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Don’t Let Legislative Threats Disrupt Your Gym’s Daily Business Routine

Think about everything that you’ve done since the moment you walked through the doors of your gym this morning. This includes everything that constitutes a successful business day, like the laundry list of operational tasks you must perform and the personalized interactions that you have with members to ensure they are satisfied with their fitness experiences.

Now, think about what would happen if your entire routine was suddenly disrupted.

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Active Wellness Embodies the Spirit of #WhyGetActive

A community is more powerful if clubs provide people with a warm welcome, a supportive space, and a sincere, nurturing spirit.  Doing so, with a focus on health and fitness, enables us to improve people's lives.

That was the sentiment expressed by Bill McBride, the cofounder, president, and CEO of Active Wellness, the multifaceted Sausalito, CA–based company, when he submitted its entry in IHRSA’s #WhyGetActive video contest.

Active Wellness’ video eventually proved to be the winning entry.

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Lessons in Fitness Leadership: It’s Okay to Not Have All the Answers

The Lessons in Fitness Leadership series highlights IHRSA’s industry leaders and thanks them for their continued commitment to growing, promoting, and protecting the health club industry. By sharing their business expertise, we hope that you will get to know them, what they've learned along the way, and how they view leadership.

Bill McBride
Active Wellness
San Francisco, CA

What is the most fulfilling part of being a business leader in the fitness industry?

Helping people learn and grow.  I really enjoy helping operators and staffs get better at how we approach our industry through training, development, standards, and excellence.  Supporting people in their professional and personal growth is very fulfilling. 

It’s all about the people—this industry is such a community. Competitors are friendly with each other. A lot of us believe in the concept of a rising tide floats all boats. It’s about building something bigger than you and your own company, but in helping grow the industry. It is very important and critical when working towards industry goals not to insert any personal agendas. Collaboration for the industry’s progress is very fulfilling to me on a deep level.

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IHRSA's 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2016

2016 has been an eventful year for IHRSA and the fitness industry. We opened a European office to better serve our members, launched our Club Business Exchange, held yet another successful IHRSA International Convention & Trade Show, and published a number of in-depth research reports.

So it comes as no surprise that much of those ongoings—and more—are reflected in our most-read blog posts from the past 12 months. See for yourself...

10. Personal Trainer Packs Big Fitness Design Into Tiny House

Our tenth most-read blog post of 2016 made a big splash by featuring a tiny home. We spoke to Mike De Vivo, a Corporate Fitness Works personal trainer, whose a fitness-themed, 330-square-foot house was featured on HGTV.    

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This Week in the Fitness Industry: UM Holdings Acquires Majority Equity Position in Gym Source

UM Holdings Acquires Majority Equity Position in Gym Source
Gym Source announced today that UM Holdings Ltd has acquired a majority equity position in Gym Source, the nation’s oldest and largest distributor of high end fitness equipment. UM is owned by John Aglialoro, former chairman of Cybex International. Aglialoro will join Richard Miller, Gym Source’s founder and CEO, to leverage the company’s leadership position to grow, both organically and through acquisition. “John Aglialoro is well known in our industry as a dynamic and creative leader,” Miller said in a release. “We share the same position to expand the Gym Source footprint and to bring the company’s fitness expertise to homes, health clubs, multi-unit housing and other fitness facilities across the country.” Read Gym Source’s full press release on the UM Holdings Ltd acquisition.

IHRSA Represents at Club Industry Show 2016 

Several IHRSA staff, board members, and advocates are attending the Club Industry Show in Chicago this week. Annbeth Eschbach, our first woman board chair and founder and CEO of Exhale Enterprises, received the Lifetime Achievement Award. Allison Flatley, chief strategy officer of Corporate Fitness Works and IHRSA board member, spoke on a panel with Brent Darden, CEO of Brent Darden Consulting, and Bill McBride, president and CEO of Active Wellness and BMC3, covering a range of topics pertaining to leadership. If you’re attending, be sure to stop by the IHRSA booth (booth 110) at the trade show, which is open until 2 p.m. today. 

Only One Month Left to Apply for IHRSA 2017 Awards

Don't miss the November 11 deadline to apply for the following IHRSA awards, which will be presented during IHRSA 2017, March 8-11 in Los Angeles. The Woman Leader Award is in honor of Julie Main, whose tenacious drive and unbreakable spirit was an inspiration to all who knew her. IHRSA celebrates Julie's legacy by offering the Woman Leader Award—including a scholarship to attend the annual International Convention & Trade Show—to a woman who exemplifies Julie's qualities of leadership and drive. The Outstanding Community Service Award recognizes an IHRSA club that has made a longstanding commitment to making a difference in and beyond their community. Learn more and download the applications on the IHRSA awards page. The deadline to apply is November 11, 2016. 

Netpulse Announces Lead Sharing Integration with InTouch Technology
Netpulse, a health club mobile app provider, announced Wednesday that its mobile platform now integrates with InTouch Technology’s lead management solution. The integration enables health clubs to automatically track mobile referrals and guest passes by seamlessly creating and updating leads in the club’s sales management system. This initiates customized prospect follow-up and reminders for the club’s sales team, which decreases the chance of missed sales opportunities. “Netpulse is the clear industry leader for creating mobile apps for clubs, so we felt that it was important for our customers to continue expanding our integration and relationship with them,” said Dana Milkie, president and CEO of InTouch Technology. “Digital lead generation via mobile apps is a priority for sales departments in health clubs. Netpulse and InTouch Technology customers will immediately benefit from a stronger lead management solution.” Read the full Netpulse press release on its InTouch Technology integration.


The 2016 IHRSA Institute in Photos

On August 2-5, nearly 100 health club professionals descended on the picturesque University of North Carolina campus for the IHRSA Institute, Executive Education for Club Professionals, sponsored by Core Health & Fitness, MINDBODY, NASM, and SPRI.

Over the course of the week, attendees sat in on high-level sessions on topics from sales to finance, networked during meals and cocktail hours, and shared experiences and strategies during roundtable discussions. And some even got their sweat on during daily early-morning workouts.

If you haven't been, it's difficult to explain just how engaging an event the Institute is. So we figured—rather than tell you—we'll show you.

Opening Keynote Address on Visionary Leadership

Over time, organizations naturally focus on efficiency—delivering on objectives—and start driving out flexibility and, as a result, miss opportunities for innovation, Christopher Bingham, Ph.D., professor of strategy and entrepreneurship for the Kenan-Flagler Business School at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, said during the opening keynote address.

Scholarship Recipients Recognized

This year’s IHRSA Institute scholarship recipients, Azeza Tessereau, general manager at Wellbridge Athletic Club and Spa located in Town and Country, MO, and Brent Gallagher, owner of Avenu Fitness & Lifestyle located in Houston, TX, were recognized on the first night.

Attendees Got Hands-on During a Keynote Activity

Christopher Bingham asked keynote attendees to team up to try to build note card towers for an exercise that demonstrated the power of experimentation.


Networking Galore!

Between networking events, roundtable discussions, and group meals, attendees had countless opportunities to make professional contacts (and some new friends, too).

Learning at High-level Sessions

More than a dozen sessions were offered, on topics like strategic planning, marketing and sales, finance, legal issues, revenue, and more.


Dining at DuBose Hall

Meals, which were included in the event package, were held at UNC's historic DuBose Hall.


The #IHRSAInstitute logo swap is underway!

A photo posted by IHRSA (@ihrsa) on Aug 4, 2016 at 3:48pm PDT

The Famous IHRSA Institute Logo Swap

Each year, attendees bring their company's swag to exchange with others. This year's logo swap was one of the best yet!


The Traditional Group Photo

Not a bad-looking group, if we do say so ourselves. 


Congratulations to the Class of 2016!

Because the IHRSA Institute wouldn't be complete without a graduation ceremony.

And Before You Go...

Just a few more of our favorite photos from this year. Thanks to all those who attended! We hope to see you—and some new faces—at the 2017 IHRSA Institute. 


Organizational Balance is Key for Successful Health Club Strategic Planning

Developing a solid strategic plan is a critical element of business success; however, your hiring process and your club’s objectives must also align to achieve your goals. 

Ultimately, it’s all about balance. 

“Make sure that when you’re hiring and setting up your organization, you’re thinking about it from a balance perspective for what skillsets and talents you need, because if you hire a bunch of people like yourself, you’ll fail,” said Bill McBride, president & CEO of Active Wellness and BMC3, during his Wednesday, August 3, IHRSA Institute session, “Strategic Planning for Health Club Executives.” 

McBride asked attendees to fill out a work-style assessment, which helped them determine if they were a “producer,” “administrator,” “entrepreneur,” or “integrator.” By understanding your work-style, a club executive can focus on their strengths and hire people who have other strengths. 

With a strategically curated team in place, health club leaders can then work toward executing their strategic plan. During the two-hour session, McBride offered the following advice:  

  • Execution without strategy is dangerous.
  • Strategy without execution is worse than meaningless—it causes a lack of faith.
  • Good strategy requires strong discipline. That might mean saying no to many good ideas so you can focus on the good ideas you already have.
  • Being great at one to three strategic initiatives is a stronger position than being mediocre at four to six strategies.  

“Good strategy is saying no to good ideas so you can do your other good ideas well,” he said. “You have to have good discipline on what you’re trying to accomplish, otherwise you’ll just keep waffling.”


5 Videos That Showcase Fitness Industry's Diverse Offerings

From 3D body imaging software to the gamification of fitness, the health and fitness industry offers a wide array of programs and services to help people live happier, healthier livesand nowhere is this more evident than on IHRSA's Club Business Exchange.

In case you forgot, Club Business Exchange is our newly enhanced industry-specific search engine, member directory, and content website, which connects health club operators with IHRSA associate members in order to help users discover and learn more about products and services from the industry’s top companiesmany of which have uploaded informative, dynamic videos. 

To give you an idea of what's out there, we compiled five videos that show the breadth of what our industry has to offer.

1. STYKU Extracts 3D Body Composition, Shape, and Measurement
Raj Sareen, co-founder of STYKU, stopped by the IHRSA 2016 live studio to talk about how his company leverages body measurements to calculate body fat percentage. 

2. MyZone Uses Gamification to Deliver Results 
Emmett Williams of MyZone visited the IHRSA 2016 Live Studio to explain how the software's point system motivates members. 

3. Frog Fitness at IHRSA 2016 in 30 Seconds
Attendees loved testing the products in the Frog Fitness booth at IHRSA 2016, March 21-24 in Orlando, FL. 

4. IHRSA 2016: An Infusion of Energy, Ideas, and Motivation 
Bill McBride of BMC3 and Active Wellness shares why he never misses the IHRSA convention. 

5. IHRSA 2016 Trade Show in 90 Seconds
If you missed it or just want to re-live it all over again, watch our 2016 Trade Show recap. 


And the #WhyGetActive Video Contest Winner Is…

Congratulations, Active Wellness

We’re proud to announce Active Wellness as the winners of #WhyGetActive video contest. Their video focused on how they create a supportive, welcoming place for people to pursue health and physical activity, and the importance of reaching out to the community. 

The #WhyGetActive video contest was launched at IHRSA 2016 in Orlando, FL. The contest challenged clubs to share the good work they were doing in their communities in a one-minute video, using the hashtag #WhyGetActive. 

"We are honored to have won the IHRSA #WhyGetActive Video Contest,” says Bill McBride, president & CEO of Active Wellness. “We believe in IHRSA’s mission and our mission. Our team had a lot of fun creating the video as it allowed us to show our core values in doing what we do.  Our marketing team ‘gets it’ on what the field teams strive for on a daily basis. 

“We put people first and our people do all they can to promote activity, health, fitness, wellness, and well-being.  Active’s core values are authenticity, community, teamwork, innovation, versatility, and excellence. The team tried to share our collective core values in the promotion of getting active. Thank you IHRSA for your industry leadership and recognition of our teamwork towards the common goal. Get active!” 

As winners, Active Wellness will receive a donation of $500 to the local charity of their choosing, a Club Business International feature focused on their programs and initiatives, inclusion in a press release announcing the winners, and an opportunity to share their knowledge on video and social marketing at an upcoming IHRSA event. 


IHRSA to Celebrate MACMA's 30th Anniversary 

IHRSA will be heading south to celebrate the Mid-Atlantic Club Management Association's (MACMA) 30th Anniversary July 13 – 14 in Annapolis, MD.  

The event begins with the fifth-annual golf tournament and will continue on with a jam-packed day of education and networking, including sessions on sales & marketing presented by Tara Sampson, IHRSA member since 2005. The all new "Leadership Panel Power Hour" will be facilitated by long-time IHRSA members Roger Ralph and Mitch Wald, along with Allison Flatley and Bill McBride who are also 2016 IHRSA Institute faculty. 

Taken by IHRSA staff at last year's event.

"The golf tournament has become a fun networking tradition for MACMA attendees," Kerry Campbell, executive director of MACMA says, noting that it is open to fitness professionals, exhibiting personnel, and the public. The tournament will be held at Renditions Golf Club in Annapolis, MD, and is modeled after the best holes on the PGA Tour. “If you enjoy golfing, don’t miss this course," she says. "It is amazing.” 

Keynote speakers Michael Parrish DuDell (author of From the Tank to the Bank: How to Build and Grow a Shark Tank Size Company) and Trish Blackwell (author of Insecurity Detox) will kick off the conference designed for owners, senior managers, personal trainers, account representatives, marketing specialists, and customer service specialists. Breakout sessions will focus on three important entities of running a health and fitness club:  management/leadership; sales/marketing; and fitness. 

Nicole JohnsonNicole Johnson will represent IHRSA at this event and she is excited about the opportunity to network and share ideas with attendees and fellow IHRSA members in the Mid-Atlantic region. Attendees who stop by the IHRSA booth during exhibition hours will return home with free tools, such as the current Health Benefits of Exercise Report to help drive member retention and maximize social media efforts. Join the IHRSA LinkedIn group and begin networking now!