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The Affordable Care Act is Still Alive and Your Club Should Abide

Donald Trump has been sworn-in as the 45th President of the United States and Congress has begun to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but that doesn’t mean you can ignore the filing deadlines for the ACA. To help clarify what your legal requirements are under the ACA during this time of transition, we have taken a look at the ACA requirements and provided you with a primer on what you still need to do when.

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A Health Club Owner’s Birdseye View into the Trump Presidency

It’s Inauguration Day—the day a new leader is sworn in to take charge of the “land of the free and the home of the brave.” This year, that leader is Donald Trump. And Newtown Athletic Club President and IHRSA Board Member Jim Worthington, who became a Republican Delegate to the National Convention last July, will have an up-front seat for the swearing-in ceremony. 

After becoming a delegate, Worthington pledged to support whomever the people elected in his congressional district. That person turned out to be Mr. Trump. Worthington then established a grassroots political action group at the behest of many Trump supporters. When the Trump team in Pennsylvania came to him with the request to host a rally, his answer was a resounding ‘yes.’ 

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No political party lines with primary prevention

There isn't much that Republicans and Democrats agree on. That is especially true when it comes to the Affordable Care Act. 

But, there is one thing that actually crosses lines - primary prevention. 

That is what Helen Durkin, IHRSA executive vice president of Public Policy, explains in her latest column on Roll Call, which covers government and politics on Capitol Hill.

She says, "It is well established that a key driver of health care spending in the United States over the past several decades has been the treatment of preventable chronic diseases. Not only does this ring out in health care statistics, but we see it when we look around at our disproportionately overweight, increasingly diabetic population."

Of course, many of the costs can be erased with prevention, which includes exercise, better eating habits and better health in general.

Check out what else she says in Roll Call's, Prevention Is Still the Best Medicine.


Affordable Care Act goes into law tomorrow

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Since not all employers are required to offer health insurance for its workers, and some that are will have one year to do so, tomorrow's (Oct. 1) opening of the healthcare marketplace for the Affordable Care Act will not be like the beginning of the month at the Department of Motor Vehicles - long lines and pure chaos.

However, there are many parts of the new law that every business owner should be aware of.

First thing, if you haven't notified your employees of the insurance marketplaces, that would be a sensible start.

For the rest of what an employer should do, or should have done by now, check out this story from Business Week.

IHRSA also has plenty of resources - and we are adding new ones all of the time - like our our Affordable Care Act eBook and Affordable Care Act page (both are for members-only).