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This Week in the Fitness Industry: 1-31-14

Inactivity is the theme of the latest version of This Week in the Fitness Industry.

We have the necessity of Baby Boomers exercising, Anytime Fitness publishing its Weight of the Union, inactivity in England, and obesity trends in youth.

Check out This Week in the Fitness Industry.


Greatist unveils most influential in health and fitness

The team at Greatist has come up with its annual The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness. 

And while no one at IHRSA made it (we demanded a recount!) a contributor to CBI did - Dr. Michael Mantell. The clinical psychologist and behavioral sciences coach checked in at #90.

Other notables were Michelle Obama in fourth. While it was a slight drop from last year, it's not like she was out of the spotlight as far as the fight for childhood health and fitness. She appeared on Sesame Street, worked with Partnership for a Healthier America with "Drink Up" and was by her husband's side pushing for enrollment in health care coverage.

Mike Boyle (#49), Todd Durkin (#59) and Beto Perez (#82) again made the list.

Check out the entire list here.



The Four S’s in Retention

The newest edition of the IHRSA Member Retention Report (Volume 1, Issue 4) begins to mine the wealth of new insights being unearthed by the ongoing Net Promoter Score research. That program, conducted by IHRSA and The Retention People (TRP), attempts to quantify the impact that the Promoters, Passives, and Detractors among a club’s membership have on its business performance. The implications are enormous. The grand objective: a significant increase in member retention. CBI Unbound guest columnist Michael R. Mantell, Ph.D., offers a simple game plan for reaping the report’s rewards. Read more.

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CBI Unbound Special Edition: Helping Our Members Heal

Michael R. Mantell, Ph.D.We’ve all been touched by the many tragic events that have occurred within recent months, on Monday in Boston, and last night in West, Texas. In this industry, we’re in a special position to offer comfort to our members and their families, and in doing so, heal ourselves. What can we do exactly? In this installment of CBI Unbound, Michael Mantell of ACE lends his vast knowledge to answer that question. >>>

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Do What You Love: Part II

In Part I of this blog, CBI Unbound guest author Michael R. Mantell, Ph. D., described how life can sometimes grow too routine, becoming laborious instead of rewarding—“work” instead of “play.” Now, in Part II, he offers some valuable suggestions designed to inspire you, your staff, and your members to take real pleasure in their jobs—as well as in their workouts. For more, click here.

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Do What You Love: Part I

For many of us, midwinter can seem like a dull and lifeless time when we feel a bit of “cabin fever.” But it’s not for Michael Mantell, Ph.D., who talks about how he manages to stay joyful in this two-part edition of CBI Unbound. In Part I, which follows, he describes the importance of doing what one loves instead of just “working.” In Part II, he’ll lay down some suggestions for reaching that goal. For more, click here.

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To Be "In Demand" Be "On Demand"

© raywoo - Fotolia.comWe’re living in an on-demand world, one in which consumers expect products and services to be made available easily and instantaneously. And the health and fitness club industry isn’t exempt. As CBI Unbound guest columnist Michael R. Mantell, Ph.D., points out, there are a growing number of services and programs that attempt to achieve these goals. But, he explains, it’s more than a matter of simply adopting new technology; it’s also a matter of adapting. Being successful in this rapidly changing environment demands a new mindset, culture, and, possibly, new employees. Is your club ready—for today? For tomorrow? Check out what Mantell has to say.

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“Do Two Sets and Call Me in the Morning”

© Steve Young - Fotolia.comThere will always be a place for a bare-bones gym. There will always be a place for a professional, fitness-centric club. But it’s also clear that, in general, our industry is moving, inexorably, in the direction of a more medically oriented model. It’s acquiring greater expertise and offering more sophisticated services—a trend that’s aligning it ever more closely with the existing healthcare continuum. CBI Unbound guest columnist Michael R. Mantell, Ph.D., explains how your club can get in on the action. >>>

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Let’s Put an End to Obesity!

Last week, in a CBI Unbound posting titled “A Show of Hands,” guest columnist Michael R. Mantell, Ph.D., reminded us all of the dimensions and dangers of the global obesity epidemic. He also made it crystal clear that, as far as he’s concerned, the health and fitness industry has been less than aggressive and largely ineffective in dealing with the problem. When, at an IHRSA convention, he asked his audience for a show of hands by club operators with dedicated weight-related programs, the result, he reported, was “shocking.” This week, Mantell offers some suggestions to help turn the situation around. >>>

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A Show of Hands

Last week, in a CBI Unbound posting titled “We Need to ‘Rethink’ Obesity,” CBI Editor-in-chief Craig R. Waters described some of the insidious and terrifying effects of diabetes, a disease that’s intimately connected with obesity. Today, guest columnist Michael R. Mantell, Ph.D., calls your attention to other alarming aspects of the global obesity epidemic—its unabated expansion, its legacy of chronic medical conditions, and the health and fitness industry’s failure to respond adequately—and he issues a challenge to every IHRSA-member club. Later this week, he’ll propose a game plan.

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