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3 Simple Strategies for the Post-New Year Workout Rush

The New Year always brings a flood of new health club members. To help you retain them without overworking your staff or elbowing aside your most loyal members, we offer this trio of New Year's resolutions. 

1. Remind yourself that this is a good problem to have.

Considering how much time, energy, and resources a health club owner devotes to adding new memberships, the idea of fretting over too many new members seems crazy. And on some level, it is.

"We change our mindset and don't look at it as 'dealing with it' but as, 'this is awesome,' and we encourage it," said Maria Miller, regional programs manager for Merritt Athletic Clubs in Maryland.

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Remember to Keep Current Members Happy During 'New Year's Resolution' Busy Period

Clubs see an influx of new members in January, resulting in crowded areas.Health club owners and management are so busy signing up new members and catering to their needs, during the influx of “New Year’s Resolutions” members in the first few weeks of January, it can be easy to forget your current members.

Most longtime members have been lifting weights and taking classes for years with nary a peep. So not realizing they may be inconvenienced for the first couple months of the year would be understandable if they don’t bring it to your attention.

According to IHRSA, January is the busiest month for new memberships, with 12% of all contracts signed in the first month of the year. You would be hard-pressed to find a club that doesn’t see increased traffic for the first couple months of the year.

So, what is the best way to assure one big happy family – both new members and veterans?

Read on to see what club managers have to say.

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