therefore, most highly desired products and services appear everywhere—in magazines, on Websites, and on television programs in cities large and small throughout the country.

And although some may seem to be little more than popularity contests, motivated, in part, by the sponsor’s desire to increase its readership, audience, or advertising, the truth is, they do provide value. Educated consumers who want some assurance that they’re spending their money wisely make use of these awards to identify the firms (or the club) they want to do business with.

Think of them as a convenient, slimmed-down form of Angie’s List that awards its Seal of Approval to a single company.

For that and other reasons, a “Best Of” designation is something many club owners dream about. It attracts a lot of attention, validates the job a club is doing, sets it apart from the competition, attracts prospects, and makes its current members proud. Beyond that, such an award, if marketed properly, can go a long way toward enhancing a club’s brand, having a distinct impact on its growth, bottom line, and long-term success.

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Life saved at Elmwood Fitness Center

The following was submitted to IHRSA by Michael Heim, manager at Elmwood Fitness Center in New Orleans. Elmwood is a family fitness center that is an approximately 165,000 square foot facility offering programming for six-week-old children to adult seniors. They have been serving their community for 24 years and have over 20,000 members. He hopes this story will inspire other facilities to attain an AED machine.  

Today, I would like share a life saving story that three other employees and I were involved in, on August 25th.

Elmwood was hosting a racquetball tournament within our facility where members and nonmembers are able to participate. I personally was dropping off my daughter for a swim lesson when I saw Heather (Manager on duty) run to the front desk, asking the racquetball director what's going on. He stated someone collapsed in court 4.

I rushed over to court 4 where a manager on duty was giving breaths and a fitness consultant was giving compressions. I asked the consultant if he needed a break, he did! I started giving compressions and we shocked the man twice with an AED machine. After the 2nd set of 5 rounds of compressions the EMTs arrived to take the patient to Ochsner Health Systems, our parent company, where he was in open heart surgery within 30 minutes.

The emergency doctors stated, "The employees who administered CPR saved this man's life."

I am happy to say, he is alive and recovering nicely. He is the third person whom we, as an organization, have saved by using CPR and an AED machine. Elmwood was the first facility in the state to have an AED machine on site and now we have two.

I hope this story inspires other facilities to attain an AED machine. 

In health and fitness,

Michael Heim