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Take personal training to next level with IHRSA guide

One month into 2014 and most likely those who joined the gym at the start of the year as part of their New Year's resolution are comfortable at the facility. Now is the time to get them into some of the non-dues revenue areas like personal training.

IHRSA has a great resource, IHRSA's Guide to Personal Training to do just that. And at $9.95 for members, $29.95 for non-members, the return on investment is limitless.

With statistics on fees per session, who is most likely uses personal training, and personal trainer usage, along with advice from industry experts and compensation data, the guide will certainly enhance your offerings and take your department to the next level.

Go to to purchase.



Doctor's book explains exercise as alternative to pills

Ask anyone in the fitness industry and they will tell you that exercise is the best medicine. It helps with diabetes, lowering blood pressure, forms of cancer, memory, stress, and much, much more.

Now, a doctor has written a book, The Exercise Cure, which will give the argument a little more cache with a physician "speaking our language," as a colleague said this week.

"We spend more than $350 billion in the United States on prescription medicine. We can reduce our costs ... and make people healthier," said author Dr. Jordan Metzl, in an interview on the Today show.

One of the doctor's patients was interviewed. He was diagnosed with diabetes and explained that exercise has helped him.

"David is using exercise as medicine to reduce the amount of insulin he is using," Metzl said.

For more on the book, check out the Today interview.


Online question: celebrities in the fitness game

We all want to look like those we see on the big screen. But, who has the time? Many actors, reality TV "stars" and anyone else who has seen their 15 minutes of fame have decided the workout that has toned their bodies will work for us, too. 

That leads me to our next online question. Remember to answer here and not on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Check back often to see what people are saying.

Do you think famous people writing books or producing DVDs on working out is good? One hand, they are not experts, on the other, people who want to look like people they admire might be more apt to get in shape. 


Author: learn how to run in order to become better

The author of a new book says that runners "do not develop as athletes" since all they do is move forward.

Jay Dicharry, author of the new book "Anatomy for Runners" and a physical therapist and director of Biomechanics at Rebound Physical Therapy in Bend, Ore., looks into how runners run in order to become better and to prevent injuries.

"So many runners just run," he said. "So many people look at a fitness magazine and say ‘I can do that.' Then they get hurt and wonder why," he said. "If we prepare ourselves we'll do a better job."

For more, click here.