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Last Rep: IHRSA/Fitness Brasil Has Grown in 15 Years

IHRSA CEO and President Joe Moore, in his monthly Last Rep column in CBI magazine, marvels at the many highlights of the recently completed 15th Annual IHRSA/Fitness Brasil Latin American Conference and Trade Show, in Sao Paulo.

Here is some of what he most enjoyed:

  • as he talked about the new InfoPacks members received an e-mail from IHRSA to download it
  • IHRSA Board member Christian Pierar’s talk on innovations and technologies
  • the excitement in Brazil with the Olympics arriving in 2016.

It was also fun to consider how far this indus- try gathering has come. The first IHRSA/Fitness Brasil trade show was held in a closed-off parking lot, but, since then, it’s grown into a true world- class event. This year, the attendees were able to view and try out countless innovative products and services.

Read the entire column in CBI magazine online.


The 'Excellence' challenge

The camaraderie within the health and fitness industry is a special thing.

Be it supporting a member's cause, knowing when to put the learning and networking aside in order to have a good time, or sharing experience and knowledge, time is always found.

Joe Moore, IHRSA president and CEO, talks about this in his CBI magazine Last Rep column, from a dance-off at June's IHRSA Institute to participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge in support of Augie's Quest.

Check out Last Rep here.


Moore: An industry with heart and soul

Gary Vaynerchuk was easily one of the biggest hits during the 2014 IHRSA Annual International Convention & Trade Show in San Diego. Hundreds of attendees have referred to keynote in the six months since. 

In one part of his energetic and informative talk he explained the humanization of business, which he said is how companies take on the characteristics of their leaders.

IHRSA President and CEO Joe Moore, in his CBI magazine Last Rep column, feels the fitness industry takes on this trait, especially when it comes to the support of Augie Nieto and the Bash for Augie’s Quest.

Check out Last Rep in CBI.


Many 'champions' in the fitness industry

Joe Moore, fitness industry veteran and IHRSA president and CEO, has come across many “champions of the industry.”

In his teenage years he discovered the will and drive of Paul Anderson, an American weightlifter. During the 1956 Olympics he went for gold during the clean-and-jerk - the final leg of the competition. Despite running a 104 temperature and a virus he made the required lift on his final attempt. Anderson was also a champion in his personal life, opening and still supporting the Paul Anderson Youth Home for troubled youth.

Moore knows there are also “champions” in the health and fitness industry. He invites those who are doing good for members, as well as in their community, to contact IHRSA so we can spread the word.

Read Moore’s entire Last Rep column in CBI magazine.



Health clubs and 'Creative Destruction'

It was the heyday of Jack LaLanne, Vic Tanny, and the European Health Spas. I was a club operator in Ohio. And I remember my friend Jerry coming to my office one day to talk about marketing. Thinking of him reminds me that change in any industry - ours included - is inevitable. And it can happen quickly.

Jerry helped developed some of the finest club promotions I’ve ever seen, many of them featuring his polished DJ voice. As an added bonus, he and his wife, Joan, were faithful members of my club.

All of my staff knew it was Jerry when they heard that booming voice and the perfect inflection he’d cultivated two decades before, in the 60s, spinning 45 rpm records on the radio. When I first knew him, he was playing the songs of the British Invasion and Motown. He often booked and promoted bands for live performances, and that’s how we met – a story for another day.

Resd on for the rest of CBI's Last Rep column.

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IHRSA 2014: Notes on a Success

Each of IHRSA’s conventions and trade shows is a whirlwind of activity. Industry colleagues reconnect or meet for the first time; great speakers inspire attendees; fresh ideas are exchanged at educational sessions; new equipment and services are introduced. But IHRSA 2014 was something special. 

Touring the event's offerings is always fun, and, this year, new walking records were set. The trade show alone was a quarter-mile long—the length of a drag strip.

I found I could barely take a step without being told something positive about the trade show, or the convention, or our business in general. Folks seemed to express, in a variety of ways, the same sentiment: “The industry is back!”

The attitude, the feeling, was just as upbeat as it had been before the Great Recession.

IHRSA’s associate members made the optimism concrete with their elaborate displays, many of which were massive, and some of which were suspended from the ceiling. The trade show hall showcased some 372 exhibitors, who occupied more than 180,000 square feet of floor space; the room was packed with eager club professionals, who were examining, experimenting, experiencing—and buying!

Another comment that I heard repeatedly was, “The keynote speakers were the best ever!” and I agree. This year, all of them seemed to really understand our industry, and to be committed to helping us succeed.

On the first day of the convention, moments before Sally Hogshead was scheduled to go on stage with her presentation, “How to Fascinate,” she was querying me about the difference between “customers” and “members.” She obviously wanted to get it right. Her appearance was sponsored by SPRI.

On the second day, Dan Heath, who spoke on “Decisive: How to Make Better Choices,” reminisced about how he and his brother, Chip, had enjoyed presenting at the convention in 2010, the last time we were in San Diego. It was clear that he wanted to make a mark, too. His address was sponsored by Technogym.

On day three, about an hour before he received a standing ovation for his presentation, “The Thank You Economy,” I reminded Gary Vaynerchuk to use his “PG-13-rated” version—that versus the “R-rated” one you can find on the Internet. Vaynerchuk likes to be straightforward, a fact that the crowd appreciated. We owe his performance to Matrix Fitness.

The final keynoter, Luke Williams, who spoke on “Disrupt: Sparking Business Transformation with Innovation,” left everyone with much of importance to consider. Our thanks to MYZONE!

A number of announcements of upcoming IHRSA events also generated a great deal of interest and excitement on the part of attendees. Among them:

IHRSA 2014 couldn’t have been improved upon ... but, you have my word, IHRSA 2015 will be even better!  

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