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How Better Software—and Better Data—Can Take Your Fitness Business to the Next Level

This is an IHRSA featured post, brought to you by ASF Payment Solutions.

Disruption is overrated. After years of tech start-ups trying to transform business models to create sleeker, more efficient markets—and building up huge losses along the way—investors are learning that sometimes it’s better to simply upgrade the technology you already use than to break everything and start over.

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Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your Gym’s CRM Software?

As you well know, operating a health club calls for managing a long list of functions, including human resources, finance, programming, equipment facilities … and members.

Yes, your members need managing, just like every other aspect of your business.

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To Thrive in an On-demand Culture, Your Health Club Needs a Mobile App

This is an IHRSA featured post, bought to you by ASF Payment Solutions.

We have the world at our fingertips, able to satisfy any whim that suits us. Music, video games, movies, magazines, television shows—they’re all one or two finger swipes or key strokes away. With this newfound power for instant gratification, we’ve become less patient, more demanding. We program our DVRs obsessively to avoid watching commercials. Buffering is suffering. And when did waiting through a 15-second pre-roll on YouTube become so excruciating? 

Technology has trained us to expect immediate satisfaction, and not just in our entertainment choices. Services that once required us to set aside an afternoon for errands are now done in minutes from your smartphone or computer. 

While this is great for consumers, business owners in every sector are under increasing pressure to satisfy the on-demand culture, and that includes health club owners. Upgrading services available on digital platforms is as important as upgrading equipment. Placing a sign-up sheet for spin classes at the front desk is no way to appeal to the modern consumer. 

How do clubs survive, even thrive, in this new environment? 

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Tips to Measure and Grow Health Club Member Engagement 

The following is an excerpt from a free ASF Payment Solutions e-book, available on Club Business Exchange.   

A trend report conducted by ACE, ClubIntel, and IHRSA shows that research on consumers, such as the behaviors of millennials, indicates that a club’s use of technology is at the top of their decision making list. 

Intuitive websites; a strong social media presence focused on dialogue; and mobile-friendly applications that offer transparent and convenient information searches, scheduling, and purchases will become as important—if not more important—than the type of equipment a club offers. Those clubs that can’t rapidly transition to this new consumer expectation will find themselves losing members. 

Health clubs need to look at their member base and begin recognizing that engaged members contribute to a club’s retention and growth. These members are far more likely to be retained in the future; more likely to spend more money on products and services like PT; and are more likely to make referrals. 

So, how can you continue to enhance these revenue sources, such as PT, group classes, and POS that are generated from engaged members in these different areas? With a member retention plan you can establish a “trends” baseline that will help you adjust your strategy moving forward with a specific plan. 

Make Your Club a Community 

Clubs can utilize these online tools to engage and integrate members into your club community. Today, club owners and staff can leverage this technology that provides a way to engage members. 

Additionally, all of these members don’t necessarily workout at the same time, but you have the ability to engage them all at once and more importantly these members are engaging themselves within a common forum. This type of inbound marketing creates an outbound referral marketing environment as your members become brand evangelists for your club. 

Measuring Results 

Setting your club’s community performance up with metrics is important to see how you’re doing:  

  • Member check-ins (acquire from your billing system and segment by member demographics)
  • Social Media posts per week (how much activity – likes, comments & tags)
  • Percent participating in group fitness challenges
  • Percent logging into club mobile app  

Download the "5 Ways to Measure and Grow Member Engagement" e-book on Club Business Exchange.


IHRSA 2015 Exhibitor Video: ASF Payment Solutions

Efficiency translates into dollars, and ASF provides products that help increase revenue through online payment programs, club management software, marketing tools and strategic partnerships. You're in business to help members lose things like weight and body fat. We're in business to help club owners gain things like new sales, more renewals and a higher return per member. Working with ASF will give you more time to focus on your staff and members to maximize your efforts and your results! 


Maximize Your Convention Experience with IHRSA’s App

Before you head to Los Angeles for IHRSA 2015, be sure to download the free IHRSA App to your mobile device. New content is added every day!

There are countless features on the App. However, here are some of the key ones that will come in handy next week in Los Angeles.


Login to the app to search for attendees or trade show exhibitors at the touch of a button. Click on the Networking icon. Then, type in keywords or names and hit the search button. Everyone who meets the criteria will come up. It is here where you can also update your profile, with a photo, reason for attending, biography, contact information and more.


Instead of going through the schedule when you get to Los Angeles, hit the Scheduling icon and start picking out events you plan on attending. Click on the desired event and then click on the Add to Agenda star. Then when you go to My Schedule icon all of your planned events are right there for you, by day and time.


One of the cooler applications is the trade show map. You can learn more about an exhibitor by clicking on the booth number. And if you want to then get to another booth from where you are, there is a directions section that will guide you from where you are to where you want to go.

IHRSA 2015 Feed

Anything and everything having to do with IHRSA’s social media is right at your fingertips. Click on the IHRSA 2015 Feed icon and you see all of the stories and blog posts relating to the Convention & Trade Show as it appears on IHRSA Live. Along the bottom are direct connections to IHRSA’s YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to contribute your own to the Feed to share what you are most excited about at IHRSA 2015.                

Much more

There is a list of translations; a guide icon with hours, badge types and Los Angeles information; list of the numerous sponsors; Member Center hours and schedule; IHRSA Store onsite hours and specials; Continuing Education Credits providers; and hotel and travel information. IHRSA also publishes daily notifications on the App that gives reminders of important events, changes in schedules, and more.

You can also access the App via the online portal. Everything you do there, including scheduling, networking, your profile and more, will show up when you get on the App on your mobile device or tablet.

The IHRSA App is available as a free download for all mobile devices from Or, you can find it by searching for “IHRSA” in the iTunes app store or Google Play.

IHRSA App is supported by:


IHRSA 2015 Trade Show Profile: ASF Payment Solutions

Even if you had stopped by a company’s booth at previous IHRSA trade shows it is always wise to check them out again the next year.

Your club may have different needs or priorities from 12 months earlier and you may look at products differently. That especially holds true if there are new items unveiled at the booth.

Software, billing and business management are not as sexy as new technology in treadmills, virtual classes or the new workout accompaniments. But, their areas are extremely important to the bottom line of a business.

ASF Payment Solutions have offerings in software, billing and business management that can enhance any club’s software. And with its new Pass-A-Friend Online Member Referral Program, there are even more reasons to check them. Pass-A-Friend allows a club member to issue free club passes as a referral. Clubs then can target e-mails to those referred.

ASF Payment Solutions is once again a proud sponsor of the IHRSA show by sponsoring the Program Guide, Show Badge and IHRSA App. 

Visit them at booth 2123 to learn more about Pass-A-Friend and other ASF options.

Read the full IHRSA Trade Show Profile of ASF Payment Solutions.

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IHRSA 2014 Trade Show Profile: ASF Payment Solutions

Just think about the ebbs and flows, changes and improvements, and, gasp, apparel, ASF Payment Solutions has seen in its 40 years in the fitness industry.

The Denver company, which provides billing and club management software, will again be back on the Trade Show floor at IHRSA 2013 33rd Annual Convention & Trade Show, in San Diego. 

In addition to the software for billing products, there will also be demonstrations and information on its new mobil point-of-sale app. And, there will be plenty of give-aways.

Read on for the IHRSA Trade Show Profile for ASF Payment Solutions

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