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IHRSA Introduces a Health Promotion Toolkit

GET THE TOOLKITIf you’re like most health club owners, operators, managers, and fitness professionals, you strive to keep your members satisfied with their club experience so they’ll continue coming back regularly to achieve their goals year after year.

This can be a monumental challenge, since different members expect very different things from their workouts. But it’s safe to assume one thing about all your members: when they’re healthier, they’re happier. … and appropriate, highquality, and well-executed health promotion programs can enhance their health.

What if there was one simple, easy-to-follow document you could use to ensure that your members were getting exactly what they want and need?

Well, now there is.

“Building Health Promotion Programs in Your Club,” a new toolkit developed by IHRSA, offers—as the title indicates—important information on creating, promoting, and implementing health promotion programs in the club environment, focusing on the specific needs of a club’s clientele.

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Imagine Physical Activity on the Food Label

IHRSA is a featured contributor on "Be Active Your Way", the official blog of the Health and Human Services Department, a blog that showcases the contributions that physical activity in general, and IHRSA members in particular make to America's health. 

This month's post on the benefits of adding physical activity to food labels is written by Alex Black, IHRSA's Health Promotion manager.

"It’s actually very difficult for a lot of people to quantify calorie information. Alas, 200 calories looks so innocent on that label until you realize you just wasted 10% of your calorie budget on 12 tortilla chips", Black writes.

See the full blog post on the "Be Active Your Way" blog, as well as prior blog posts and IHRSA Commentaries.