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How Better Software—and Better Data—Can Take Your Fitness Business to the Next Level

This is an IHRSA featured post, brought to you by ASF Payment Solutions.

Disruption is overrated. After years of tech start-ups trying to transform business models to create sleeker, more efficient markets—and building up huge losses along the way—investors are learning that sometimes it’s better to simply upgrade the technology you already use than to break everything and start over.

This is especially true in the health club industry, where software started out as an accounting and operations tool, but now needs to do so much more. Your tech services need to help you facilitate marketing, member retention, new member recruitment, social media outreach, and to locate new revenue streams from your membership data. 

Your business depends on it. You’re not just challenged by traditional competitors but also wanna-be disrupters, who are trying to drive your members to boutique studios, beach bootcamps, and functional fitness gyms. Health clubs need up-to-date reports to stay on top of membership movements and habits. You need actionable intelligence.

The Rewards of Better Business Intelligence through Data

Social media expert and business consultant Cameron Johnson writes that data creates better business intelligence to help you improve:

  • Targeted marking. You need to tailor your message to those consumers who are open to your pitch.
  • Proactive customer service. In an industry that thrives on member retention, this is key.
  • Customer-responsive products and services. You need to stay on top of new exercise and health trends to attract new members.
  • Operational efficiency. You need to know what your costs are down to the penny, so you can better manage your investment and cash flow.

If utilized to its potential, data analytics can transform your bottom line. But having data is one thing. Compiling all of this information into a language you understand is another matter. Data doesn’t tell you anything if you can’t compile it into readable reports. 

A Software Upgrade That Upgrades Your Business

As a health club operator, you’re probably not a data scientist or statistician. You need responsive, intuitive software that does the work for you—software that collects data and easily converts it into reports that can be acted upon to enhance your business intelligence. 

You’ll find these capabilities in a revolutionary new health club software called My Club Business 1.0. Created by ASF Payment Solutions, a company with 45 years of experience serving the health club industry, My Club Business 1.0 is uniquely designed for today’s forward thinking health club.

My Club Business 1.0 puts you in command of your hard-earned data. With advanced navigation tools in a more intuitive user interface, ASF’s innovative new software offers enhanced efficiency in utilizing enormous amounts of data with greater sorting and filtering capabilities. For example, the software includes essential apps like My Reports, which allows your team to create “favorite reports” that fit your individual needs to gain quicker accessibility. 

“This new platform is the first of many future scheduled releases and updates of our gym management software. We are extremely excited about this new direction and the value we will bring to our clients with streamlined interface and functionality,” says Sean Kirby, VP Client Relations.

Innovation should improve your business, not disrupt it.

For more information about My Club Business 1.0 and other ASF products, visit their website, or call ASF to learn more at 800-227-3859.